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me and the boys breaching containment at 3 AM by KitKatAngels
SCP Art: SCP-051 - Japanese Obstetrical Model by GamingHedgehog
SCP-1046 A House Without a Bedroom by charcoalman
Tupa SCP999 by littlereddog
Only SCP-TH branch
SCP-563-TH by maxalate
SCP-747-TH - The Black Box - by peruanopoorSENDHELPA
SCP-222-TH-J by maxalate
SCP-072-TH by BBCORN83
SCP art: Traditional, Digital

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SCP-1111 by IsolatedTortilla
SCP-166 by pirixiepeace
SCP-5935 - Blood and the Breaking of My Heart by peruanopoorSENDHELPA
SCP-7208 - The Dice Always Land by peruanopoorSENDHELPA
aml-7001/scp-7001 rage time phase by tornadofromhell
aml-7001 phase 2 last entity/last breath by tornadofromhell
Why you shouldn't let AML-7001 ON TWITTER by tornadofromhell
AML-7001 EAS ALARM GLITCH by tornadofromhell
SCP-CB art
SCP-049 by pirixiepeace
SCP-173: The Sculpture by BlueWolfArtista
They by zygarde-879
SCP-049 x SCP-80014 by zygarde-879
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SCP Foundation X Roblox's Myths by GreysonLovesAnime
What if S.C.P 682 kills or devours S.C.P 524? by Pyro-raptor
SCP-PPAP by maxalate
(regalo) SCP-HTF oc-1 friky by Art-Pz
SCP: Comic, cantoon, fun

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Contain this, Bitch! | Page 17 by LewdSyrup
hand the serpent manga version by NayaPhoenix
Hilda Becker by TheFmgKing

