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Fakemon #01(Starters) by Scrafty112 Fakemon #01(Starters) by Scrafty112
Natroo[Grass]- The aroma that wafts from the leaf on its tail causes both people and Pokemon to be filled with a burst of energy

Marsupunch[Grass][Fight]- Marsupunch is infamous for its smugness and tendency to gloat after it wins a battle, as well as its refusal to listen to listen to orders it is given

Jumpalm[Grass][Fight]- This Pokemon eats plenty of plants and absorbs the cytoplasm of plant cells to enlarge the growths around its claws, this increases the power of its fighting-type moves

Lavole[Fire]- Upon birth, Lavole roll around in magma to build up a coat made up of molten rock

Smolderat[Fire][Rock]- This Pokemon's armor of molten rock acts as both a means of offense and defense, so that if a foe dares to hit it head-on, they will be met with a harsh burn

Armode[Fire][Rock]- The armor has grown too hot for even Armode, so this Pokemon expels fire through both its belly and hindquarters to cool off and attack at the same time so that it doesn't overheat

Salaqua[Water]- It often flashes the spines on its head to indicate to predators that it is coated in a mild toxin

Venomander[Water][Poison]- When it swims, this Pokemon lets off a small trail of fatal poison from the rings on its tail to deter any followers that aren't of its species

Amphibite[Water][Poison]-The spines that run down the length of Amphibite's neck are said to be filled with toxins of all sorts per each one, though this is not yet proven, for Ampibite tends not to use them
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Haha, i love these guys. Not sure which one i would want, but i would probably choose Salaqua. I also like Lavole, looks cute.
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