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ScreenStyler for Windows [Public Beta] by fediaFedia
Most compete Windows-Mac Big Sur transformation by PeterRollar
Toys-Darkest by ZB652
Omnimo 10 for Rainmeter by fediaFedia
Windows 10 Themes
Windows 11 for Windows 10 by niivu
Space Blueberries by niivu
NUA 10 for Windows by niivu
AMANA 2021 - Windows 10 Themes by niivu
Windows Screenshots
Vex Mythoclast from Destiny 2 by Akiyama4809
Cleaner Desktop 32 by DocBerlin77
Phoenix from Valorant by Akiyama4809
[Rainmeter] V's apartment by Aetheruis
Windows Utilities
Volantes-Light by aystic
Material Light by aystic
Volantes-Dark by aystic
Telegram Blue Cursor by meh7an
Rainmeter Skins
[Rainmeter] Coffee In Rain by Aetheruis
SA ShapIcon by Akiyama4809
Cleaner Desktop Skin1.4 by DocBerlin77
WhiteNeon  by shorbete
Tabler Color Bold Icons by KeithStoodley
Windows 10 Insider Preview Icon Theme by niivu
Tidewater Icons by KeithStoodley
Simple Disks [foobar2000 icon pack] by justval02
Dock skins -all docks-
Retro OS Icons by KeithStoodley
Glass Lines by KeithStoodley
Glass by KeithStoodley
S7 by KeithStoodley
Moshi Moshi by KendrickSZB
Midnight Sun by jim373
Tunnel of Love by jim373
Europa II by jim373
Eye OH-Ess Six by JayDean03
Cosmic Purple by haipham
Galactika 2020 by JayDean03
Intoxicated by suharic
XWidget, CAD, Samurize, AIMP, Yahoo Widgets etc.
GC Winamp Skin by ariszlo
Gruvbox for Chromium browsers by sublime9-design
i3D Widgets Pack for xwidget by Jimking
Singularity by umbrella-cakey
Linux Screenshots and Utilities
M, de Moriarty by KOTPA
MAC Screenshots and Utilities
desktop-screenie by zvdvvdvz
Resorces: Psd, Tutorials, etc.
Free Business Card Psd Template by expirium

Mature Content

Curves on a Stairway v.1 by Von Trapp Photo 2016. by VTphoto
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Themes
Red Cobalt version 1.1 by devillnside
Paid resources -any kind-
[Rainmeter] C O F F E E by Aetheruis


In the City by AnthonyPresley
Colors by AnthonyPresley
Moto G5+ Space Doggy by YoungEaE
My Desktop - August 2017 by hundone


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Hello, first of all i hope everybody is ok and safe with all your family and friends
I like to announce 2 changes i made, i hope you like or you can commenting what you think
  1. i see the submitions on folder for Windows 7 themes is almost death, most of the theme- creators now are focusing in Windows10 suites, so i move the folder for Windows 7 themes and instead i put the folder of Windows 10 screen-shot that i see have regularly some submitions, the Windows7 themes still on the gallery but is moving down
  2. I created another folder called "Paid Resources (any kind)" here i will put the old and new submitions that require some paid to get them, i think is more confortable for the people for searching premium content, they can find that in a single folder and the creators may achieve more views to their works. I will works the next days to check the submitios and see which ones belong to this folder
Well thatīs it for now, thank you every body
Hi, it seems the buttonīs submitions on our group now itīs working normally, before the notifications donīt show at all on submitions of the members did, but now itīs fine, i hope this continue working like this
And iīm sorry to let some deviations expired, i had some issues to resolve the past days and i donīt log in the group but now i will stay checking everything continue working fine
Thanks :)
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