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Message from Roget on the main wiki. Links and fancy sparkles are courtesy of me. Also, if you are one of the artists and would prefer your entry to be linked from somewhere else, please don't hesitate to tell me.


Hey! Results are in!

Special twist: I have decided to award two spots to the SCP categories, due to the large number of entries and the presence of ties. Their images will be placed at the bottom of the series pages!


( SCP-120, by Hercules Rockafeller! This also wins BEST IN SHOW which is mostly for bragging rights and brownie points.

SCP-001 Proposals by Zhange000 SCP-001 by Zhange!

( SCP-1958 by Hercules Rockafeller!

( SCP-1177 by Piperfrog!

SCP-2146 by Amamidori SCP-2146 by Amaridori!

( SCP-2256 by Darkgreeny!

✧✧✧✧SERIES IV✧✧✧✧
( Red Reality by Bluernoon

( SCP-3005 by Monkeyclone!

( Dr. Gears by Shiro!

SCP Mobile Task Force by YugoProductions Mobile Task Forces by Yugoproductions!

♡Groups of Interest♡
Church of the Broken God by Zhange000 Church of the Broken God by Zhange!

(…) Bellerverse by DrFrog!

I want to give a personal thanks to all of our artists for producing such a tremendous amount of quality artwork. That's the reason its taken so long to get these results, the logistical process to get this all together was at times very trying. But all of it was done in a good way, and I hope it is some comfort that it was your enthusiasm and productivity which felled us logistically. What power you all wield! Your patience over these past 145 days has been nothing short of remarkable and I hope you can all forgive me for the delay.

What happens now?

Judge comments and full art galleries of all the entries are on the way, I'm going to be consulting with the Tech Team on the best possible way to get the images up in a visually pleasing way. I've burned myself and you guys with putting specific deadlines on things so I'm just going to leave that as "to be done as soon as possible".

See you all soon!


I'm so glad to see how much we all care about the SCP universe. Good work everyone, and let's keep making awesome SCP art in 2018!
Chibi-Warmonger Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
After the long wait for the results, Maybe pick 2 winners for each series
Zhange000 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Yep, that's what we did. : ) Although, the non-series categories did not have as many entries, so only one winner was picked for each of those.
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