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Hi, uh...

My origin is a bit confusing by timeline, so, here's a short Timeline chart.

Great Ancestor = Pinhead -> Family started in 1754 -> Surviving the battles -> Parents born -> Father meeting Mother -> World War 2 1941 = Cryogenically frozen -> Brought out of long slumber in 2002 by Slender Man -> Started to use the bladed finger gloves at 6 years old -> Teen years = Eye and lip scarred from an experiment -> Contained by the facility for counts of unexplained murders -> Meeting SCP-096 = becoming friends -> Escaping the facility with 096 and 053 -> Reunited with Slender Man -> Internet Access -> This very day.

I am a Christian, and a Holocaust survivor, yet I am not Jewish.
Y'know Freddy and Jason in MKX Mobile?


Lfmkxm by SCP-096-2

"You have one choice, boy: sex or the saw. Sex is, well, nobody knows. But the saw, the saw is family." Drayton Sawyer, 1986
Andre Snyder went missing in 1954 in Louisiana, he was last spotted near the woods, rumors began spreading around, police who are on the case stated the unknown cause of Andre's disappearance, but the case went cold in 1961 after the a team of officers went missing, leaving the incident a story that will scare children who refuse to stay with their family when camping.

Former Baseball Player and Internet Sensation, Vincent Knobs, was driving down to Louisiana with his fellow friends, Mark Hartman, Sara Von Butch, Luigi Donovan, and Presley Henson, they are driving to Louisiana to see if they can debunk the rumor or find the missing child and officers.

They are packed with food, water, and other camping equipment in Louisiana's Dark Forest, it was the area where the child went missing, along with the officers that were in the expedition, the are solving the cold case of the disappearances, they managed to arrive to the forest within 19 minutes after arriving to Berlin, during the first night, they didn't experience any paranormal activity, they manage to encounter animals that seem to act differently, like a bear walking up to them and wanting to be pet, and a fox begging for food like a homeless person, the second night was the same, but the attitude of new animals appearing were different, a barn owl was hissing at another barn owl for no reason, a wolf standing in front of the tent, seemingly protecting Vincent and his friends.

The third night was the first experience of paranormal activity, they set up cameras around the forest, on Camera 01, they seem to get static interference and a faint outline of a human-like shape, it was much different from human, mostly the tall and thin appearance, they couldn't tell what it was, since the static was covering the screen, the see other odd things, such as a quick dash of a small figure resembling a large white light.

The fourth night was the same as the third, but more small light creatures started running about, Luigi decided to hell with it and started to walk into the darkness, after 3 hours, he never came back, the rest started looking for Luigi, they seem to find what looked like flesh of an animal left behind, they keep finding similar scraps of flesh in other locations, but when they finally find another piece, but it wasn't the only thing they find, but they find Luigi's head, impaled onto a tree, they were scared shitless, they ran back to the tent, only Vincent, Presley, and Sara went to the tent, they couldn't find Mark the next night, but instead, a piece of his clothing was found, then Presley went nuts and pulled out his Remington 870, and started firing in the dark, he was found dead in the morning, along with Mark's half torn corpse.

Then it was just Vincent and Sara, then on the fifth night, they finally leave the tent and arm themselves with an arsenal of weapons, a pistol, a machete, and a shotgun, then at 4:00 AM, they encounter Andre in a emancipated appearance, with a ragged beard and face, and behind him was the tall, thin man, but he is completely described, he is bald, has long arms, skin pale as snow, he is like 9 feet tall, and lacks any hair, or a face, they fired at the creature, but it didn't kill it, it merely made it flinch, they ran away, managing to get back to the tent, but being pursued by spirits of the police in the form of dark shadows, among them was Mark, Luigi, and Presley, they found Luigi's lighter and set the woods on fire, causing the spirits and the creature to disappear, leaving Vincent, Andre, and Sara.

A forest fire was extinguished and scraps of remains were found, broken cameras and weapons, 10 corpses, all burnt, 4 being torn apart, no wildlife were found, but the cameras were broken, but recordings were saved from the SD Card that was unable to be destroyed, police have released a statement about the incident.

"We can only say that the footage in the SD Card that recorded the events that these people recorded are not part of a movie or even faking deaths, but we are still currently learning more of the tall figure."

