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So did Kaiden like, die or something?  
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I think he didn't get an invitation. Sorry Kaidan :P
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Nobody likes Kaiden.  :(
Or Ashley...  :)
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You're totally right ;)
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Awesome group shot. I remember dancing for like five minutes with Tali in the game the first time I played the Citadel DLC. I could not get enough of dat booty.
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Wrex's pose is always me whenever my mom tries taking a picture of me.
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I totally know what you mean ;)
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This picture is amazing on so many levels, including group composition, posture, and shading.  :faints:  I love the kiss, and the funny pose Vega is doing with Liara.  So, who is taking this picture?  Glyph, perhaps, or Ashley/Kaiden?
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That's a good question. Perhaps Joker is taking the picture ;)
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man, Liara is fuckin' SMASHED! i love it!
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Thank you soo much. Li is one of my favourite characters which makes it easy to draw her :)
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love this (and a turian smooch too!)
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Nah, drunk Liara is just priceless, I ove her most of all in your arts, you just picture this lass perfectly! :love: Though it is unclear who`s your Shep`s LI here - Garrus or Liara, so who`s the lucky one to have your Shep? :-) 
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Thank you for your comment:)

I never romanced Li so Garrus is the one to my Shep.
Nevertheless I love her, too.
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My pleasure! :highfive: Keep up the good job! :-)
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Wrex is like, let me crawl out from this picture, would you?
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You are bloody amazing. Just wanted to put that out there.
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Awwww thank you so much Heart 
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Lookit these cuties! :)
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Wrex is like "why am I here...?"
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