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Finding Your Roots- Chapter 5, Page 9


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lunar's island


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Commission: Forest


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Gen 1 Pokemon

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Nap time

Gen 2 Pokemon

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Gift: Kafu

Gen 3 Pokemon

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Cherry and Kurama

Gen 4 Pokemon

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Pokemon Zorua!

Gen 5 Pokemon

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Golden Girls

Gen 6 Pokemon

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Happy Popplio day!

Gen 7 Pokemon

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Gen 8 Pokemon

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Glaporeon socks


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Finding Your Roots- Chapter 5, Page 9

Pokemon Comics

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[Commission] Howling in the night

Gifts, Requests, and Commissions

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Desperate Rescue - Part 3

As they talk, Phoenix notices Alissa's Levin Sword. Phoenix: Whoa... Where'd you get that? Alissa: What? Phoenix: That sword. Alissa: Oh.  Well, that's a long story that you probably wouldn't believe. Mara: Yeah.  We've actually been through quite a bit together.  That sword was something she got in our travels.  Kris used to have one, but it was kinda snapped in half. Kris: H-Hey!  I got something better out of that whole deal. Kiki: I also got something too.  *shows her staff* Kate: And I also got this, though I haven't really used it that much. *shows the hammer* Freya: Meanwhile, I got some sort of crystal.  I'm still not entirely sure


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[AF] Maneki-Gyoza!

Artwork and Comics

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GMOD, SFM, And Blender Posters

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Kyo Kusanagi - KOF'97 OL


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Teen Lune

Kimba the White Lion

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Our favorite purple boy (Avaible as sticker)

Spyro the Dragon

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Sydney the Ampharos (ref)

Original Characters

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Eeveelution Squad concluded plots and lore

0. Disclaimer (written by the translator)This article is a translated version of a post on Baidu Tieba (a Chinese online community), which concluded most of the plots and world lore of "Eeveelution Squad". Link to the original post(Chinese): Author of "Eeveelution Squad": PKM-150 ( Original post writer: 阿罗拉的雷丘 Translator: NemolaLau ( Proofreading: PKM-150 (, Silver-the-Glaceon ( Be noticed that the entire article is a spoiler, proceed with cautions. 1. Introduction (written by the original post writer)Recently there are a lot of people who said they can't understa

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Mlp base 81

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Eevee Trainer


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