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Here is the Trillian Astra custom window Sidebar !
It's a transparent small, clean, sexy and flexible Contactlist that fits great in Vista and Win7.

This is based on MSP07's awsome Miranda Skin here: [link]

You can show/hide the frame, searchbar, statusbar, panels connectionsbar... to make the contactlist you like,docked, incredible small and nice looking or whatever..

Installation Instructions:
Extract the Sidebar folder from the zip archive to your trillian skins folder (Usually: C:\Program Files\Trillian\skins).
Remember, this is an Astra Custom Window and must be selected under the custom window section, not the skin select section.
© 2010 - 2021 Scream81
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Thank you for making the different skins for Trillian 5. Most of the interesting ones I have found are for earlier Trillian versions. Anyway, thanks for making them & making the well.

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Slick, Good work!
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Thank you man, that's exactly what I've been looking for!
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I absolutely <3 this!
Bad light sensitive eyes and need everything skinned dark. It'd be epic to work a collaboration with you, but I don't know anything about the .xml side of things.
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There are many dark themed skins out there to use as base skin (Cordonata5, Bleach5, Cobalt Black5, Avion Pro, Windows Dark...).
Just grab one of these and modify the graphics to your liking as first step...
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A question: the windows chat can be aero too?. Thanks!
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Ups, sorry. maybe the answer is not.
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There any way to make the chat windows look like this? Transparent and wotnot?
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using it now on T5 but waiting to see what you come up with for a look with Trillian 5 on this
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I doubt the look will change much with T5... why should it?
You can have a look at this, a not yet finished update for Sidebar: [link]
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it was more then a thought really lol if it doesn't it's fine as is :)
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I have the same Problem. My Contacts at the OVerlay with the Mouse is too white. Can i delete this?
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Also is ja irgendwie klar..du benutzt einen weißen Skin als Basis.. Ist natürlich ungünstig.
Ich könnte dir einen anderen Skin empfehlen, z.B. Avion Pro 5, Bleach 5, Cobalt Black 5, Cordonata 5...
Die haben alle dunkle oder schwarze Themes.
Oder du kannst die neuere Testversion von Sidebar mit dem weißen Skin versuchen die du hier findest: [link]
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SideBarX ist sehr schön und genau das was ich gesucht habe. Danke Dir! :)
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I have the same Problem. The Overlay over the Contacts is too white. Can i delete this?
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Even with Avion Pro, I cannot get it to look anywhere near as good as yours. How do you make it transparent? How do you get it such a nice blue? Please help, this looks so amazing but I can't figure out how to make it as good as your pic!
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hmm it is trasparent by default. In your preferences-skins, is there the alpha transparency disabled? enable it please to get it transparent. I'not sure of the blue, this skin is color. Else I'm using the Astra Default Servoce icons... nothing special actually.
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Hmm i allready follow your instructions but how come the only thing that change is the main Windows?
The chat windows the notify windows doesn't change at all? Can you help me? Coz i like this Skin very much.
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It is just a custom window. That means a replacement for a main window of trillian, here the contactlist!!!
So you've done it right, there is not more, sorry!

I'm not sure if I ever will make a full skin out of it, cause the Chatwindow can't be transparent. So it wouldn't look cool.
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Hmm how about white text in black chat windows? like default avion skin that'll look good.

Well kinda hope you develop this skin cos i simply like the clean transparent black theme ^^v

Best regards
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You could also try the cobalt black 5 skin with tiny interface as baseskin for Sidebar. (can be found in the trillian forum, skin section:[link])
That also gives you a really small, clean, simple and black chatwindow!
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wow thanks! :D i'll try it
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