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:iconscp-096-2:SCP-096-2 posted a status
Have another fact: Some of the characters have some references to Mortal Kombat:

Hip Chop and Jackson = Jax (MK2)
Erron = Ermac (UMK3)
Rayne = Rain (MKT)
Putty Cat and Mai Ruai = Noob Saibot (MK2)
Hopar = Mileena (MK2)
Kenshei = Kenshi Takahasi (MK Deadly Alliance)
Master Bo-Jang = Shang Tsung (MK1)
Hip Chop and Radechidna = Johnny Cage (MK1)
Kiro = Kira (MK Deception)
Choco-King = Bo' Rai Cho and Onaga
Spear-O and Spear-O's Inner Demon = Scorpion (MK1)

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