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the illusive man looks ticked off

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Where are Kasumi Kelly and Zaeed?
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Kasumi while cloaking is secretly recording Miranda and Jack's fight so that she'll soon upload it on "". As for Zaeed, he is offscreen right next to Jacob. They were competing who can drink more, and Zaeed won, though he's clinging to conciousness by his fingernails
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I love it this is just great
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Oh, this is too good.

Makes me want to do a new playthrough for ME2
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it took me a while to spot Legion.........but I found the poor guy finally :D

Awesome pic
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"Shepard-Commander, Help!' -Legion
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Just a another day in life.
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Oh man this is amazing! I love how you've portrayed all the characters! Tali using Legion as a chair, Grunt's expression, Garrus trying to woe Sheppard, Mordin singing, Jack and Miranda's dynamic, Samara,'s amazing! The Illusive Man's response makes it even more hilarious! xD
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Thank you. Just wanted to honor one of my favourite games ;)
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You're welcome! I think you certainly have! :D
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I see you nailed the Miranda-Jack dynamic fairly well
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TIM's like "You didn't invite me?!?!"
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Grunt? Did you steal Tali's emergency induction port?
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lol, nice scene! :icondragonxd:
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Where's Talis emergency induction port?
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Maybe Grunt got it ;)
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5 words I never thought i'd hear thane say "TURN  YOU F@#$N' MUSIC OFF!!!!"
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"This Unit has reached a Consensus. You're an ass."
Poor Legion.
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Oh no! Grunt's got Tali's Emergency Induction Port!
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