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Hello, SCP-096-2 here, well, hasn't our summer ended, I wish it lasted longer, but I have to go back to school, it sucks, but for a little thing with me and my friends, until August 10, i'll do this as a Tag thing I did once after being tagged by RandomFNAFDeves

So there are no rules, but the one rule is about you have to do 8 facts of your OC (FNAF/Creepypasta/Cuphead/Slenderverse/Batim/BBiEaL).

I'll start with a well loved Creepypasta OC I made art of, Eyeless.

1. Eyeless is based off of Stephen King's IT Antagonist, Pennywise The Dancing Clown, and even inspired by Der Klown from Krampus.
2. Eyeless wasn't originally going to be "Eyeless", she was originally a creature from space that resembles an animal, but that was scrapped and replaced with a Shape-shifting creature with a Clown Disguise as a favorite disguise.
3. Eyeless was killed in Missingno-54's Slasher Massacre, which is canon to Eyeless' Life, by Flat Notier, and came back from the dead after pleading for Satan to let her have another chance.
4. Eyeless is actually a Cannibalistic Seductress/Human Succubus, she was executed in 1689 after being arrested for the atrocities she done.
5. Oddly, she knows It/Pennywise, she even calls It "Sibling".
6. She originally wasn't going to look like a modern day clown at start, she was going to look similar to Jester, but the Jester was then given to an upcoming character.
7. Eyeless' human name is Nancy Specter XIV.
8. Eyeless was born in 1579.

Now for the tagging:
hmm... I'll Chose these good people for the tagging.

MasterMacey - Lord Macalgo
Ced145 - Mim
RayniTheBunnie - Rayni The Bunnie (Not the user, her Persona character)
CartoonAnimeFan2000 - Audrey
WolfyTheKitsune - Seth Sabeleye
austinschaub - Sansolo
Jerrgirl003 - Psychotic Kitty

5 More days!
Greetings everyone, it's me, SCP-096-2, and I'm going to remake some UCN mechanics for characters around here, since SaltyGibusEdits' original was abandoned.

Mechanics (Meachanic name)(Description):

Camera-Used to see around the place

Left Door-It's a left door

Right Door-It's a right door


Oxygen-Low oxygen

Time-It's the clock, from 12 to 6

Shocks-Press S to shock some characters.

Right Vent Door-It's a Right door, but for a vent

Left Vent Door-It's a Left door, but for a vent

Audio-Listen to sounds

Audio Lure-Distract some characters

HEAT-Press H to heat up certain areas, but don't do it too much, as it messes with the Ventalation.

Pipes-They lead from somewhere else, but where though?

T.V.-Use it to drown out certain characters, but some characters can attack through it.

Booping-Touch stuff to make other stuff happen.

Vent Fan-Used to cool down your office, at the cost of extra power.

Hide button-Used to hide certain objects.

HIDE- Go under the desk to hide from enemies

Trapdoor-A vent without a door.

Music-Wind up a music player to effect

Vision/Light-Lets you see

Disguise Mask-Fools certain characters

Toxicity Meter-Certain actions raise the radiation in your bloodstream, let this bar go too high, and you die

Free Roam-Lets you roam around, but changes up your mechanics

Stress Food-Eat it to calm down the amount of hallucinations you'll have during the night

Maintenance panel-Use it to fix other stuff


Salty Gibus: This tiny hat will be hiding behind stuff in your office, slowly going for your Maintenance Panel. If he reaches it, he'll smash it, making ALL your mechanics randomly on and off for the rest of the hour and your maintenance panel to be unusable. Also, he will leave a familiar cloth in your oxygen. To stop him, click the little ghost bobble on him.

Matt The Fox: Matt The Fox-This Blue Foxy look-alike is to be taken seriously, as he can sneak Slender-Puppet to enter your office to mess with your controls,if Matt's in the room as well, he'll disable your doors, and jumpscare you. The easiest ways to get both of them out is to either play dead or shut both doors. They're both active at 3 AM.

Clownman: Clownman is Matt The Fox's old arch nemesis, so he feels it's necessary to crash this party. He approaches you and attempts to rip your jaw off. To prevent this, just boop his clown nose, doing so will cause him to retreat like a big baby. He is active on 1 AM and onward.

