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"I'm Commander Sheppard and these are my favourite shops in the Citadel!"

Garrus seriously made me laugh here XD The sunglasses and facial expression while obviously stuck carrying boxes...brilliant! xD The other girls look wonderful too, though! 
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Thanks! Garry is the best ;)
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dat garrus though
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Wtf your Femshep looks like that chick from Frozen.

Funny Elsa ~ Free to use!

Yea her.
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Yeah, Shepard fighting the Reepers with Elsa's ice and snow power! Nice idea =)
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If only Snap Freeze was available in single-player...
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Yaaas!! Get it hunty! I'm loving Garrus so much right now. lol Idk why but Uptown Funk started playing through my head as soon as I laid eyes on his sunglasses. 
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Garrus you sly son of sniper HAHAHA XD
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There's so much wrong with this pic. No,
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Yeah,... I like the attitude of Jack!...
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Love the idea, love the execution!

Great work!
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LOVE IT! Citadel store owners watch out! :D (Big Grin)

All the other guys probably groaned at the idea, but not Garrus, oh no, he siezed the opportunity to be all alone with that mob of lovely ladies. Can't blame him Wink/Razz

Samara's expression made me crack. "I'm Just(icar) Fabulous" :p
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oh was neues von dir, wie schön! :D die charaktere sehen alle so sinaig aus! : D sehr witzige Idee! : D find es wirklich zu schön, wie du die mädels immer zeichnest. du hast so ein tolles anatomiegefühl und die ganzen details erst. kann mich nur wiederholen. ich liebe deinen stil!
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danke das ist sooo lieb von dir. Das verschönert einem glatt den tag =)
Aber an dich komm ich immer noch net ran. Üben, üben, üben!!!!
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ach laber nicht! :D
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Haha, love the shades on Garrus
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This should be a DLC :D
Love it, everyone looks so happy! :thanks:
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Looks like Garrus cleaned shop!! I love this entire piece!! 
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Haha Amazing! :)
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Gorgeous work! I love it! The characters look stunning, Garrus' glasses are amazing, another fine piece. FAVED!
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During shopping trips, guys=wagon/donkey/butler.
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