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Art never dies.
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Brotherly, Ghostly Love PT2
“So…you make illusions?” Nemo asked, as the two friends lay about the green grass, the sun high overhead. “That must come in handy a lot,” Sascha piped.
“It has its advantages.” Knight said, thinking back on how the two twins must now be realizing they’d been had. “Anyway…I take it you’ve had a fun time…right, guys?”
Sascha nodded his head. “Yeah…after everything that’s happened while we’ve been here, it’s been fun not having to deal with any craziness.”
“I just wonder how everything is going to play out…” Nemo looked away wistfully, and said nothing for a moment more.
Knight, knowing how things would play out, at least for the moment, struggled internally. “This…something about this. Isn’t right,” he thought.
Nemo/Sascha looked as if they were waiting for Knight to say something. Anything. Just to help them feel a little bet
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 1 6
Brotherly, Ghostly Love
Knight walked about, the through the courtyard of the hotel that was presently serving as his home, a knot of regret occupying his insides. Though he walked with a lowered gaze, he couldn’t help but notice the occasional pair of hands holding each other. Nor could his elven ears block out the whispers of nearby lovers turned friends, and occasionally, lovers turned exs. All this, keeping him from losing himself to his surroundings as was the norm. “Stupid ears,” Knight mumbled.
Knight heard a voice he knew to belong to Diamaro, and recalled his own shock at finding his One True…
Knight woke after a much-deserved nap, having finally gotten ar
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 4 0
Fantasy KnIGHTS (Epilogue)
Knight rolled up the page, and slipped it into his pocket. Now came the part where he made his escape.
“Down here…I he may have come down here to catch his breath, Sister.”
Knight clutched his teeth. “Damn! Not now!” The Assassin figured now was as good a time as any to put his skill back to the test. Taking a deep breath, Knight visualized what he wanted Illi and Eli to see.
“Nothing down here,” Illi said, her voice dripping with venom.
“Damn! I was so sure he would be down here!” Eli approached the space where the door to the vault of riches was. “No…nothing here either. He hasn’t been down here.”
“Come, brother! For the time being there are still intruders to be dealt with,” Illi said.
Eli gave the small space another look over, but his scowling changed nothing as he left with his sister.
Knight took a knee, having been standing on the far edge of the room the entire time, motionless. Th
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 1 4
Fantasy KnIGHTS Pt.3
What in the world…” Knight scrambled to his feet, clutching a knife in his arm, but not sensing much in the way of hostility from this machine. “You…you’re one of the competitors, aren’t you?”
“Yep! Name’s Omega! You must be…um…”
Knight leaped into the air, narrowly avoiding a wave of flame that managed to completely engulf Omega, grounding the once-hovering machine. Grabbing onto a chandelier, Knight caught sight of the mage with the flaming staff again.
“More of you!? You will all burn for intruding on our tower,” the woman said, raising her staff above her head.
Both Knight and the red-robed mage turned their attention to the burning machine, which once again began to hover. The pods at Omega’s sides, shifted to what appeared to be two, large drums. “Activating…Sonic Blasters…” Th
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 1 7
Mature content
Fantasy KnIGHTS Pt.2 :iconscouterv:ScouterV 2 29
Fantasy KnIGHTS Pt.1
Knight awoke from his sleep with an odd feeling about himself and the unshakable feeling as if his skin were littered with the smallest of harmless pins. Looking around, he narrowed his eyes at the sight of a spider slinking under his door. “Disgusting thing,” he muttered under his breath, as he leapt from bed. The Ice Elf reached for his shirt, which he’d tossed away in the night and caught his reflection in the mirror. Though everything looked the same about him, he couldn’t help but feel as if something were different. Unable to put his finger on it, and not wanting to miss out on the meager offerings for breakfast to be found downstairs, Knight dressed himself and made for the door.
No sooner than had he twisted the handle on his door, Veronica’s ever-harsh voice came buzzing through the building. “What the…”
“Good morning, freaks, freakettes, and freaks-in-between! It’s time--,” Veronica’s voice was cut off, a
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 3 17
Once-Dead Audition: Knight Eldinson
The sun hung high overhead. The smell of salty sea-wind filled the nostrils of Knight as he lay in the crow’s nest. A year had passed since he set sail with his crew…or so it felt. The Ice Elf blew and icy sigh as he looked down to see his crew showering themselves, throwing gold coins into sky and letting them rain down upon them after another successful session of plundering a navel compound. With nary another thought, the young man threw himself from his elevated position, the world a brief flurry of wood, water, and as he landed, grass.
Regaining himself, Knight looked about at the vast landscape around him. Pure…barren…changing…endless. The vearth before him lay, as always, ripe with possibilities. The same possibilities that lay before him time and time again. “This can’t go on,” Knight said as he looked outward at the dreamscape before him.