Withered Frederick: An unofficial model of Fredbear for a Puerto Rico Location, but due to copyright, the CEO had to take the model and use it's metal and suit, leaving parts of his arm and ear suit gone, deadlier than Clownman and Matt, he is possessed by an force called "The Endokill". He'll come through 3 ways, from either door, or the trapdoor behind you. If he's at your door, close it on him, and if he's at the trapdoor, use the mask. Fail to stop him, and he'll rip out your spine and skull from your back, Predator Style.

Fazbear Enterprizes: This prize bear will slowly activate in your office. Press the flashing lights on his teeth to turn him back off. Let him turn on, and he'll jumpscare you, ending your run.

T-O Bonnie: He will run around the building trying to gather parts for a ladder he's building. If he gathers all the parts, he'll build a ladder and rush to your room to toss it at an air duct, breaking the heater in it. To stop him, find him and click on him in the cams to make him drop the parts.

T-O Chica: She's practicing for the big bowling game tomorrow, and will try to hit a certain number of pins. Go into the cam she's in and look at the number, then select the throw she should use(it says the same number next to the pin amount). Succeed, and you'll get a bit of noise added to your noise meter. Choose wrong, or not at all, and prepare for a jumpscare!

T-O Foxy: This wily trickster will sneak down the right hall and ask for a gift. However, the gift isn't in the room, so you need to either by him the Mangle plush from the prize corner, or click his glowing teeth to send him back. Keeping the door closed on him will just lead to him sitting there knocking down your power. Fail to do either in a timely manner, and you'll have an angry fox in your face.

The Broken Ones: They each appear only once per night. When the light at the top of your office turns is a color, that animatronic is attacking soon. Brown=Freddy, Blue=Bonnie, Grey=Chica, and Red=Foxy.

B.Freddy: He will take to your hallway and make his way to your office. Blind his only working eye with your flashlight to ward him off. If he gets in, he will jumpscare you, ending your run.

B.Bonnie: When he spawns in, he will be behind you, blocking your view of Madness' cove. He will appear deactivated, but this is just an act. He will have a 2nd stage where his eyes are focused on you. When this happens, you need to flash your light on him, and he will leave. Somehow...  fail to stop him, and face a face flapping jumpscare. The light won't affect him in his first stage.

B.Chica: She'll appear in the monitor, blocking your view and generally being a pest. If she's on it by the time the hour changes, she'll jumpscare you. Get her off by flashing your light on the camera.

B.Foxy: He appears in Madness' Cove, and will walk to the back of it. Once you see his eye lights positioned at you, flash the light to disorient him, and then the heater to loosen his joints beyond use. If you don't, he'll attack and end your run.

Animatronic Matt: He appears randomly in your office, to prevent him jumpscaring you, you must shine your flashlight in his face, he'll fade away if you do, if you don't, prepare to have an EARRAPE TICKLE NATE.

FB_1987.mp3: FB_1987.mp3 will play on your computer screen, there is no way of skipping it, once it ends, you will be attacked by a ghost-like Fredbear, to prevent your death, simply keep on the mask for the whole night.

Challenges (Name, Who's active, Gift for beating it):

Fox Troop: All foxes at 15, with Matt being at 20, a Beat up Withered Foxy mask with a Hockey Mask on it

Matt's Diner: Matt, Clownman, and Withered Frederick on 20, a Matt The Fox's Diner Poster and a skin for Withered Frederick.

A Grand Funtime!-All the funtime animatronics to 15, with Clownman being 20, Killer Klowns from Outer Space Poster.

Minigames (After Death or Not) Minigame Name, Description:

Clownman's End: You play as Frederick, you are in a Atari-styled map of the Location where the game is placed in, you must go to the Backroom and find Matt The Fox, once you find him being assaulted by Clownman, you see Frederick decapitate Clownman by ripping of his head and endoskeleton spine.

