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We have decided to shut down the official DeviantArt group for the SCP Foundation Wiki.

We thank everyone who did or wished to participate in this group, and hope you will continue to enjoy SCP content.

Au revoir,
The SCP DeviantArt

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The official DeviantArt for the SCP Foundation Wiki.
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Apr 26, 2012


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1,536 Members
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Trollge83 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2023  New Deviant Professional Artist
I think that would be the case
MermaidNinja Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2023
I wonder if any of the Specimens would ask to be killed? Death would be better than being locked up for life.
tornadofromhell Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2023
AML-7001: The Tornado Filled with H.A.T.R.E.D Object Class: Apollyon, as it cannot be contained Containment Procedures: AML-7001 cannot be contained and cant be killed by normal weapons but has Weaknesses Appearance: AML-7001 is a EF5 Tornado but unlike a normal EF5 Tornado it can move faster then normal tornadoes and AML-7001 also appears to show signs of sentience, and will attack when threatened. It can grow limbless sphere shaped hands and wield a sword. The sword appears to be made of molten plasma and appears to be made up of deceased people's restless souls, and the hands are made out of air and water vapor and flesh also AML-7001 can slide under overpasses. Weaknesses:AML-7001 can be damaged by weather controlling SCPs and or FCs (All do that its blood is sulfuric Acid that is red and has 3 phases) and can captured and even killed if theres alot Scps and Fcs (do it will can revive it self) and can be tricked into killing it self (also AML-7001 hates lava as since it will burn to death) and can be mind controlled by AML-7001-1 Addendum: AML-7001 shows immense hostility to other SCPs and even FCs, and will go out of it's way to attack them Addendum 2:it has been confirmed that AML-7001's sword is made of get ready for this DR BRIGHTS AND CLEFS SOULS! And FC MEANS FICTIONAL CHARACTER.
NayaPhoenix Featured By Owner Edited Mar 25, 2023  Professional Digital Artist
agent serpent hand Katya by Nayaqueen   
tornadofromhell Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2023
look my art
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