Mature Content

Contain this, Bitch! | Page 16 by LewdSyrup
SCP Craft and Plushes
Connor frozen in Carbonite by godofwarlover
SCP-096 Sculpture (1) by RoxynGames113
SCP-4960 figure by godofwarlover
SCP-173 keyring by maxalate
Horror Retirement Home Chapter 3There was excitement around the Horror Retirement Home, for a new member had just arrived. A former SCP character had just arrived at the Horror Retirement Home. More specifically, the original SCP-166, known as Teenage Succubus. Slenderman, Jeff, and BEN went to go see the new house member and greet them since it had been 5 months when Slenderman had appeared at the home and all three saw the new house member arrive. She was a young girl in her mid-teens, possibly around 16 or 17 years old. Nude except for the fact that her long blonde hair covered her breasts, small goat-like horns on her head, and holding a small suitcase in one hand and a Bible and rosary in the other.Slenderman said to Jeff and BEN, who were standing next to Pyramid Head and Alma from Silent Hill and F.E.A.R, “I never thought I would actually see an SCP monster here. Didn’t know they were kicking them out.”BEN replied to Slendy, “I guess their version of kicking out is rewriting the character to the point there is very little of the character left.” Jeff, however, was staring at the Teenage Succubus, like he found a lost love of his, and if Slendy had a face, his face would be a face of confusion with an eyebrow raised.Adam and The Golem then came up and shook the original SCP-166’s hand.“Welcome to the Horror Retirement Home, I am Adam Frankenstein and this is The Golem of Prague. We welcome you to this humble abode of ours.”“Um…thanks. I just want a nice room where I can study the Holy Scriptures and say my Rosary in peace, and where I won’t be attacked by any man due to me attracting them.” The original SCP-166 replied“Ah, so another person of faith besides me. Don’t worry, if there are any problems with any of our other house members or even the caretakers, tell us and we will handle it.” The Golem replied backAdam and The Golem decided to give former SCP-166 a short tour of the Horror Retirement Home and its history, such as it appearing around the late 19th century and how it will help those who are no longer seen as scary due to societal changes on what is considered horrific or not.After the tour, Slendy and the rest came up to meet the new resident.“Greetings, young one,” Slendy said, bowing and waving one of his tentacles towards her. “I have many names but most people call me Slenderman, or just Slendy for short.”“I’m BEN, one of the many video game CreepyPastas that have taken residence here at this fine establishment, as well as being one of the earlier Creepypastas.”“I’m Jeff and I think you’re beautiful.” Jeff said“JEFF!!!” Slendy screamed. “Did you not hear what Adam and Golem said?!”“I remember, you don’t need to scream. You think I want to get the shit knocked around by two giant constructions who would tear off my limbs first and shove them down my throat if I did anything like rape? I may be a serial killer, but I cross the line at rape.”“Thanks anyway. Most men who were at the Foundation, whether it was guards, scientists, or even D-Class, always saw me as a piece of meat to salivate over,” replied the former SCP-166. “I am hoping that doesn’t happen over here.”“So, why did they kick you out? You were considered one of the more popular SCPs on the SCP Website.” Slendy asked“You guys know about the schism that happened there?” The former SCP asked, and all three CreepyPasta monsters nodded. “Well, I was forced out because I am technically underaged and was used in a sexual manner, which was supposed to be part of the horror around me. I am a succubus and the species of succubi that I am cannot wear clothes without the cloth, whether it is cotton, flannel, polyester, or whatever fabric you can think of, causing burns, rashes, and other wounds to my skin. Because of that, I have to walk around nude and I’m sure that my skin releases a type of pheromone that gets men erected for me. But here’s the thing, I was written to be a contradictory of the ordinary succubi that you see in films, comics, games, and stories. Because after my birth, I was left at a Catholic Convent in Britain where I was raised in the tradition of the nuns and I was taught to be chaste, study the Holy Scriptures and say my Rosary. However, with the changing political climate on the Internet, some of the writers of the SCP articles either deleted them, changed them, or, as an example, one of the disillusioned former writers moving the article to the RPC Authority website, which is what happened with the Angry Star SCP. As for me, I basically had a character that used my backstory, but instead of being a succubus, she was a pagan demigoddess who erodes anything that has plastic or electricity in it. She’s still contradictory, such as her also being a Catholic and being raised by nuns,”Former SCP-166 sighed and then said, “I wish I was still at the site. I mean, I was popular enough to get shipped with SCP-076-2, a.k.a. Able, thus having a Biblical themed relationship. But now, I don’t know how any of the others are feeling about what is happening but I have this feeling that they are paranoid beyond belief that they might be the next to either be deleted or changed, and if they are lucky, move to the RPC Authority website.”Slenderman then replied back to the young succubus. “I am sorry that has happened to you, since I understand how you feel. I was once considered one of the most horrific CreepyPasta monsters and inspired many works of art. Sadly, my popularity began to wane and people started making human sacrifice attempts in my name, which ruined my reputation due to that incident causing a moral panic that got parents to despise me and the religious humans to think I was a demon from Hell. Basically, everyone in this building is in the same boat as you, just for different reasons.”“But the good thing is, we get to meet new friends and reminisce on our glory, and hopefully get back in the spotlight in some way,” Jeff replied. “As for me however, it will probably take a long time due to the fact that I am considered very lame by the current CreepyPasta fanbase, and it would probably take a miracle from God himself to have me become popular once again.”“Thank you for talking with me,” former SCP-166 told them. “I’m going to go pray for awhile in my room, and maybe I might watch television with you or play a game later on?”BEN then asked, “Aren’t you going to be with us at the dining room?”“Let’s just say the things I eat would make all three of you vomit, but I guess we could have a cup of tea later on though.”And with those words, all three went their separate ways, and the Teenage Succubus went to her room, took out her Rosary and said a decade, and then she took out the cross from her bag and put it on her shelf and prayed to it. She gave thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ and his father for answering her prayers on finding a home for her and for at least meeting some new monsters. She wondered if there were going to be any more former SCP monsters from the SCP Foundation website going to move to this place later on. She hoped so, the Lord knows how many have been abandoned