ENDINGS (Challenge) (Aka what happens at the end of each challenge):
A Nightmare on Funtime Street (if you cheat): after the 6AM screen ends, a cutscene of Clownman's Beheaded Body and other Funtime Animatronics are seen crawling out of the burning building and into the streets, they are then seen fusing eachother into a being known as "The Funtime Nightmare".
True End of Clownman's Reign of Terror (if you set Matt The Fox's Diner to 20):
Matt The Fox (And Slender-Puppet) and Frederick appear in front of you with Clownman's head and joins you while escaping the burning location.
Angry Salty Ending (if you cheat):If you cheat, Salty will appear at 6AM and start yelling at you, going faster and faster until you can't even understand him, to where he then gets out a stove, starts cooking, and sets everything on fire doing so.

Skins: Character --> Skin change:
Clownman --> Funtime Pennywise (1990 version)(makes Clownman's quotes similar to the 1990 quotes)

Salty --> Empty Salty

Withered Frederick --> Unwithered Frederick(unlock first)

Cameos/Easter Eggs:
SCP-096-2-ST: A version of SCP-096-2's body with animatronic limbs, his hood and pants being Yellowish-Green, and his mask being Purple with the Red Chevron, he'll be seen on a random poster every now and then dancing with Slenderman, Jason Voorhees, and Pennywise.

After-Fire Character Appearance, Character, Appearance(if changed):
Salty Gibus: Remains the same, but lost part of his right eye and two teeth.
Matt The Fox: Withered, but not dirty or decayed.
Clownman: Lost parts of his face and ears, and lost his whole body suit, making him look like a Bozo The Clown-Modeled Ennard.
Withered Frederick: Burnt and lost his head and leg suit.
B. Freddy: Remains the same, but charred.
B. Bonnie: Remains the same, but charred.
B. Chica: Remains the same, but charred.
B. Foxy: Remains the same, but charred.
Fazbear Enterprizes: Lost parts of his legs and arms.
The Broken Ones: Remains the same, but charred.
T-O Bonnie: Face gone and legless.
T-O Chica: Jaw gone and handless.
T-O Foxy: Armless and headless.
Animatronic Matt: Lost his jaw and has holes in every part of his body, except his head.

After-Death Quotes:
Salty Gibus:
"You think that i'm just an animatronic hat, well, I can kill!"
"Wooow... great seeking skills..."
"Ha! I win, I win!"
"Wow! That was fun!"
"*sigh* It seems you've lost your touch. Well, that's fine by me. After all, that means I can rip you into shreds, over and over, without any way for you to take me apart..."

Withered/Unwithered Frederick:
"YOU THINK I WAS FORGOTTEN?!… well you're wrong, bitch..."

Matt The Fox:
"Oops, sorry pal, you've just got trolled by my Slender-Puppet!"
"Sorry, you've lost all your lives, GAME OVER..."
"You think I can be fooled, Well you are dead, and I am smarter."

"Well Gosh, My Goofy Enemy would've been here first, but i'm faster than him at killing people!"
"Barnum and Bailey, Everywhere!!!"
"Everybody's running from the Circus coming into the town!!!"

Funtime Pennywise:

Amount of characters so far: 15/???

Amount of slots so far: 15/???

Amount of killer characters so far: 14

Amount of non-killer characters so far: 1

(NOTE: This is a Remake, not a reupload of the original by SaltyGibusEdits.)

(Animatronic Matt is owned by youtuber, RemixerBlogMeredith5, or GoodMattEvilMatt on DA.)
I was tagged by :iconrandomfnafdeves:
i'll join your challenge.

1. Post these rules
2.Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about.
4. Post their avatars and write the characters names next to them.
5. You can tag the tagger to get your revenge.

Character: The Adopter

1. The Adopter was made as an inspired character based on 4 Horror Characters: Slender Man, Crooked Man from The Conjuring 2, The Neverman from Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends, and The Hollows from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

2. The Adopter is not a fan character or OC for Creepypastas or Slenderverse, he is more original and different from them, yet he makes references to Slender Man.

3. The Adopter originally was going to wear a Fedora and a Trenchcoat, but I didn't want the idea of him being similar to The Invisible Man, so I gave him a design based on the Slender Man and The Hollows

4. The Adopter has a similar relation to video games, like Crash Bandicoot and Super Smash Brothers, like me. 

5. The Adopter does speak, but he speaks almost similarly to Michael Jackson.

6. The Adopter also originally had a different backstory, which he was a humanoid entity from space, but I scrapped that.

