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:iconscp-096-2:SCP-096-2 posted a status
Hello SFM and GMOD Model Porters, i am just here to let out a idea for you, if you port the SCP Secret Laboratory Models to SFM and GMOD, like Humans/Weapons/SCPs/Soldiers, you'd be lucky you're first subscriber is me.

and to my watchers, if you have steam and want to be my friend, look for Killer87 and a picture of a MKX Cutie Leatherface (Chibi-Face, cuz it looks like a Chibi), i'm only Level 9, i'm also taking requests for GMOD Vore/Pregnancy/Inflation/Ship Pictures.

(But the Ships i can't do are anything with Chica X ??? or Foxy X ???, But i can do Toy Freddy X Mangle, Toy Bonnie X Bonnie, Toy Chica X Toy Freddy, Toy Freddy X Toy Bonnie, and Bonnie X Freddy.)

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