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Computer, Define....Dancing?

A doodle I did between my two shifts, decided to go and photoshop it rather quickly...havent done anything fun and random in a Wall-E

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This is too fucking cuuuute! :iconiluplz:
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Pretty good.
I would freak out of my doodles were this good. I can't hurry anything, and if I don't spend at least an hour on it, it sucks.
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Thanks, it did take me about 15min to 30 min to pencil draw it, I didnt ink it, the scanner has a "Line Art" mode, and it makes pencil lines looked inked..witch is nice for quick things...but not so good with anything else, less you take the time. The photoshop job as well was about 15 to 30min long. Just something to do, honestly...I needed a little project to entertain myself, and just a little you know "I DREW THIS" feel..
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I'd ask what scanner you have, but I prefer to actually ink my drawings. They last longer (no smudging), have thinner lines, and look a little better for me.

I know what you mean. My mood usually fluctuates the most according to how much I've drawn or written (mostly drawn). I need to get something drawn soon. I've only made one drawing in the past month or two. Normally I'd have used up most of one sketchbook by now. I haven't had enough of the "I DREW THIS!" feeling, and it's showing.

Good job.
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oh I ink stuff, A LOT, I was just lazy and enjoy that scanner...witch is at the library, so Idk what type it is.
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I guess I might have access to it next year... Can't wait!
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its pretty nice I suppose
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That's always good to hear!
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