One year had passed, since he’d failed to take the prize of the Zenith tournament. In
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 5 7
Once-Dead: Knight Eldinson by ScouterV Once-Dead: Knight Eldinson :iconscouterv:ScouterV 6 6
Secret Santa - Pokemon Story
Last night…last night was one of the nights you remember forever as a Pokemon trainer. Last night, after going over our strategy for my upcoming gym battle, I thought it a fine night to let my Pokemon cut loose for once. Turtwig, Parasect, and Vaporeon—three of the best friends a girl could ever ask for, a bag of marshmallows, and a beautiful, starry sky made for a perfect night. That time was over though. Even though I’d asked for a one-on-one, I thought they all deserved time to unwind.
I took a few minutes to compose myself, before I stepped out from the dimly lit hallway and laid eyes on the battlefield and the dark-haired referee. He said nothing, and I could anxiety beginning to swell up in the pit of my stomach and pictured it as a part of the Gym Leader’s strategy. The smell of chlorine from the pool did not help the situation.
After a few minutes of waiting, a platform rose out of the ground from a covered hatch. Myy opponent now stood in front of her,
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 2 5
Two Moons Meme: Literary (P2)
“Hey, Nil.”
“What’s up, Nilvasi?”
“Nilvasi must be pretty popular around here,” Knight thought as he half-heartedly waved at a Mage. “Then again, that’s not much of a shocker.” The disguised Ice Elf wandered the halls of The Academy barely hiding his fascination at all he saw, and unfortunately found himself the object of someone elses’ attention.
“Ah, Nilvasi! Glad you decided to come back,” a green-eyed man called, from what appeared to be a lab, and motioned him to join.
“This must be Aeren…” Knight recognized the pale man from the description Nalvasi had given of him. “Hey, Aeren! Yeah, I just needed to step out and get some fresh air,” the Ice Elf said.
“I understand. Anyway, what do you say to helping me out here,” Aeren grinned. “I know I kind of screwed up on the last one, but I think this new mixture is going to work just as I calcula
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 0 3
Two Moons Meme: Literary (P1)
A bright, shining sun hung high overhead, illuminating a surprisingly beautiful day in the city of Zenith. So beautiful was the day that, given his recent elimination coupled with his latest job complete, the Pirate-turned-Assassin known as Knight took it as a day to relax and enjoy himself. With that in mind, the young Ice Elf ventured to the far end of the city, until he spotted his destination—a small hill, overlooking the Northern Coast.
“Perfect!” Knight smiled, as he made himself comfortable, against the root of a nearby tree on the hill, prepared to spend the afternoon taking an amazing cat nap in the warm sun. The former sailor watched the waves roll against the coast for a few minutes before the warmth and laziness of the day began to wrap around him, causing his eyelids to grow heavy. “So perfect,” he thought, just as he anticipated the sweet sleep that awaited him.
A thunderous noise seemed to rock Zenith to its very core, and needl
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 1 8
Zenith OCT: Round Two - Futures' End
Mei-Feng sighed as she dried herself in what was apparently her cabin. She struggled to wrap her head around the events leading up to her current moment of solitude. Her mind flashed through faces and voices that were unrecognizable, yet familiar in a way.
“Somebody get her up!”
“Give the Captain some room, everyone!”
“Is she gonna be alright? What happened?”
“Get the Captain a towel!”
“Captain…” The pink-haired mage whispered the word in disbelief, before her jaw dropped from the very same circumstance. “W-what…” the young woman caught sight of herself in the mirror. She looked like herself, but something about her was different—felt different. She put her hand to her face, running it along a badly healed scar near her chin, and noticed an alarming (and flattering,) tan complexion having overtaken her formerly pale skin. “What the Hell is all this,” she asked, in a defea
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 2 17
Zenith OCT Round Two: Futures' Beginning
                                       “I can work a little magic of my own, ya know?”
“Do you remember? The twenty-first night of September. Love was changing the minds of pretenders…while chasing the clouds away!” The Ice Elf was riding high off his first Zenith victory. Knight walked from his base, whistling as he looked over the information for his opponent. “A mage, huh? Wind mage too? This could be a bit tricky,” he thought.
“Congratulations, Mr.Eldinson.” Kiseki approached, clutching her clipboard tightly as she followed Knight. “Your sponsors were quite pleased with your match last round,” the blue-haired woman said.
Knight sat on a nearby bench by the courtyard, but didn’t turn back to meet the womans’ gaze.