Mature Content

Hope Of A New Generation
,February 8th, 2007. An undisclosed locationConnor had already accepted his role as an upcoming father with Steth already naming her and Connor’s son Morabo Armchair Cornwall, though she was also thinking of naming their son after what Connor was originally named by the Canopy Tribe when she and Connor were still at SCP-3008, which was Thorn, more specifically Thorn Junior. Sanna had already made Amautis for herself as well as for Steth and Natalie by using seal skins which the Foundation had allowed since she requested those furs and was now in the middle of making one for Hilda. As for Natalie, even though she herself was a therapist, she did not know that much about child psychology, so she was already beginning to read some books about it. Doctor Becker decided to take a break from weapon testing as well as occult studies due to her realizing that her studies might have an effect on her unborn twins. Right now, all four women were being studied by SCP Doctors due to them finally realizing that they are still pregnant and wondering if there was something wrong with their unborn children. That was when Connor himself was called in by the Site Director when it was found out that another person with an anomaly was discovered, and according to Doctor Fish a.k.a. SCP-527 was someone that Connor had known before at the Infinite IKEA and realizing that they should not have given her an amnesic. When Connor had arrived at the meeting place, he saw who they were talking about. It was a green-haired young woman, around her late teens to early 20s, who was wearing a light tan sweater and a brown trench coat and had a circular necklace pendant, and was also around 7 to 8 months pregnant, already rubbing her pregnant belly with her left hand. At first, Connor didn’t recognize who she was, until he started having memories of the Infinite IKEA and then realized that he had blotted out a memory of what had happened there: that not only did he have sexual relations with Steth, but also had sexual relations with Hope and also did not know how that had happened. He was staring at Hope with wide eyes while she was rubbing her pregnant belly, already beginning to feel kicks from her and Connor's twin daughters in her womb. As Connor was beginning to stare at her, he felt like there was something inside him laughing at his situation, like this was planned, along with what had happened to Steth, Natalie, and Sanna.Doctor Wilson came up to him and said, “First you got Doctor Powers knocked up, then SCP-1836 also got pregnant by you, and now this is the second SCP-3008-1 that you got pregnant! Not only that, but Doctor Hilda is also being used as a living incubator as an experiment to carry your children! Keep it in your friggin’ pants next time, you perv!!”Doctor Fish also came up to him and said, “The Amnesic from earlier had already worn off some months back when she was discovered. And if you are going to ask how, one of our agents had been keeping an eye on her, along with the rest of the former tribe, when they observed her getting eight months pregnant in already four months at her original home. We will also be studying her, along with the other women that got pregnant from your seed.”With what Doctor Fish had just said, Connor then went back to his room and felt like he should worry, but then again, he was no longer surprised at what had just happened. In fact, neither was Natalie when she found out that Doctor Becker was now also carrying Connor’s children in her womb, she just threw her hands up in the air and said that she was already at peace with what had happened earlier. Also, during Christmas, all four women and he celebrated Christmas by doing the Conga, and at New Year’s Eve, he kissed all four women’s pregnant bellies to show that he loved his future children and couldn’t wait for them to be born. Though now he does not know when that will happen because all four women should have given birth already a couple of months back then. Right now, he can only lay on his bed and sigh and pray to SCP-343 that things do not get any worse.-It was around dinner time when he found out that all four other women had just met the new addition to their little “family”. Steth then recognized Hope and hugged her, or at least tried to but could not do so due to both women being in their third trimester.“It’s so good to see you again, Hope Chest! I can see that Connor also got to you as well.” Steth told the young green-haired womanHope then said to her, “That’s because we shared him that night if you recall.”And with that, Natalie began to give Connor a glare while she rubbed her own belly, already feeling her daughter kicking up a storm in her own womb, but then she sighed because she began to realize that this happening is beginning to become pointless to get angry over.“So…when did the Foundation discover you?” Steth had said to Hope, hoping to hear what one of her fellow tribe members had to say about what had led to this moment“Well…,” Hope had begun to say, “It all began after I was taken back by those SCP agents to where my family was living. And they told me that I had been kidnapped by a gang who had wanted ransom money and that my family had been worried about my wellbeing for having been gone so long that they had almost given up hope. They were relieved that I was back home and wondering why I was wearing the clothes I had on. I did try my best to give a good explanation and that it really did not matter anyway. I got so used to the clothes that I wore at that IKEA that I decided to make it my default outfit, which my family had gotten used to. A few months after I was brought back and when I returned to my apartment was when I noticed that I was beginning to gain weight. At first, I thought it was because I had been eating more than I used to due to me being at the IKEA where that wasn’t that many food options, but over time I began to notice some strange things about me, such as my belly beginning to bulge around 2 to 4 weeks, and before that, I was beginning to have morning sickness, which at the time I thought was me getting sick with the flu, and then in 5 weeks I was already 2 months pregnant,” Hope then took a breath and continued her story “At the time, I did not know how it had happened due to my memories being erased, but I decided to keep my babies anyway. I then began remembering the time I was at that IKEA and when you and I shared Connor. That is when a Foundation MTF came, took me away to a facility where I stayed several months being studied, and now here I am with you guys.”Natalie then replied. “Normally I would have ranted at Connor over here about what has happened, but I realized that I’m beginning to see it as pointless. Steth and Sanna are pretty much my sisters at this point, and Doctor Becker and I are basically co-workers. Now that you’re in on it as well, Hope, I guess all I can say is welcome to the family.”And with that, Hope sat down with the rest of them for a nice meal that they got from the cafeteria, with some of the D-Class and other SCPs staring at Connor and his little harem, some of them having the looks of confusion, others disgust, and others with burning jealousy.
