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Air Guitar Vader

well finally, Im putting some new stuff on DA. Its been a while (well about a year really >.>;) but I did it...

Well, what can I say about this? Its Darth Vader having some fun with an invisable guitar. This thing is about my size in real life, it took forever, and now Im on a verge of doing ANOTER painting about the same size.

Art never seems to get old.
I, amazingly enough, didnt create Darth Vader, so the copy right is all George's/ Lucas Arts.
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You just know that Vader had that line saved up for years to use on Luke. Then when finally has the chance to use it, he up and forgets to say it.
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haha, yeah....hes just jamming after the fact in his room in the Death Star......TO METAL!
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mm who's your daddy.. guitar vader.. do u happen to know the song by Guitar Vader called something daddy. THe song was from the game Jet Grind Radio (or jet set radio in jap). anyway random trivia
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no I didnt! wow thanks, actually this is based off a song by a norweigen Band called Lordi (monster metal) anyway, I have a CD of theirs and it has a song called "whos your daddy?" and I was cleaning my room and ran acrossed an old star wars comic that had him like this...and I was like D:

I need to paint this...
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lol nice. You should check out this one, in case you haven't already [link]
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XD yeah, Id have to say thats a great way to put Yoda in a Bruce Campbell incedent! XD glad u like this one XD
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lol Pure WIN! you deserved that award they gave you :)
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Thanks, I wasnt expecting the "awesome" award, but hey, I just love this picture XD
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Oh, I can't wait to see it! I look forward to new updates!
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It might take a little while but Ill be sure to update u, see the back ground of the painting is going to be pop culture type of stuff from japan, (I also plan the Explosion From AKIRA to be the setting sun in the background, Im trying to make the painting to look like the japanese flag, and still have a portrait of godzilla coming out of the ocean...its been a challange.)
Matthew-of-the-Aqua's avatar
I'm sure it will be a while, but I'm prepared to wait. It sounds awesome!
Screamdreams101's avatar
I have done the out line of godzilla XD thats about it XD
Matthew-of-the-Aqua's avatar
That's still pretty good! I can't wait to see it, even if I have to wait a few months!
Matthew-of-the-Aqua's avatar
Wow. This is awesome! Keep it up!
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thanks, a LOT of people tend to tell me this XD oh I will, my next one I plan to be godzilla
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Hmmm, this is probably too many kinds of awesome for one image.
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