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me and the boys breaching containment at 3 AM by KitKatAngels
SCP Art: SCP-051 - Japanese Obstetrical Model by GamingHedgehog
SCP-1046 A House Without a Bedroom by charcoalman
Tupa SCP999 by littlereddog
SCP-072-TH by BBCORN83
Workers Ghosts at the East Parking Lot by maxalate
Songkran Festival (SCP-TH) by maxalate
SCP-747-TH and Plan by maxalate
Traditional Arts , Digital art , Draws and Paints
SCP: SCP-0444, the cure (Face reveals) by Shingojajaja
SCP mayhem!!! by Lilian-Doggo
SCP: SCP-0444: The cure (My OC) by Shingojajaja

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Time Is Broken By Ladyopheliaplz by godofwarlover
SCP Mobile Task Forces Cosplays by FoammX
SCP Fan Film Thumbnail by FoammX
SCP MTF Loadouts by FoammX
SCP MTF, OC by maxalate
SCP-049 x SCP-80014 by zygarde-879
SCP- 032: Brothers' bride by zygarde-879
Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose by zygarde-879
SCP:Therapist by zygarde-879
Other Arts
Autoportrait OC DR.Constantin by MlleSorrento by MlleSorrento
The last time (SCP-80014/Melinoe and her father) by zygarde-879
(OC) SCP-80014:Melinoe+SCP-80014-2 by zygarde-879
Brundlefly's PredicamentBrundlefly, formerly Seth Brundle, hated his current career. He hated the fact that people, for some sick reason, saw the teleporter accident and things that were inspired by it, as humorous. Yet, there he was, having to go over people’s videos and animations on what was similar to how his and that fusion of the baboon and cat he had made, current predicament. After his film, The Fly, and the director, David Cronenberg, had been used as examples of Body Horror and how it was used to disgust, horrify, and sadden due to his film being also seen as a tragic love story, a tragic story about hubris, and also a metaphor for both aging and terminal illness, but some also have interpreted his condition as a metaphor for drug usage due to how when he first used his teleporter, he began feeling high and later on, how he started changing which some compared to side effects. For a while, he, along with his other fellow Body Horror monsters had been in retirement due to how common the trope was in films, but for some reason, when he was at the Horror Retirement Home, trying to eat which also disgusted the caretakers and some of the monsters, he got a letter from Hollywood saying that they had found a job for him. Brundle at first was excited and left the retirement home until he found out what his job was. Apparently, some cartoons and other comedic shows had started using his tragic teleporter scene and the result of it as a joke, and he was at first offended by it, but at the same time he wanted to get back in the spotlight, so he went along with it. He gave advice on shows such as Spongebob, Rick And Morty, Family Guy, South Park, and later on, Internet Shows such as a short film called Every ‘90s Commercial Ever and an Internet SCP Fan Animation series called Confinement. But over the years, while he was going over these videos and having to either write stuff down or having to use a computer to type to the ones he was inspiring due to him no longer having vocal cords to communicate with these writers for their “jokes”, he began to get disgusted with them. Right now, he is at a local bar in Burbank, and normally, his appearance would have scared people in the past, but thanks to other horror monsters coming and going, he wasn’t seen as scary as much. He would get a request from the patrons there for an autograph when he visited and have photos taken with them. He just wanted to drink his bourbon with his proboscis at this moment in peace. If he had vocal cords, Seth Brundle would have sighed and grumbled on how a merging accident wasn’t funny, but a very horrific and tragic fate. The bartender, an African American man named Thomas Robertson, asked him. “So, is it just the Bourbon that you want? The reason I am asking is that you have been coming in here a lot recently and you seemed to down alcohol with that proboscis of yours.” Brundle then wrote on a piece of paper with a claw, which at the time after he fully transformed and after his film, had taken him a while to adjust writing with. Brundlefly wrote, “I hate my current career, people are getting sicker senses of humor.”Thomas then replied to him, “Yeah, I know what you mean, people laugh at the strangest things now. But I thought you would be happy with the newfound fame that you acquired.”Brundlefly wrote another letter. “I am beginning to believe it’s not worth it. I don’t understand how people being fused with other people and/or animals is considered humorous. When I was created, my fate and others who were fused were seen with horror, and more specifically, with sadness. I mean, my fate was originally seen as a fate worse than death, and now it is seen as a joke and used for comedy. What’s wrong with this generation?”“People and society change,” Thomas replied back. “I mean, there was a time that animated skeletons were once scary, but are now laughed at unless the directors and special effects experts know how to make those skeletons terrifying. Then you have stop-motion, which was once considered amazing, but now isn’t seen as impressive compared to CGI.”Brundle wrote back to Thomas. “My film is going to have a remake and I am hoping it shows merging as a horrific and tragic accident, but then again, I doubt it’s going to do that.”“It might, Seth. I mean, technology is changing and they could find a way to make merging accidents horrific again, instead of humorous. For example, they could have those merged screaming and begging for death and saying they are in pain, and asking for help and praying to whatever deities they believe in. But that is just me suggesting ideas on how it could happen and how they might be able to make it horrific again. I mean, your film is still considered a classic after all.”Seth began to scratch another letter into his notepad. “That’s because it’s a tragic love story as well as a horror film, and me changing into what you see now has something to do with it. I just wish the next person who takes on my role to make such accidents horrific again instead of being humorous. By the way, I would like coke and rum. I’ve been writing to you so much I forgot to ask, Tom.”“You can have it on me, and try to cheer up, things might change. I mean, they could deconstruct it by having a person who thought such things were funny suffering it and realizing it’s not as humorous as they thought it was.”So, Thomas poured Brundle another drink, this time a coke and rum, and added some extra sugar to it due to Brundle being part housefly. At the moment, Brundle drank and was hoping to G-d that Thomas was right, maybe there is hope that the Merging Accident trope will one day be seen as both horrific and tragic instead of humorous, and he wished the best of luck on the remake of his film, which itself was a remake of a 1950s sci-fi film, and hopefully, he can be satisfied with the results
Comic , cantoon
Behind the masks: 049 and 035's conversation bonus by Dilora
SCP Behind the Masks: May I speak ith you? part 2 by Dilora
SCP Behind the Masks: May I speak with you? part 1 by Dilora
Behind the masks: 049 and 035's conversation last by Dilora
Logo, Icon
MTF Zeta-2 by maxalate
SCP International v.3 by maxalate
MTF Ekka-2 by maxalate
MTF Ekka-1 by maxalate
Memes, labels
SCP Foundation X Roblox's Myths by FerrariLamborghini
What if S.C.P 682 kills or devours S.C.P 524? by Pyro-raptor
The Weeping Statue by gorkloumgorkloum
Shrek 106 by gorkloumgorkloum
Craft and Plushes
SCP-096 Sculpture (1) by RoxynGames113

Mature Content

SCP-4960 figure by godofwarlover
SCP-173 keyring by maxalate
SCP keyring by maxalate

Mature Content

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