I am still wanting to know where this tall man is...
SCP-096-2: Akaito
Slender Man: Macne Papa
Spikey: Cerif
Shorty: Haruka Nana
Slim: Oliver
Monochrome SCP-096-2: Rook
Luigi: Kaito
Waluigi: VY2 Yuuma
Daisy: Lily
Wendy O. Koopa: Ritsu Namine
Shadow: YOHIOloid
SCP-096: Fukase
Foxy: Equinox
Chica: Meiji
Jason Voorhees - Ron
Freddy Krueger - Galvin Ize
Leatherface: Mac音パパ
Michael Myers: Wani Mizube
Scorpion: CRINA
Mileena: Meiko
Mr. Peterson: Matsudappoiyo
King Dice: Yokune Ruko
Cala Maria: Sukone Tei
Beppi The Clown: Hiyama Kiyoteru
Phone Guy (played by SCP-096-2) Quotes:

Night 1:

"Hello, welcome to your first night as a security guard at Pandory's Pan Pizza Palace, we have been through tough times to make the new Pandory Model, the old is no longer in use, There was an incident back in 1989, it involved a young boy, he turned on the animatronic panda, he uh... went missing that day, when one staff member was looking for him on that day, he opened the stage curtains, he observed the animatronic, and then the kid's arm shot out of the animatronic's mouth, he was rescued, which only he lost two legs and an arm, the same arm that came out of the panda's mouth, a sibling of his saw him being hugged by the panda, but the panda's face was demonic, we took off the face of the panda, to reveal disturbing secret, we had to scrap the old model, and use a new one, we call that incident "The Hug of 1989", with incident out of the way, lemme teach you about the building, it has power that can regenerate by going into the backroom and regenerating it by using a keypad, the keypad number is 1-8-6-2, you can use the camera to check on the building, beware of the animatronics, they are always active at night, especially Bertrum The Bat for beginners, he is a feminine male bat, we couldn't get William Squire to voice Bertrum, due to his death, so we hired a female voice actress, known as Maddison Santana, she did really good with the feminine voice, we edited the voices for Bertrum to be male, i'll tell more info on the rest tomorrow."

Night 2:
"Hello, Rookie, you made it to night 2, congrats, now you are gonna experience some more strategy for the next two characters, Ellen The Eagle and Warren The Wolf, let's start with my favorite, Warren, Warren The Wolf was an auction gift from a man named Matt Hardswell, he seemed to resemble a character we might've been made before the franchise started, Warren is faster than any character on the list of animatronics, he is able to run faster, the easiest way to stop him is to close the door to your right, the doors can only affect three of them, Ellen, Bertrum, and Warren, the other two, Pandory and Old Pandory go through the vents, which there is only one, keeping these vents closed won't harm you, you got a little air vent to keep yourself cool, also you can wander around the building to knack a few collectable items we left back in the 70s, these were rumored to be lost after Maddison's death, she died from suicide, we found out she had gotten a lot of death threats, the three boys behind it were arrested and sentenced to life in prison, there was a fourth one, he didn't want to do it, so the other three bashed his skull on a table, he suffered a concussion, only dying three days later, Ellen is basically a wife model for Warren, we didn't have enough room for all of them to fit on one stage, so we made another, known as Warren and Ellen's Home, where they are said to have young wolf/eagle chicks, Ellen is very faster than Bertrum, only slower than Warren, she's been reported saying horrific phrases that children began to notice, Warren was reported to twitch his ears and make this godawful screech, similar to the Ireland Urban Legend humanoids called "Banshees", so make sure to keep eyes on them, I won't be able to tell the rest about Pandory, so Old Pandory will be able to be mentioned tomorrow, so good luck."

Night 3:
"Hello, Rookster, good job getting to night 3, most people quit after night 3, due to the rumors being true, we currently have Warren and Ellen being worked on, so they won't be a threat until night 4, yesterday, someone somehow managed to break into the building during my break and broke Bertrum, Bertrum will not work again until night 5, so to tell the new info, Old Pandory is the animatronic that injured that boy I mentioned, you may notice him to be missing his happy innocent face to have the demonic face, we didn't know that something like that would happen, and a few holes in him, and the lack of the suit, since we gave it to the new model, Old Pandory is a bit slower than the new model, but he is quick at hugging nowadays, he'll go through your vent and try to attack you by doing a bear hug, keep the vent shut at all times if he is in the vents, along with the new model, alright, i'll tell you about the new Pandory model tomorrow, night."

