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SCP-582-B by SCP-096-2 SCP-582-B by SCP-096-2
Item#: SCP-582-B
Object Class: Safe/Keter(if provoked)
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-582-B is always allowed to wander around the sites for as many time he takes, he is usually nice to Scientists and Squads during his time of wandering around the facilities, it originally had a room, but was destroyed after SCP-682 escaped containment.

SCP-582-B is a tall humanoid measuring to 10-18 ft. tall, it lacks no face or hair, it protrude tentacle-like appendages, if any child approaches SCP-582-B, SCP-582-B will proceed to protect them from future harm or takes them to quote-on-quote make them his "friends", if an adult(say a Class-D who is a death row inmate) approaches SCP-582-B, SCP-582-B will proceed to mutilate and kill his victim.

Note: SCP-582-B is not afflicted as a manifestation of SCP-582

Log #1:
Interview with SCP-582-B

Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: What is your name?
SCP-582-B: they call me The One who stands in the forest, The Tall Man, Slendy, and The Tree Man...
Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: okay Tall Man... would you like to answer some questions?
SCP-582-B: indeed...
Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: Do you have a gender?
SCP-582-B: I am a male...
Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: are you even human?
SCP-582-B: I was... until I was brutalized by 3 men...
Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: are you safe with children
SCP-582-B: I am very friendly towards children... adults like these D-Class people are not very my type...
Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: are you immortal?
SCP-582-B: yes...
Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: and this final one is more important: are you able to change clothing?
SCP-582-B: no...
Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED]: thank you for the answers for this log.
SCP-582-B: my pleasure...

(Log End)
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October 11, 2016
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