Doctor Hilda's BreakNovember 5th, 2006. At an undisclosed locationDoctor Hilda Becker was both surprised and angry at her situation. Never in all her life did she expect that she would become a soon-to-be-mother. Mostly because she did not know that she was going to be used as a surrogate mother for an experiment. An experiment that she had no choice to do because it was ordered by both the O5 Council and the Administrator, and she had no say in the matter. Now she is pregnant with twins, Connor’s twins, and like the other women, she too was around 7 to 8 months pregnant in about 4 months. She was already coming back from a testing with SCP-127, already in a bad mood, and having tested the living firearm on a couple of D-Class, imagining them to be Connor without his resurrective immortality. Yet, ever since she got pregnant (not that she had a choice anyway), she could not help but have motherly feelings for her future son and daughter. And then she saw Connor walk near her down the same white hallway as she was and began to glare at him. She was not looking her she was going due to her being distracted by Connor and almost tripped when suddenly Connor grabbed her hand and pulled her up. At first Hilda was grateful, but then Connor stared at her with a look of shock and confusion, already beginning to sweat badly. She could tell that he had just found out about the experiment that was being conducted on her. “Is it mine?” He asked in a worried voice, already telling his look that he feared the three other women might get upset that he had gotten another woman pregnant and not knowing how it happened.“Yes, they are,” Doctor Becker said, putting her right hand on her belly and rubbing it, already feeling a kick or two from her womb. Connor then sighed and had a look of distress on his face., now knowing he is having twins from another woman. He then backed towards the right wall and put his hand over his face, trying not to get too stressed out. Hilda then replied in a hastily panicked voice. “It wasn’t my idea to do this. The Site Director, along with the O5 Council, heard what had happened with Doctor Powers, along with the former SCP-3008-2 and SCP-1836, that they decided to see what would happen if a woman who wasn’t romantically involved with you would respond by getting pregnant with your seed.Connor then said “Respond? What do you mean? You mean, you are being used as a Guinea Pig because I got three women pregnant? I was getting use to the fact that I am going to be a father soon. Hell, Steth is already thinking of either an appliance or a piece of furniture to name our son after. Sanna is already teaching her and Natalie to make amautis in case we go to somewhere cold. And Natalie is already getting use to the fact that she is sharing me with two other women. All three of us had a good time on Halloween last Sunday. We even shared a joint of SCP-420-J while watching that House on Haunted Hill remake,” Connor then began to sob “I am under so much stress! I already have three children on the way and now I am being used as a breeding bull without my consent! Now I am worried about how all three women are going to react!”Doctor Becker then began to realize that this was not his fault and that she was in the wrong to blame Connor. She took his hand and put it on her belly, and he felt his two other children moving around. “Connor, at first, I was obviously upset about this happening to me. I mean, what happened to me would basically be considered rape. But I went through with it anyway due to my loyalty to the Foundation, and yet at the same time, there was a part of me that wanted to be a mother. I just never expected the way it happened to occur. I always thought it would have happened when I and my ideal man are making love at a hotel in Paris. But I have grown accustomed to my situation now. I was surprised at how fast my pregnancy had accelerated. Now I am having your children, along with the three women that you had sexual contact with, and I am alright with it now.”Connor, despite having tears running down his face, smirked a little when he felt his twin children kicking in their mother’s womb. Although he was stressed by the fact that he kept getting women pregnant, he could not help but be proud of being a future father. He then gave Doctor Becker a kiss on the forehead, where she then blushed and smirked.Doctor Stavros was watching what had happened between Doctor Becker and Connor via security cam. He was pondering to himself on what he just saw. Apparently, it took a short time for Doctor Becker to start the beginning of a relationship with Connor, and he began to wonder how he could do that when she does not have a similar brain structure to the former SCP-3008-2 . He, along with Doctor Ludwig, already hypothesizes that Doctor Powers also might have the same brain structure. He would later show the video to Doctor Ludwig and later, have a medical and psychiatric exam done on her.While Doctor Stavros was viewing Doctor Becker and Connor, Khorne was sitting on his Throne of Skulls viewing the exact same moment. He, along with the other three Chaos Gods, remembered sensing the being known as Connor. Now, he and his fellow gods did not know whether Connor was somehow related to the Scarlet King. The being they sensed in him felt like that rival dark god, but none of them were sure if it was the Scarlet King himself or was a child of his. As for now, he can only watch and get his daemons ready. For he knew that Tzeentch was plotting Connor’s downfall, but he knew he would be the one to slay this boy

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