7. The Adopter has a wife, but she died of a deadly disease.

8. The Adopter wasn't going to have tendrils, instead he originally was going to have purple arms, but tendrils are more scarier.

So, i'll tag:
Ced145 - Mim
austinschaub - Sally Safredus
Laukku2000 - Anti-Laukku
RayniTheBunnie - Rayni
BlueCatRiolu - Shadow Riolu
L-star45 - Masked Destroyer
ChicSwag - ChicSwag
MasterMacey - Hockey Murderer
SCP-096-2 (Leader)
Diamond (Assisting General)
Leatherface (Food Server and Spy)
SCP-096 (Juggernaut)
Slender Man (Hacker)
Jason Voorhees (Ultra-Juggernaut)
Harley Quinn (Seductive Lurer)
Crash (Juggernaut)
Hanzo Hasashi (Assassin)
Luigi (Engineer)
Waluigi (Demolition Expert)
Golden Freddy (Information Teller)
Christian Clone (Expert Sentinel)
antopainter14 (Sentinel)
MasterMacey (Sentinel)
TMNTLoneWolf (Assassin)
k92562 (Assassin)
Mangled22 (Gunslinger)
Ra1nb0wK1tty - Miku Hatsune
MasterMacey - Gakupo
SCP-096-2 - Akaito
Ced145 - Haruka Nana
WolfyTheKitsune - Rin Kagamine
austinschaub - Len Kagamine
TMNTLoneWolf - Fukase
antopainter14 - Oliver
JetFox89 - Macne Papa
rileyticcixxx - Meiko
Montyclan - Hiyama
Loralove8 - Ruko Yokune (Female)
joerobinette - Kaito
AlanaDaCat13 - Gumi
MemeFactoryPds - Ritsu Namine
Stardust - Lily
Puffjaved02 - Yumma
Christian Clone - Wani Mizube
DEVON324 - Kaito
Jeff The Killer - Matsudappoiyo
Slender Man - Rook
Jane The Killer Maiko Hakaine
Laughing Jack - Luka Megurine
Laughing Jill - Momone Momo
SCP-096 - YOHIOloid
Adopter - Ruko Yokune (Male)
The Rake - HamanoKun
B.O.B - Tai Suki
Jason Voorhees - Ron
Freddy Krueger - Galvin Ize
Monochrome SCP-096-2 - Mac音パパ
Chica - Meiji
Foxy - Equinox
Bonnie - KaiKim
Freddy - Asune Takara
Fredbear - CRINA
Springbonnie - Sukone Tei
Springtrap - Munegi Yarui
Mangle - Maiko Hakaine
Puppet - Teto
BB - VCV 0701
Snake: Colonel, who's this buff hockey masked guy?
Colonel Roy Campbell: That's Jason Voorhees, an undead vengeful killer that drowned as a kid.
Snake: Wait, isn't he from a Horror Movie?
Colonel Roy Campbell: He is, but this is his guest appearance for Ultimate.
Snake: So i'll be fighting horror guests, who will I fight next, Freddy? Leatherface? Slender Man?
Colonel Roy Campbell: I don't know, Snake, we just have to wait and see, for now, Jason is a unstoppable killing machine, he killed a lot of teens on his turf, Camp Crystal Lake, his murder spree started in 1984, after his mother died, he took any sharp weapon and killed many teenagers, he was defeated again and again, but he still stands his ground.
Snake: I'll take the challenge.
Snake: Did Wario lose weight?
Colonel Roy Campbell: That's his brother, Waluigi.
Snake: Wait, isn't he an assist trophy?
Colonel Roy Campbell: He is, but this is his real playable debut in Ultimate.
Snake: Sounds like the fans had their chance of him playable for the first time.
Colonel Roy Campbell: He has some of the moves from the assist trophy, but changed by Sakurai.
Snake: That's interesting, does he have anything different?
[Colonel Roy Campbell is interrupted by static]
Snake: Colonel?
Waluigi: WAHAHAHA!!!
Snake: How did you do that?!
Waluigi: I'm-a-number one!!!
Snake: Waluigi? Waluigi?! WAAAAAAAALUIGI!!!!!!!
Vanilla Characters:
Power Glove Freddy Krueger (Modeled after Freddy Krueger from Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare)
Demonic Freddy Krueger (Modeled after Wes Craven's New Nightmare Freddy)
Undead Jason Voorhees (Modeled after Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood)
Unmasked Jason Voorhees (Same as his Primary Costume, but his mask removed)
Unmasked Jedidiah Sawyer (Same as his Primary Costume, but his mask removed)
Murder Suit William Afton (An Spring Bonnie suit covered in blood)
Shirtless Michael Afton (Scooped alive)
Toy Foxy (Not a Repaired Mangle, a Prototype Toy Foxy)
Knock My Block Off Killer Klowns from Outer Space (Modeled after the Knock My Block Off Puppets)
1990 Pennywise (Modeled after Pennywise from the 1990 Miniseries of Stephen King's IT)