“Well, happy that they were entertained…I take it they’ve also made su
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 1 6
The Circle of Shadows: The Contact
Gaida walked with a smile, as the setting sun cast a golden blanket across the land. The Whirlwind King threw a glance behind him, and couldn’t help but feel his heart skip a beat as he saw the many treasures his Guild had amassed from their most recent venture. He stepped aside, as they approached the gates leading to their compound. “Come, come,” he rushed. “We must get these artifacts recorded and examined immediately.” As the last of the Guildmembers carried their load in, a young woman approached Gaida.
“Excuse me, Master Gaida…but I--,” the dark-haired womans’ words were cut off, by Gaidas’ abrupt exit.
“Enough, Kanna,” Gaida called, waving her away. “I’ve heard it a million times, and I’m tired. There was nothing wrong with what we did. It was--,”
“It was disturbing sacred ground!” Kanna shouted, but her cries fell on deaf ears, as her Master continued on. Kanna sighed, cl
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 1 14
The Circle of Shadows: Dark Honor
“Oh the winds carry my name! From Sniper Island far away! When I take aim, it’s straight and true!” Knight stopped his singing, as his expected company filed into the dark corridor. “Well, glad to see the three of you could make it,” the blue man smiled at his fellow Circle members.
Once the Circles’ worst-kept secret, Venom, the pint-sized Sniper, Ald, and the displaced Lynx, Nadia, all took seats around the small table Knight sat at. Like Knight, they each wore their own wounds from the Zenith tournament as badges of honor. Regardless, The Circle doesn’t rest and Assassination is never out of season, as they would soon learn.
“Glad to see you’re not dead,” Nadia said, rubbing her sore legs. “You haven’t died or anything fighting, have you,” the petite girl asked, a slight grin on her feline face.
“Me? Dead? Girl, please…I assassinated the Kings’ Knights just like I always do,” Knight
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 3 20
High Seas and Blue Moon (P3)
Knight narrowly avoided being crushed, as a tentacle crashed in front of him, throwing him back. Shocked, but not deterred, he gathered himself and continued on, rushing past other crew members—some doing better than others—as he set out to help his new comrades. The Ice Elf leaped unto the upturned bow of the ship, firing bolts from his crossbow at the head of the Mother Drake, only succeeding in raising her ire, but also causing her to turn her attention away from an injured woman on deck, allowing her to be aided by other members of the crew. “Over here,” he thought, narrowing his eyes as he quickly scurried up the rigging.
The giant serpent screeched at her blue prey, and snapped her powerful jaws, but found only rope in her maw for her troubles. The rigging snapped into shreds, but the release gave Knight the opportunity he’d been looking for as he found himself swinging towards the crows’ nest landing with a “thud,” but quickly gett
:iconscouterv:ScouterV 0 3


Power Girl - Earth Two: Society - DC Comics by FioreSofen Power Girl - Earth Two: Society - DC Comics :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 457 18 Once Upon a Tale by HuggableRogue Once Upon a Tale :iconhuggablerogue:HuggableRogue 34 7 Awesome-Man! by shamserg Awesome-Man! :iconshamserg:shamserg 474 27 Ninja by 101random Ninja :icon101random:101random 3 1 Random101 by 101random Random101 :icon101random:101random 5 1 Quick Arorea Watercolor by Arorea Quick Arorea Watercolor :iconarorea:Arorea 8 1 Adventuring :D by SazukaXDeidara4Ever Adventuring :D :iconsazukaxdeidara4ever:SazukaXDeidara4Ever 2 2 ...You need to rest by SazukaXDeidara4Ever ...You need to rest :iconsazukaxdeidara4ever:SazukaXDeidara4Ever 3 3 Scyther by Ricku Scyther :iconricku:Ricku 20 4 Lucareon by Ricku Lucareon :iconricku:Ricku 11 6 I'm not dead yettttttttttttttttttttttttt by NoiseBunhood I'm not dead yettttttttttttttttttttttttt :iconnoisebunhood:NoiseBunhood 4 3 Pokemon Trainer OC - Shay by HuggableRogue Pokemon Trainer OC - Shay :iconhuggablerogue:HuggableRogue 70 58 Princess 'Kida' Kidagak: warrior Princesss by MakeupSiren Princess 'Kida' Kidagak: warrior Princesss :iconmakeupsiren:MakeupSiren 26 3 Bleach: Renji Abarai by MakeupSiren Bleach: Renji Abarai :iconmakeupsiren:MakeupSiren 27 5 Bleach: Renji Abarai by MakeupSiren Bleach: Renji Abarai :iconmakeupsiren:MakeupSiren 15 2 Underwater City by TenLongFingers Underwater City :icontenlongfingers:TenLongFingers 3 0


I love the look of this, yo. It looks especially good on your sketchbook so that's probably part of it,but overall this was nice. I don...


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