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Here is the Trillian Astra custom window Sidebar !
It's a transparent small, clean, sexy and flexible Contactlist that fits great in Vista and Win7.

This is based on MSP07's awsome Miranda Skin here: [link]

You can show/hide the frame, searchbar, statusbar, panels connectionsbar... to make the contactlist you like,docked, incredible small and nice looking or whatever..

Installation Instructions:
Extract the Sidebar folder from the zip archive to your trillian skins folder (Usually: C:\Program Files\Trillian\skins).
Remember, this is an Astra Custom Window and must be selected under the custom window section, not the skin select section.
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Thank you for making the different skins for Trillian 5. Most of the interesting ones I have found are for earlier Trillian versions. Anyway, thanks for making them & making the well.