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:iconscp-096-2:SCP-096-2 posted a status
The Snyopsis of the Creepypasta Movie is actually a fictional variant of my real life self, accidently summoning the Creepypasta Monsters, some of them being coincidently non-hostile, who these Creepypasta Monsters are actually Slender Man, Jane The Killer, Stiltwalker, Suicide Mouse, Red Mist Squidward (Squidward from Squidward's Suicide), Dead Bart, Pirate Percy, Janice, Real Life Doug (Doug from Doug's Real Life), 

the other Creepypasta monsters/killers in this movie are Jeff The Killer, Happy Appy (Along with Forenzik), Mr. Bear, Skin Taker, Horace Horrible, Big Top The Clown, Stick Stickly, Jacko The Very Very Bad Clown, Ben Drowned, Sonic.EXE, Tails Doll, Rap Rat, Jimmy (LIARS), and ETC.

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