DLC Characters:
Klassic Reptile
Mafia Leon S. Kennedy
Albino Neomorph
1. Foxy X Chica
2. Freddy X Bonnie
3. Luigi X Daisy
4. Leatherface X Stretch
5. Waluigi X Rosalina
1. Aku Aku (Crash Bandicoot)
2. Spy (TF2)
3. Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat)
4. Boris Anderson (Caillou)
5. Henry (FNAF)
1. Nicole Watterson (Amazing World of Gumball)
2. Rita Loud (The Loud House)
3. Minerva Campbell (Adventure Time)
4. Cynthia Noles (Clarence)
5. Linda Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
Vanilla Game Characters:
Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)
Alice Johnson (Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master)
Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th)
Tommy Jarvis (Friday The 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter)
Jedidiah Sawyer (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
Herbert West (Re-Animator)
Jack Torrance (The Shining)
Jebediah Morningside (Phantasm)
Killer Klowns (Killer Klowns from Outer Space)
Ink Bendy (Bendy and The Ink Machine)
Henry (Bendy and The Ink Machine)
Pennywise (IT)
Pinhead (Hellraiser)
Bertie The Bulldog (H is for Hydroelectric Diffusion)
Frau Scheisse (H is for Hydroelectric Diffusion)
SCP-096 (Containment Breach: Run)
Ghostface (Scream)
Xenomorph (Aliens)
Ellen Ripley (Aliens)
Captain Spaulding "Cutter" Firefly (House of 1000 Corpses)
Chucky (Child's Play)
Michael Myers (Halloween)
Matt Cordell (Maniac Cop)
Predator (Predator)
Alan "Dutch" Schaefer (Predator)
Andre Toulon (Puppet Master)
Slenderman (Slender Man)
Amanda Young (SAW)
William Afton (Five Nights at Freddy's 3)
Michel Afton (Five Nights at Freddy's)
Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's)
Baldi (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning)
Jeff The Killer (Jeff The Killer)
Wendigo (Pet Sematary)

DLC Characters:
Sammy Lawrence (Bendy and The Ink Machine)
Kenneth Chase (Dead By Daylight)
Hellboy (Hellboy)
Taeko Matsuzaki (Carved: Slit-Mouthed Woman)
Cassie Hack (Hack/Slash)
Neverman (Terrordrome Reign of the Legends)
Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil)
Reptile (Mortal Kombat)
Roy Burns (Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning)
David (Duck Season)
The Dog (Duck Season)

Deviantart Guests:

SCP Foundation (Containment Breach: Run)
Slender Man's Forest (Slender Man)
Camp Crystal Lake (Friday The 13th)
Sawyer Residence (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
Klownzilla's Arena (Killer Klowns from Outer Space)
Predator's Jungle (Predator)
Jeff's Home (Jeff The Killer)
Wendigo's Throne
Indian Burial Ground (Pet Sematary)
The Pizzeria (Five Nights at Freddy's)
The Movie Set
The Detention (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning)
The Bathroom Trap (SAW)
The Dream Realm (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Mentioned/Easter Egg/NPC/Storymode Characters:
Pamela Voorhees (In every Jason Chapter)
Nancy Thompson (In Freddy Krueger's Ladder Ending)
Chop Top Sawyer (In Jedidiah VS Ash Cutscene)
The Puppet (In William VS Michael Cutscene)
Circus Baby (In William Afton's Ladder Ending)
Fredbear (In Michael Afton's Ladder Ending)
Gage Creed (In Every Chapter as Wendigo's Second Hand Assassin, later betrays him at the end of Storymode)
Joey Burns (In Roy Burns' Ladder Ending)
SCP-096-2's Sister (In SCP-096-2's Ladder Ending)
Andy Barclay (Mentioned in a clash by Chucky when clashing against Ash Williams)
SCP-682 (In SCP-096's Ladder Ending)
SCP-035 (In SCP-049's Ladder Ending)
Elsa Toulon (In Andre's Ladder Ending)
Newcomer Characters:
8-Bit Mario (Echo: 8-Bit Luigi)
Paper Mario
Paper Luigi (Echo: Mr. L)
Paper Peach
Paper Bowser
Dixie Kong
Steve (Echo: Alex)