Night 4:
"Rookie, great job on reaching night 4, Bertrum has been repaired and the man behind his damaging was found to be our old chum who caused those death threats to Maddison, he was arrested again for escaping and vandalizing our property, we couldn't fix the bugs in Warren, and he is still working and are more faster, Ellen was broken by another person, we couldn't see his face, due to a Pandory face mask covering his face, we couldn't save her, alright, the new Pandory model, which we call Pandory 2.0, is like the old one, but faster and more jollier, and given him a red top hat, he even also has a cute little cub that he has on stage that plays the drummer role in some songs, also do the same with him like Old Pandory, keep him away from your off- What's that? is there anybody attempting to attack me? if so, I own a Desert Eagle, and I ain't afraid to use it, wha-- *a mechanical object breaking a skull sound is heard*"

Night 5:
"Hello! it is I, True Pandory, i'll be tearing you apart..."
Ellen The Eagle (played by RandomFNAFDeves) Quotes:

When looking for the guard:
"Can i serve a pan pizza down your throat?..."
"Pandory loves new guests..."

When finding the guard:

After killing the guard:
"Boohoo, cry me a river..."
"Pandory's Pan Pizza Palace is getting a new pizza flavor..."

When stunned by the light:
"MY EYES!!!"

When being killed in a cutscene:
Bertrum The Bat (played by Maddison-sans) Quotes:

When looking for the guard:
"Where are you?..."
"I'll rip your stomach open with my fangs..."
"Tsk Tsk... Wanna Play?..."

When finding the guard:

After killing the guard:
"You've been hiding for so long in the dark, but i can see in the dark..."
"Fear the Bat..."

When stunned by the light:
"SON OF A---"

When being killed in a cutscene:
"HELP ME!!!"

(Note: The voice will be edited to be low pitch to resemble a feminine man's voice.)
Klassic Kintaro (Gold Outworld Kard)

LK Unit-5 Triborg (Gold Martial Artists Kard)

Undead Jason Voorhees (Diamond Netherrealm Kard)

Demonic Freddy Krueger (Gold Netherrealm Kard)

Klassic Johnny Cage (Diamond Spec Ops Kard)

Wendigo Nightwolf (Gold Netherrealm/Outworld Kard)

Scream Queen Sindel (Diamond Netherrealm/Outworld Kard)

Enenra Smoke (Gold Netherrealm/Martial Artists Kard)

Officer Stryker (Gold Netherrealm/Spec Ops Kard)

Speedster Kabal (Diamond Netherrealm/Spec Ops Kard)

Butcher Leatherface (Gold Netherrealm Kard)

Hunter Predator (Diamond Outworld Kard)

Tarkatan Alien (Gold Outworld Kard)

Shokan Queen Sheeva (Diamond Outworld Kard)

Kosplay Cassie Cage (Diamond Martial Artists/Spec Ops Kard)
(A woman is seen screaming in fear looking at a unseen reason)

???: We couldn't end it, he is very hostile...

(It cuts to a dark room, with red pupils glowing)

???: We don't know what it's capable of...

(It cuts again to the government shooting a giant tank engine monster)

???: We are dead men...

(it cuts to various scenes of Project 0 interacting, various scenes of deaths, and various scenes of people)

(Title of Project 0: The Final Shed is emerging from the same dark room, then a jumpscare of a dark shadow tank engine with the red pupils scares the viewer.)
Project 0 has been interacting with Project 1, Skarloey, seemingly harmless to some engines, we are requiring all scientists to observe these interactions.
Hello, I am the proud creator of my take on Pandory's Pan Pizza Palace into a FNAF Game, however, the game is in need of voice actors for the game, if you want to become a voice actor, you can get the wish, the voices are needed to be recorded and edited for the robotic animatronics.

