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Hello all my DeviantArt friends!

I'm here to announce the Wanderer's Library Science Fiction Contest: The Wanderer's Station! The contest, as the name suggests, will be centered around the Wanderer's Library, though the themes are more futuristic and technological, rather than fantasy, which the Library usually is like. If you'd like to know more details, or how to contribute, check out the link here:….

So why am I announcing this on the official DeviantArt? Well, the Wanderer's Library is looking for artists to do paid commissions for the winners of the contest. The winners will be able to choose what they want commissioned, and the artist will be paid a specific amount to do it.

Here are the following amounts for art piece commissions based on place of the winners:

First Place: $45 Commission
Second Place: $30 Commission
Third Place: $10 Commission

In addition, five $5 Commissions will be available as well for the stories with the highest scores.

If you'd like to help contribute to this contest, please contact Roget. The SCP Staff would be highly appreciative!

Have a nice day,
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Rules for Submitting Art

• Pornographic art is prohibited and will not be accepted. Artistic nudity must be flagged. There are younger viewers in this group.
• Please make sure that art is submitted to the correct folders, or it will not be accepted.
• The featured folder is for art that is notable in quality. This is up to the discretion of the admin.
• Do not submit unfinished art.
• Do not submit literature or writing of any sort, including fan-fics and SCP submissions. This is not the place to do so.
• If the admin suspects your art has been stolen, it will not be accepted and you may be blocked.

Rules of Conduct

There are no specific limits on age for entry to the group. However, you are expected to conduct yourself as a member of the SCP Wiki. If you are a twenty year-old who acts like a twelve year-old, you will be removed. If you are a twelve year-old who can act maturely, you are welcome.

Respect other members of the group and the admins. Slurs are not acceptable and may lead to your removal. Neither is harassment, which will definitively lead to your removal and blocking.

Trolls and spammers will be blocked.

Please do not spam with multiple pieces of artwork or art that is not yours. It prevents us from seeing important notifications and the owner of the artwork may not want it submitted.

Do not roleplay in the application form or in the comment section. It is spammy and unproductive.

These rules are subject to change at any time.

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Hello friends. I haven't done much, but I am really happy that my art got accepted. But what I don't understand is why my other submission didn't get accepted. Do you know why? If so, could you tell me what I need to improve on? Thank you.
Yossipossi Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2019
Any posts in specific you're referring to?

It may be because you're submitting to the Featured Category instead of the SCP category.
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I don't think I did, but I might have by accident. Thanks for the feedback.
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Any idea how to fix it? Or help in anyway?
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It may take a lot of time to get the verification email. That's a problem on Wikidot's end. I'd suggest contacting an SCP staff member.
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