During the chaotic reaction to the SCP wiki and our associated social media logo changes for Pride Month, a number of users began trolling our platforms in ways that required staff intervention. In the endeavor to remove toxicity, several of the users and staff members who run or moderate our social media platforms overstepped their authority in disciplining several accounts which were not actually trolling and had legitimate concerns or criticisms of the change.

We apologize for mistaking those accounts for trolls, and for overreaching with our moderation in the past few days and earlier. Staffing changes have occurred because of these mistakes, including the removal of disciplinary positions from users and staff deemed overreaching, and we are working on ensuring this will not happen again. We hope you can understand that, in the event of a large number of responses, people can make mistakes. We also hope you can appreciate that we are trying  to make amends.

If you feel you have been unfairly banned please send us a note.

We would like to reaffirm our support of the LGBT community and state that, while not liking the flag is not an offense in itself, bigotry and homophobia will remain not tolerated on the wiki or our social media accounts. We intend to provide a welcoming and creatively permissive writing environment for everyone.

Finally, happy pride month, from the SCP wiki Internet Outreach team.
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CALvin-DA Featured By Owner Edited Dec 9, 2018
Fact of the matter is that the foundation actually doesnt give a single shit about what race, gender, religion, etc. you have. All that is important is that you do your job and you'll be appreciated. I mean seriously whats more important? To make sure a Keter SCP doesnt breach containment and cause a XK-Class end-of-the-world scenario or knowing people in a super secret organisation what their sexual preferences are? I am pretty sure if the XK-Class scenario happens it is of pretty much 0% importance that people know your sexuality and/or if they need to refer to you as a he, she or it. Though i'm sure the SJW would rather let the world burn and drown at the same time than do the latter if they actually existed in the SCP Universe...

(I support LGBT+ but fuck this was a terrible experience, and once again this was all because of the stupid SJW fucking it up for everyone)
CALvin-DA Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2018
The SJW is a Keter-SCP in and of itself.
Inmyarmsinmyarms Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2018  Student Writer
You "reaffirm it" very well, homophobic as you are.
Belicure Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018
what the guy below said
Jakester794 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2018
HanamiYumeno Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Jakester, I agree. 
KafirProductions Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Down Arrow READ THIS!

READ THIS!Right Arrow DISCLAIMER(s): I am a Libertarian with Conservative Beliefs, while I'm ethically opposed to sexual abnormality in any aspect and most Left Wing Ideologies, BUT as long as the lifestyle isn't force on me, then they can do as they please.

(did you read my disclaimer)
While I agree, The way you're presenting it is too aggressive for them to want to get the point. They should've before this, what with the beating the point like a dead horse that's nothing but ash, but the aggression in your comment won't help the Situation. I have this problem too and I actively try to use little aggression (And Fail like any other human being).

The Foundation is a wiki dedicated to Fiction, ranging from (In Certain Conditions), Science fantasy to Cosmic Horror. We can Use SCP-2721 as an Example of what Doesn't Belong on this sight. Before anyone starts yelling at me, READ MY FUCKING DISCLAIMER! The Reason because it doesn't belong on the sight is because of the fact that it Addresses Major parts of pop culture (I.E. Tumblr and Homestuck, true they're not popular overall, but people all over the net have been to or at least heard of Them) the problem with this is a considerable amount of users (were and probably still) are against Popular Culture and media, grated that the SCP is getting away from the underground thing, but the second is that it's Blatantly a both, advocate for SJW Culture and a (Semi)Self Insert, and the Mods praise it. Where as a FUCKING joke SCP(-7134-J), A FUCKING JOKE SCP is slandered for...."VICTIM BLAMING" while the Door knob is being a slut and willingly going with it and actively using it's anomalous properties to further is sexual desires. "Looking at it as A sexual object is wrong.WAAAAAH" Bitch and Moan all you like but that is EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS, a SEXUAL OBJECT! You can silently agree that the site welcomes people of any creed, gender, sexuality, and other various made-up Bull-fucking-Horse shit in the FAQ and Rules, but don't plaster some Political Ideal on the Front page, because it turns other people off and makes them uncomfortable, and therefore and Unwelcoming and somewhat non inclusive place for people of more right wing beliefs. I have loved the site for More than Three Years, and still do, but I can't condone what these mods are doing.

(did you read my disclaimer)
Belicure Featured By Owner Edited Jun 25, 2018
Just don't let this "cleaning out toxicity" crap bleed into the SCP universe, ok?

I don't want to see some of my favorite SCPs gone just because they might be offensive to some people. That would suck big time. A universe full of anomalies that has it's rules on what's allowed to be an anomaly and that's nothing but a giant safe space incredibly hinders creativity. RULES HINDER CREATIVITY. It is not fun for anyone, and it's certainly not scary. 

So please just don't ruin the SCP universe with forced diversity.
Liv3r Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018  Student General Artist
What's the black and brown on the spectrum signify? I've never seen it before, just the standard rainbow.
Belicure Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018
It's some BLM crap that they wanted to include because they thought the original flag wasn't inclusive enough.

What these idiots don't realize, however, is that the flag signifies gay pride regardless of race. But nooooo, everything's gotta be about black people according to them.
LuvArt2345 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018  Student General Artist
This is a great step! Now people will actually have conversation and there's no "ew, Tumblr is taking over" and the like.
TheLovelyVocal Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Good. While I dislike being pandered to, at least ya'll stopped shrieking at people who dislike the flag move.
KonungenCarolus Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Nice to see a scale back and apology for some of the more inflammatory things that happened over the past few days. Some people have blown it up a bit too much but there was some mistreatment going on and I'm glad its been dealt with. Not a fan of such outward commitment when a silent affirmation to inclusivity would suffice IMO, and the flags a bit jarring, but overall I support the idea of making the whole website and community as friendly as possibly on all fronts, including the LGBT topic, as long as such things don't override anyone's objectivity and commitment to quality and respect on the site
TimeBandit333 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Good on you Foundation! Way to take a stand!
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