The Cast:

Phone Guy is voiced by Me, SCP-096-2.
New and Improved Pandory The Panda is voiced by ???
Original Pandory The Panda is voiced by ???
Bertrum The Bat is voiced by ???
Ellen The Eagle is voiced by ???
Warren The Wolf is voiced by ???
True Pandory is voiced by ???
User as Frisk
Crustin as Chara
Flower Bunny as Flowey
Ra1nb0wK1tty as Toriel
MaceyWitchHunter as Sans
SCP-096-2 as Papyrus
Rare as Alphys
Rayni as Undyne
Nycollas as Napstablook
Slender Man as Grillby
Doge as Annoying Dog
Legoben2 as Mettaton
The one hiding under your bed: The Crites from The Critters

The one hiding under your stairs: The Babadook from Babadook

Mayor of Halloween Town: Jumbo from Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Werewolf: The Werewolf from American Werewolf in London

Zombie in the sewer: Jason Voorhees

Witches: The Cannibalistic Lady from Tales From The Dark Side and Gingerdead Man's mother

Walking Tree: Aokigahara Tree

Skeletons: Dead hung corpses

The Clown with the tear-away face: Pennywise from IT

The Who you call "Who's There?": Ghostface from Scream

Sally: Mangle

The wind blowing through your hair: Enenra

Shadow on the moon: Freddy Krueger from Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Mummy Child and One Eye Mummy: The Twins from The Shining

Tall Male Humanoid: Jack Torrance from The Shining

Fat Female Humanoid: Wendy Torrance from The Shining

Jack Skellington: Slender Man

Various other monsters: Various Killers, Creatures, and Entities, like Leatherface and Michael Myers.
Project 0 has been documented to appear out of containment, when we checked his containment chamber, he was still in containment, scientists encountering these clones are to call for guards.
Project 0, otherwise known as "Timothy",  has been extremely hostile towards other bio-fused engines, when he was interviewed why he is acting like this, he said the following:

"You cannot contain what has hatred for Sodor's favourite sons."

When he mentioned Thomas and G-1, we were terrified what could happen when he breaks out of containment, we are currently working on a containment chamber which is waiting for approval.
Andre Toulon by SCP-096-2

Andre Toulon
Samuel Shotmann (Six Shooter)
Joseph Sebastian (Tunneler)
Dr. Hess (Blade)
Herman Strauss (Pinhead)
Hans Seiderman (Jester)

Film he originated:
Puppet Master Series (1989-Present, as key element, corpse, alive protagonist or antagonist, monster, Decapitron)


Male (Andre and all his puppets)

Andre Toulon was a French puppeteer that learnt the secret of reanimation from an Egyptian sorcerer and used it in his puppet performances to make his puppets move by themselves to thrill the audience. He also used the magic to bring to life deadly puppets with the souls of his deceased friends who were murdered so that they could get revenge on those who killed them and help him protect the magic, after his suicide in 1941, he was revived into a mannequin body that resembled his corpse after shooting himself, but a bit younger, Andre's puppet's were there when he was resurrected, and they shown him the dark blood-red sky, Andre knew this was part of Sutekh's plan with Wendigo, Andre and the puppets now marched towards the destination they are after.

Quote: Rester dans l'ombre...
Part 1:
Various Bowser Minions are found murdered.

Shy Gal based Stripper found mutilated behind the Mushroom Kingdom XXXL.

Ashley found in Warioware Inc. with no skin.

Jimmy T. found with a shard of his music plunged into his throat.

Link is found with his head cut off and replaced with Zelda's decapitated head.

Amy Rose's skin are all over the wall, in a video tape, she had herself overinflated with a P Balloon in a comical way by Mario.

Magikoopa is slaughtered on screen by a Hockey Masked, Machete-wielding Mario.

King Koopa (Bowser's Father) died from Mario's Ancestor, this was mentioned in the documentary.

Mario and Luigi's cousin, Ernest, committed suicide, this was mentioned in the documentary

Pauline is stabbed in the back by a switch blade, yet survived according to the ending closure of the documentary.

Part 2:
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong were found dead with a hammer wound to the skulls.

Various Pianta's are found mutilated.

King K. Rool was force fed with bananas, his belly exploded.

Koopalings were killed prior the documentary, this was mentioned in the continuation of the documentary.

Geno is thrown into a fireplace when fighting Mario, he survived, with only two legs and his left arm gone.

Part 3:
Sonic was road burned after Mario throw a knife into his lower spinal area.

Tails had his face skin ripped off, he survived after Mario left him, he us seen again with a metallic face with a shoulder mounted plasma caster connected to the mask, according to the closure.

Wart was found skinned and headless.

Yoshi is found with his lower half gone, he is confirmed dead in the closure.

Wario was ser on fire after Mario poured gasoline on him.

