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Day 1: You're Sick!

"I'm not sick," Mouse groaned as he tried to get out of bed, but was stopped by shoulder on his arm.

"Mouse, you gotta relax man. You are kind of sick," Cloud said.

"I'm fine," Mouse growled, before unleashing not one, not two, but three loud sneezes, which seemingly triggered the arrival of May with a bowl of soup.

"Hey, May. Maybe you can help. Mouse isn't lookin too good," he said, giving his leader a somber look.

May approached the bed, and set it down next to him. "Mouse, you're sick. You have to accept that," the green haired young woman said, placing the soup on his nightstand. "And you're not gonna get any better if you keep fighting us like this."

The blue and white hared male sighed, taking the bowl of soup. "Whatever. Sick or not, I have a lot to do today." Mouse took a large gulp of the soup before he spoke again. "This group isn't going to run itself."

"Yeah…we…," Cloud began with a slight smirk, causing Mouse to raise an eyebrow at his comrade. "kind of found someone willing to take over for you while you recover."

Mouse looked as if to be in thought at this revelation going over the people who'd want to take the job, and upon realizing who would be taking over the duties of leader he mentally face-palmed at what she could possibly be doing with the other members of the gang.

"OK, everyone. Lets get started," Rhea said, smiling at the faces of the orphans as she went over the list of thins she had to do to keep the gang running while Mouse recovered. "Get them outside for some fresh air. Check," she thought with a smirk. "Now, Food." Rhea looked at the faces of the seven children and her usually lighthearted expression changed to one of apprehension. "How do I get food for all these kids away from home…"

With that, her mind flashed back to an instance similar to this one…


"Geez, I'm so hungry," Rhea whined. "When are we gonna make it back to the town?"

Mouse sighed. "If you're hungry, just find something to eat. You have a dagger."

The blond tilted her head in confusion. "And what does that have to do with anything?"

"Hunt," Mouse shrugged. "There's plenty to eat if you know how to get it." Mouse looked at the girl expecting to see the light of understanding in her face, but that was not the case. So, with a sigh, he reached his hand out. "Let me see that dagger of yours for a minute." Taking the knife, the man looked around for a few seconds before sneaking into a nearby bush.

Rhea waited anxiously for a few minutes, a growing uneasiness in her. "Mo-," her voice stopped as her friend rose up from another nearby bush holding a small snake in his lightly bloody hand. "Like I said. You just need to know how to get it."


"Hey…Rhea…, you don't look so good," one of the orphans, a small pale girl said, tugging at the older blonds hand.

"Right…sorry," Rhea said. "Lets…lets go over here," she said, pointing the children over to a small clearing filled with berry bushes, while she sauntered away to take care of her shaky stomach. "This isn't gonna be a cake walk, apparently."

Day 2: On the Town~

After being given a stern talking by Mouse and May after some of the kids came down with severe bellyaches from eating bad berries, Cloud was able to convince them that she could do some good by helping the others learn to pickpocket…

"Alright. Not gonna screw this one up," Rhea thought to herself. "OK everyone, now be careful. Meet back at this spot in ten minutes and if anyone chases you, head for the woods and make for the hideout."

The kids all looked at each other, a bit confused, but dispersed into groups to accomplish their task.

"This is sure to show the others I can be a good leader." Rhea was so pleased with herself, she smiled with the thought of being able to not only reward the children for their no-doubt fruitful training session, but also herself for being such a great leader. At first she was unable to come up with a good idea, but it didn't take long for her mind to come up with an idea after spotting a sign in a window, causing a smile to grow on her face. "Cake!"


"Man, that was great," Rhea said, a satisfied smile on her face as she finished her fifth cake. The expression didn't last long when she realized one thing. She was out of money. "Oh well," she thought. "Might as well go see how the kids made out." It was at that exact moment Rhea realized exactly what she'd done. "THE KIDS!"

Rushing out of the cake shop, Rhea raced back to the spot where she told the kids to meet her and sure enough they were nowhere to be seen. "Oh man…where are they…" Rhea couldn't help but think the worse. "What if they got caught? What if someone kidnapped them?! What am I gonna say to Mouse and the others?! Oh man…"

And so, Rhea spent the rest of her day looking all around town until her feet fell like they were hooves they were so swollen from running so much. Eventually, with tears in her eyes, she conceded that she'd lost the children and so, resigned herself to whatever fate Cloud, May, and of course, Mouse deemed fit for her.

