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I consider Matpat himself and his Theory of the Fredbear's Bite being 1983 is more stupider than Super Minecraft Kid, The Bite of 83 isn't Fredbear, the Fredbear and Friends TV Show is made in 1983, it doesn't make FNAF 4's Story being 1983, and FNAF SL's 1983 Secret Code in the 5th Night Ennard Ending is a Nanny Cam during Jeremy's 4th Birthday, in FNAF 4 and Pre-FNAF 2, being 1987, he is 7 Years old, he died in the hospital and was not buried, but was made into ashes for memorial, but William Afton wanted his son to come back to life, so he poured the ashes onto Fredbear's Wires, and it resurrected Jeremy back from the death, The Toys were made for a replacement of the other 4 animatronics, excluding BB and Puppet, Purple Guy's son, Michael Afton works at Fazbear's Fright in FNAF 3 and Rockstar Freddy's Pizzeria in FNAF 6, William Afton works at Circus Baby's Pizza World and Afton Robotics in FNAF SL, Mike Schmidt and the other employees are basically there to work for money in FNAF 1 and 2.

Here is the truth as i can make this canon or official.
Here is the reason FNAF 4's Bite is 1987.let's say the games have to say the reason.
In the custom night selection, if you input 1/9/8/7, you'll be jumpscared by Golden Freddy (Confirmed as Fredbear).
This 6th night is taking place before the day happened, on 11/13/1987, Jeremy (Which i'll say that's the name of the boy), was bitten by Fredbear, after William Afton used the suit to kill some kids.
The Fredbear Minigame is during a show of one of the minigames of FNAF 4 which was 11/10/87.
FNAF 4 and Sister Location:
This is also to debunk the Bite of 83 parts of Fredbear's Family Diner, The TV Show "Fredbear and Friends" was made in 1983, which in this part, Circus Baby killed Elizabeth Afton, which is also a reason Fredbear's Family Diner doesn't have a 3rd Animatronic (Like Chica), because Circus Baby was taken to Afton Robotics to be decommissioned, which William was there and was scooped, the FNAF 4 Room in Sister Location is basically a nanny cam for William to see what Jeremy is doing in his slee

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