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Scratchman's Helmet Tutorial

Tutorial on how I went about creating my helmet.

Didn't actually take many photos during the actual process, but I hope this helps everyone that's thinking about cosplaying Doc Scratch.
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Highblood-Gamzee's avatar
Does anyone know where I can buy a white globe like that in the UK?
psht, i wish.

tho its nice to see some homestuck cosplayers in the uk :o
ProblematicCat's avatar
Wait so if you put paint on the tape you can still see through it?
K-azoo's avatar
Homestuck cosplay.
It's so easy!
SethImmortal's avatar
So you need to just turn your helmet around for photos but walk with the rectangle of unpainted part in the front?
Aczom2's avatar
I think I found the globe you used. The only review is about how well it worked for a costume so it's probably a safe bet.…
etmoonshade's avatar
I don't know if it's the globe this person used, but it's certainly the one I used; that's my review. :P
RomanoLover12's avatar
Where did you get the globe?
marshalleefangirl's avatar
How, exactly, does it work for you to get the correct look without noticeable eyeholes, or is that just in pictures? 
I'm thinking about being Doc Scratch for my next con, but I, personally, don't see how unpainted bits in a clear globe are going to appear white. 
That is me. I'm science. And I question everyone and everything. 
Can you breathe in this thing?
I wonder if some MMA head gear might make an easier to find substitute for that leather head case...
CHERUBIM101's avatar
i'm working on my doc scratch cosplay...
and i had a question, if i purchase a clear globe and paint them, would my eyes be showing where i left the view strip?
ScratchTheMan's avatar
This sometimes happens, but what matters is whether or not people can see your face when it's flipped around for a photo :)
CHERUBIM101's avatar
thanks 4 ur help!
here's how my cosplay turned out :)…
xDisturbedChildrenx's avatar
I have a question did you get a clear plastic head or a see through white one?
myloveXD's avatar
Hey there! I'm planning on helping my friend with a Doc Scratch cosplay, but which bulb should I buy?? Thank you!! :D
Wint3r-S's avatar
After searching on 1000bulbs I somehow managed to stumble upon the sphere you bought (I know this due to a review I saw on the said product).

[link] Here is the product if you were looking for it.
vladimirmasters's avatar
wait do you paint where the tape was at all? or does it stay clear? (im sorry im a little confused)
wait so were you able to see out of the globe prior to painting and thats why you taped over it or did you cut out a hole in the globe? i cant tell if that's tape or your nose
Twighlight-Maiden's avatar
okay so because of the viewing strip thing, you can see? like, on the outside it just looks solid white but on the inside you can actually see out at people?
ScratchTheMan's avatar
Yup! To be honest the way I have mine set into the helmet makes it to where I can only stare down at people's feet and I have to tilt backward to look into their faces.

Honestly, it's become common practice among scratch cosplayers to simply keep their helmets off unless their taking a photo (which I usually end up doing because when I'm not getting a photo taken I'm busy busy busy).
Twighlight-Maiden's avatar
Oh cool. Thanks for lettin me know! I have a friend who is working on cosplaying Scratch and we've been stuck on the head. We'd never run into any Scratch cosplayers to ask either. But again thank you and it looks so awesome
uncannyProtecter's avatar
Really? Omg I need to have mine set up the same way!That'd be good for my posture! I slouch....
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