Daisy had her belly inflated by a P Balloon and exploded.

Rosalina was shot from a cannon into space and straight into the sun.

Part 4:
Shy Guy 1-3 are found with their masks removed with Mario's M carved between their eyes.

Mouser committed suicide, due to Mario fans harassing him.

Dr. Mario was drugged and had to play the Needle Box Trap from SAW II.

R.O.B was demolished after Mario ripped it's head off during a battle.

Mario is shot down by Bowsette and Tails, leaving his mustache and hat behind.
Puppet by SCP-096-2


Real Name: Charlotte Emily
Weight Class/Playstyle: Marionette is a completely nightmarish character by playstyle, she can summon the animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Fredbear/Golden Freddy, and BB), she can also use her final smash to pummel her foes with her foot, causing 9% Damage, she is a heavyweight by her intense powers.
Debuts: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (2014)
Voice Actor: Stephanie Belinda Quinn

Bio: Charlotte Emily was a young and innocent child, she was a very unique person to her father, until one day, where she was murdered by Henry's old "friend", William Afton, as she is dying, the animatronic known as The Marionette, becomes possessed by her soul, where she now looks for the one who killed her and 5 other children that were murdered.

First/Default: The iconic FNAF 2 design
Second: The Security Puppet Minigame model.
Third: Yellow and Purple (Fredbear Colors)
Fourth: Greenish-Yellow and Purple (Springtrap Colors)
Fifth: Black and White (FNAF 3 Happiest Day Minigame Puppet)
Sixth: Phantom Puppet (Echo)
Seventh: Nightmarionne (Echo)
Eighth: Security Puppet (Echo)

Basic Attacks:

Jab: Marionette headbutts the opponent.

Up Tilt: Marionette flip kicks the opponent.

Side Tilt: Marionette slashes at the opponent.

Down Tilt: Marionette sweeps the opponent's legs with her arms.

Dash Attack: Marionette summons Foxy slashing at her opponent.

Neutral Aerial: Marionette air flip kicks the opponent.

Front Aerial: Marionette midair summons a child's spirit to kick the opponent. 

Up Aerial: Marionette midair summons a child's spirit to flip kick the opponent.

Down Aerial: Marionette drops down on the opponent.

Back Aerial: Similar to her Front Aerial, but the spirit is summoned from behind.

Smash Attacks:

Side Smash: Marionette summons a Fredbear/Golden Freddy Head to dash into the opponent.

Up Smash: Marionette summons a upward slashing Foxy.

Down Smash: Marionette summons a sliding BB.


Grab: Marionette summons two of the spirits to hold the opponent.

Poke: Marionette headbutts the held opponent.

Up Throw: Marionette summons an uppercutting Freddy.

Down Throw: Marionette summons a falling BB.

Forward throw: Marionette summons a charging Fredbear/Golden Freddy Head.

Back Throw: Marionette summons either Bonnie or Chica to kick the opponent's back.

Special Moves:

Neutral Special: Animatronic
Marionette summons either of the 6 animatronics with various effects listed below.

Animatronic and effects:
Freddy: Freddy throws his Microphone to the opponent.
Bonnie: Bonnie dashes and whacks the opponent with his Guitar.
Chica: Chica summons a small Cupcake Storm.
Foxy: Foxy runs and jumps onto the opponent and slashes them with his hook.
BB: BB disables the opponents jumping and blocking with his laughter.
Fredbear/Golden Freddy: Fredbear/Golden Freddy grabs the opponent and bites the whole head, similar to Wario's bite move.

Side Special: The Missing Children
Marionette summons the five deceased children's spirit to dash at the opponent and pummel them.

Up Special: Marionette summons Mangle who gives her friend a helping jumping start.

Down Special: Marionette puts a Mini Music Box down on the ground, when an opponent goes near it, they fall asleep.


Lefty by SCP-096-2

Lefty: The Marionette jumps inside a dropped music box in black and red, and reappears as Lefty, in this form, she can easily cause more damage by 20% by any move, this lasts for 19 seconds, once time is up, the suit will burn and fall apart.

Intro/Taunts/Victory/Misc. Poses:

Intro: The Marionette jumps out of her music box.

Stance: Marionette stands similar to her FNAF World stance.

Walk: Marionette flies towards with a slugging manner.