White Mage
Shovel Knight
The Puppet (Echoes: Phantom Puppet and Nightmarionne)
Ms. Pac Man
Scorpion (Echoes: Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot, Rain, Smoke, Ermac, and Reptile)
Crash Bandicoot (Echoes: Coco Bandicoot, Crush Bandicoot, Evil Crash, and Fake Crash)

Mii Fighter Outfits:
Mario Suit
Luigi Suit
Wario Suit
Waluigi Suit

Mii Swordsman Outfits:
Scorpion Suit
80s Horror Slasher Outfit

Mii Gunner Outfits:
Solid Snake Outfit

Mii Hats:
Hollow Head
Captain Kirk Mask

Assist Trophies:
Aku Aku
Uka Uka
The Joker
Waluigi (Why, he's always a fan favorite, this mod will also tell Sakurai to give pity to the purple menace.)
Crash Bandicoot
Shovel Knight
Iron Man
Slender Man (Yes, I know, Smash Bros. is a kid friendly game, I just added Slendy for some more intense battles, there will be no gore though.)
Duke Nukem
Liu Kang
Kung Lao
Ao Oni
Killer Klowns
Jason Voorhees
Freddy Krueger
William Afton

Assist Trophies:
Cortex (Replaces Waluigi)
Roy Burns
Max Thompson Jr.
Evan MacMillan
The Puppet
Queen Xenomorph
Ra1nb0wK1tty as Twilight Sparkle
Ced145 as Rainbow Dash
SCP-096-2 as Fluttershy
EpicLina as Rarity
MasterMacey as Applejack
Austinschaub as Pinkie Pie
Ra1nb0wK1tty as Henry
Austinschaub as Bendy/"Bendy"/Joey Drew
SCP-096-2 as Boris/Boris Clone/"Boris"/Tom/Thomas Connor
Ced145 as Susie Campbell/Alice Angel/"Alice"
EpicLina as Allison Pendle/Allison Angel
MasterMacey as Sammy Lawrence
TMNT Lone Wolf as Grant Cohen
RileyTicciXXX as Lacie Benton
Siegfried1298 as Wally Franks
Monty Clan as Norman Polk/The Projectionist
Antopainter14 as Bertrum Piedmont
Joerobinette as Shawn Flynn
Beavistv200 as Charley/Piper
ShineTheGuy as Barley/Fisher
Devon324 as Edgar/Striker
Puffjaved02 as Jack Fain/Swollen Jack
Fella as Searchers/Swollen Searchers/Searcher Boss/Searcher Miniboss/Miner Searchers
Pear as The Lost Ones
SCP-096-2's Theme:
The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring (Normal Costume)
Killer Klowns (From Outer Space) by The Dickies (Spikey Cosplay Costume)
I Can't Decide by Scissor Sisters (Rage Costume)
Crawling by Linkin Park (Unmasked Costume)
Blood by My Chemical Romance (Battle Damage Costume)
Discord (Remix) by The Living Tombstone (Savage Costume)
Luigi's Mansion Main Theme by Myuu (Luigi Cosplay Costume)

Ra1nb0wK1tty's Theme:
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Theme Song by My Little Pony (Normal Costume)
Giygas' Theme by Earthbound (Corrupted Costume)

BlueCatRiolu's Theme:
Wild Pokemon Battle by Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire (Normal Costume)
Lavender Town Theme by Pokemon Red and Blue (Animatronic Costume)