"Oh hey, Rhea. Glad you made it," Cloud smiled as Rhea opened the door to the hideout. "We saved ya a slice of cake." The dark-haired male handed her a plate with a piece of strawberry shortcake on it.

Rhea was speechless as she watched the children eating cake, laughing , and apparently celebrating a good deal of fortune. "But…but…when…how…"

"Well, I was actually just buying a cake for Mouse not long before you guys got up and out of here," Cloud began. "I was out on the town for a bit, and noticed a few of the orphans. They explained to me they were practicing and they were actually doing pretty well. Anyway, after a bit, we ended up waiting for you at the spot they said you said show up at, but you didn't come. So, I brought them all back here to celebrate a job well done," he smiled.

Rhea mentally face-palmed, which was quickly followed by a physical face-palm after noticing a disapproving look on the face of Mouse, from the other room…

Day 3: Epilogue/Not as Easy…

Rhea was sitting on the back porch of the hideout, clenching her hands. "What's wrong with me? Why can't I get this whole leader thing down?"

Mouse had recovered enough to take back his leadership position amongst the gang, leaving Rhea alone with her thoughts as he took the kids out to the city.

"Why does it always look so easy when he does it?" Rhea asked softly.

"Why does what always look so easy?" A voice asked, snapping Rhea back to the present.

"Oh, it's just you," Rhea said, as Ash stepped out from behind a grouping of greenery.

"Nice to see you too," the centaur asked, approaching the blond girl. "What's got you in such a funk?"

Rhea sighed. "Well, Mouse was sick the past couple of days, and so I took on the job of leader of the gang," she explained. "But every time I tried to do something it always turned into a big mess. Not only did I get the kids sick the other day, but just yesterday I nearly lost them in the city!"

Ash sighed, and got down into a resting position. "Well, what did you expect to happen?"

Rhea raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean? I expected to do a good job…or at least not screw everything up…"

"It's not as if it's your job to be a leader. It's probably not even something you're remotely cut out for," Ash explained.

"So? It doesn't mean I can't help, at want to learn to help at least…" Rhea countered, though her voice was uncertain.

"Also doesn't mean you're really cut out for such a job," Ash answered back, her voice stoic as ever. "It's just my opinion, but when someone is really good at something and not all that skilled in something else, you don't throw them to the wolves and expect great things. The world doesn't work like that. You're not a good leader, Rhea. It's just not in you. It's not as if there's anything wrong with being different. You're not Mouse. You're you. It's like me. I'm not your typical Centaur. It's just not in me to be as cheery and happy as most are."

Rhea was quiet for a few seconds, thinking about what Ash had been telling her. "I guess…" Rhea answered softly.

Ash merely shrugged. "I just stopped by to see how everyone was doing. You can take that however you want," she said, getting up to leave. The female Centaur was almost out of earshot before Rhea spoke up.

"Thank you," Rhea called quickly, to the girl.

Ash stopped for a minute, but didn't turn around as she continued on her way.

"I don't really like being the leader, now that I think about it. It's a lot tougher than I thought. How does Mouse do it every day," Rhea thought. "Well…he does have a lot of people supporting him…and that…that's something I do really well!" A smile formed on the blonds face with this epiphany.

At that thought, the door was heard closing and many voice signaled the return of Mouse and the orphans.

Rhea got to her feet with renewed confidence in herself. "Time to go do what I do best."
Short Story commission for :iconkingv:

^^ Went with one of the prompts you suggested, and I hope I was able to capture everyones personalities well enough. Hope this was OK, and if so, spread the word about my commissions.

:) Thanks for the work. You have some pretty interesting characters.
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RaccoonSwordsmen Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Well done ^^
ScouterV Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you very much. :) Glad you liked this little tale.
kingv Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
Thanks again for doing this commission for me, I really enjoyed reading it! You did a a good job getting the characters down and finished.the entire.story supper fast. I'll be purchase another story from you in the future!
ScouterV Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Student Writer
:) That would be great. Thank you very much for the compliments, and it was a pleasure to work on. Also, thank you for the favorite.
kingv Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
No problem, it was all well deserved!
PhoenixFirewing Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very intresting story :)
ScouterV Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Student Writer
^^ Thank you very much.
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