Dash: Marionette dashes with her arms out to reach her victim.

Crouch: Marionette crouches in position to a spider.

Jump: Marionette jumps similar to Rosalina.

Double-Jump: Marionette spin jumps in midair.

Taunt 1: Marionette summons a dancing BB.
Taunt 2: Marionette summons a laughing Fredbear/Golden Freddy Head.
Taunt 3: Marionette summons a singing Foxy.

Victory Theme: The iconic FNAF 1 6AM Bells.

Victory Pose 1: The Puppet jumps back into her music box.
Victory Pose 2: The Puppet raises the five dead children's souls from the ground
Victory Pose 3: The Puppet deactivates itself and sits on the ground.

HOME STAGE: The Dining Area

DiningAreaNoCamera by SCP-096-2

This haunted pizzeria's main dining room is the most haunting thing to be in, make sure to crouch from being spotted from the various animatronics that wander.

Obstacle: Animatronics
The Animatronics that roam are listed down below, once they spot you, they jumpscare you, causing 40% Damage, to prevent being spotted, crouch near a table.

Toy Bonnie
Twisted Foxy
Funtime Chica

- Watch Your Six
- Pop Goes The Weasel
- Toreador March
- Die In a Fire
- It's Been So Long
- I Can't Fix You
- Break My Mind
- Circus of the Dead


Pit/Palutena Conversation:

Pit: So, this is Charlotte Emily?
Palutena: Yes, this is Charlotte Emily, or Charlie.
Pit: So she became this Marionette after being murdered? that's sad.
Palutena: So sad, she needs to find the murderer, William Afton.
Pit: Should we help her on her mission?
Palutena: Probably, but mostly not, since her animatronic friends will see you as an intruder.
Pit: So it's 50/50.
Palutena: Yes.

Snake/Otacon Conversation:

Snake: Colonel, what is this giant doll with a mask floating in the air for?
Colonel Roy Campbell: This is Charlotte Emily, or The Marionette, she is a spirit possessing the form she is now.
Snake: Why did she do that?!
Colonel Roy Campbell: She was murdered by William Afton, or in this case currently, Springtrap, a father of three kids, whom two are dead and possessing animatronics.
Snake: That is very depressing and scary.
Colonel Roy Campbell: This is a tragic story and life these people are in.
Snake: Should we help her?
Colonel Roy Campbell: Just focus on the battle and maybe you will.
Snake: Alright.
  • Listening to: Killer Klowns from Outer Space by The Dickies
  • Reading: Stephen King's IT
  • Watching: Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1
  • Playing: SCP Containment Breach
  • Eating: Ice Cream
  • Drinking: Coke Zero Sugar
SSBU Test Subject (D-9341 and D Class)
SSBU Facility Guards (Agent Ulgrin and Guards)
Bug Fixers (NTF)
Sakurai (Security Chief Franklin)
Programmers (Scientists)
Shigeru Miyamoto (Dr. Harp)
Ganondorf (Dr. Maynard)
Villager (Jim Gonzales)

Dr. Wily (Dr. Gears)
Streamers (Chaos Insurgency)

Skull Kid (SCP-035)
Satoru Iwata/Zuree (Dr. L/SCP-106)
Polygon Alloy (Dead Scientist)
Waluigi (SCP-096)
Koffing (SCP-008)
Redead (SCP-008 Doctor)
Reaper (SCP-049)
Reapette (SCP-049-2)
Tabuu (Agent Skinner)
Iridescent Glint Beetles (SCP-1
Starman (SCP-173)
Green Mite (SCP-1048)
Red Mite (SCP-1048-A)
Blinky (SCP-966-1)
Pinky (SCP-966-2)
Inky (SCP-966-3)
Clyde (SCP-966-4)
R.O.B (SCP-079)
Sneaky Spirit (SCP-372)
Shy Guys (SCP-1499-1)
Master Hand (SCP-682)
Megonta (SCP-939)
Soulflee Bell (SCP-513)
Soulflee (SCP-513-1)
Hammer Bro (SCP-205 Demon Shadows)
Petilil (SCP-1025)
  • Listening to: Killer Klowns from Outer Space by The Dickies
  • Reading: Stephen King's IT
  • Watching: Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1
  • Playing: SCP Containment Breach
  • Eating: Ice Cream
  • Drinking: Coke Zero Sugar