Junited's Theme:
Trololo Song by Eduard Khil (Normal Costume)
Numb by Linkin Park (Corrupted Costume)

SB99Stuff's Theme:
The Loud House Theme Song by The Loud House (Normal Costume)
My Life by The Game Ft. Lil Wayne (Corrupted Costume)

NamyGaga's Theme:
Dingodile Boss Theme by Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy (Normal Costume)
Cortex Boss Theme by Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (Cortex Cosplay Costume) 

gold94chica's Theme:
Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo (Normal Costume)
Janie's Got A Gun by Aerosmith (Corrupted Costume)

JFMstudios' Theme:
Turn Around, Look At Me by The Beegees (Normal Costume)
Destroy Me by Mr. Kitty (Corrupted Costume)

SquirrelCat1998V2's Theme:
Happy Tree Friends Theme Song by Happy Tree Friends (Normal Costume)
Grounds For Divorce by Elbow (Battle Armor Costume)
Friday The 13th Theme by Harry Manfredini (Jason Voorhees Cosplay Costume)

DM-Artworks' Theme:
Tokyo Drift by The Teriyaki Boyz (Normal Costume)
In Dreams by Roy Orbison (Inflator Cosplay Costume)

SaltyGibusEdits' Theme:
Haunted Fortress 2 by Valve (Normal Costume)
Team Fortress 2 Theme by Valve (Spy in Gibus Hat Costume)

austinschaub's Theme:
Bãtutã Din Moldova by Fanfare Vagabontu (Normal Costume)
Gremlin Rag by Jerry Golsmith (Corrupted Costume)

legoben2's Theme:
That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd (Normal Costume)
1905 Regina Music Box: Classical Overture by An Old Music Box (Animatronic Costume)

candy-x-cindy's Theme:
It Burns Burns Burns by Loco Loco (Normal Costume)
They're Standing by LynneMusice (Withered Costume)

Ced145's Theme:
The Phantom of the Bwahpera by Grant Kirkhope (Normal Costume)
A Storm Brews by LynneMusic (DarkCed Costume)

miitoons' Theme:
I Remember You by Slim Whitman (Normal Costume)
Mii Channel Theme by Nintendo (Mii Costume)

Fella's Theme:
Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk

Evil Laukku's Theme:
Hell Isn't Good by James Hetfield

Proto.Type's Theme:
Hello Zepp by Charlie Clouser

Monochrome Kitty's Theme:
Go Tell Aunt Rhody by Resident Evil 7

Laukku2000's Theme:
Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins (Normal Costume)
A Nightmare on Elm Street Theme by Charles Bernstein (Freddy Krueger Cosplay Costume)

Victor Surge's Theme:
Bump in the Dark (Normal Costume)
Gimme 20 Dollars by Ron Browz (Slender Man Cosplay Costume)

dimelotu's Theme:
A Teenager's Romance by Ricky Nelson (Normal Costume)
Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin (Hat Man Cosplay Costume)

BigBellyBirdy's Theme:
Bad by Michael Jackson (Normal Costume)
Athletic Theme by Koji Kondo (Yoshi Form Costume)
Hello Watchers, right now until August 24 of 2018, i'll take your requests into my hand and made in Garry's Mod, be warned, i have a bunch of models that i have not encountered.

The Request Selections are:
Female Pregnancy
Male Pregnancy
Female Inflation
Female Vore
and Bloody Art.
New User as Frisk
Proto.Type as Chara
Smiley as Flowey
Ra1nb0wK1tty as Toriel
Old User as Dummy/Mad Dummy
SCP-096-2 as Sans
Laukku2000 as Papyrus
Ced145 as Undyne/Undyne The Undying
austinschuab as Alphys
Dead User as Napstablook
NamyGaga as Mettaton/Mettaton EX
Zalgo as Photoshop Flowey
Evil Laukku2000 as Asriel Dreemur God of Hyper Death
Princess Bloodmoon as Asriel Dreemur Final Form
Victor Surge as Grillby
Llama as Annoying Dog
Super Llama as Lesser Dog
Albino Llama as Greater Dog
Fella as Asriel
Angelo Sotira as Gaster
Fan as Monster Kid