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Enigma contact list

By Scream81
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Here is the Trillian 5 custom window ENIGMA !
This is especially made to fit in the Enigma rainmeter suite from ~Kaelri :iconkaelri:
Check out the Enigma skin suite at

Use it docked to a side as Sidebar replacement with dark background, or use it without background on a dark Desktop or on the Enigma Sidebar along with other sidebar skins of Enigma suite.
Use the settings menu to show or hide almost every part of this custom contactlist

enjoy :)

Extract the Enigma folder from the zip archive to your trillian skins folder (Usually: C:\Program Files\Trillian\skins).
Remember, this is a Custom Window and must be selected under the custom window section, not the skin select section.

Credits to ~Kaelri and his awsome rainmeter skin set!
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Hey man loving the way this theme looks! Question tho! The chat window still looks the same, despite the sidebar window fitting right in with the theme now. Any way to change the chatwindow to look like the sidebar does now? :)
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How to open settings menu?
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Never mind, found it.
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Thank you so much for this skin. But I'm having trouble with it. You say here that we can use it without the background and just put it against the enigma sidebar? How do you get the black background to go away for that? The Window settings don't seem to change anything for me.
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If you switch 'dark background', 'frame' and 'glass' off, the background should disappear.So the black Enigma sidebar can shine through and it looks like the other skins of the enigma suite. Dont know what it looks like on Win 8 yet ...
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Oh, I just got it. I had the alpha-blending setting off in the skins options (for some odd reason). Future reference to anyone else who has this same issue, this should resolve it. :)
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Hm, doesn't seem to work. The settings don't change anything for me. Still a solid black background. Any possible reason for this? I'm on Windows 7 x64.
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can i change the font type of the contact list??
I'm Vietnamese and I need font Times new romance or something like that to show exactly what we want to show.
Please help me and thank u very much!
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I'm pretty new to Trillian and I can't find the custom windows section :/ ..
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I'm still using Trillian Astra 4.2 Build 27 Pro 'cause I really don't like Trillian 5 very much... Will this still work w/ Astra 4.2?
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can't say for sure, but I guess it does
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Hey there, this is the most lovely contact list I have EVER seen. I can't get mine to match yours however, none of my icons have changed into that beautiful grey scheme you have. Here is a screenshot of what mine looks like: [link]
How would I go about changing those icons?
Thank you very much.
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You need to use the Light Status icons you can fin here: [link]
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Thank you very much kind sir.
Your work is greatly appreciated. :)
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How do I get the contact names larger? When I change the view size, it only changes the buddy icon size, not the name of the contact.
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Sorry, same question answered above.. Got it.
Love the skin, Thanks much!!
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Is there anyway you can edit this so that the Statusbar, user Avatar Icon, and the AIM/MSN/YIM Icons aren't on the bottom. I like this skin but hate that they are on the bottom. I always have them on the top. Anyway you can help me fix that?
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What should I say, its the design of this custom window. So you have to edit the trillian.xml file. Change the top num and bottom num parts of the frames inside the component "com-Enigma:Main" to your liking. Everything that sticks to the anchor-Docked-Bottom should stick to the main anchor then. And the Contactlist must stay at the bottom part. I hope that helps, you have to make small changes to see the effect. For more information of the skin code read the trillian developers wiki.
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Love this skin ^^ Nice base and easy to edit to go along with my Rainmeter theme as I change it ^^
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this is a custom contact list, means it only replaces the contactlist window of your skin.
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also don't have chat windows :petting:
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The area that has glass is not as wide as the area that has the dark background.
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Fixed it.

<rect><right num="0" width="20" /></rect></color>
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This is perfect, EXCEPT... I'm going to go blind squinting to see the names. Can you (or I) increase the size of the font a bit?
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