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Shocking the Stage - Part 1
Clair: *yawns* It sure it is nice to be away from the ESS for awhile. That Roserade sure was something else...
As Clair walks back to her hometown, she notices a lot of noise coming from a distance.
Clair: Hmm, what's going on over there?
Thus, Clair heads over to see what the commotion's all about. As she arrives, she sees a huge crowd of Pokemon cheering for what seems to be a band.
Clair: Whoa! Is The Sparkling Poke Dolls performing today?
She turns her head to see Grace the Brionne and Layla the Braixen cheering in the crowd.
Grace: *screams in excitement* Come on Ellie, we love you!
Layla: Don't keep us waiting.
Clair: Wait a sec, Grace and Layla? *goes up to Grace and Layla* Hey, what are you two doing here?
Grace: Us? Don't you know? Ellie and her band are coming to perform today. I'm so stoked to see her sing!
Layla: Same here. I can't wait to see her performance on stage.
Clair: Ellie, huh? That name does ring
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 2 2
[SFM] - Ash's Alola Team by ScoutEevee [SFM] - Ash's Alola Team :iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 138 5 Clair's Story arc - Shocking the Stage by ScoutEevee Clair's Story arc - Shocking the Stage :iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 32 3 [SFM] - Mew in Space by ScoutEevee [SFM] - Mew in Space :iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 123 10 [SFM] - A Bone to Pick with You by ScoutEevee [SFM] - A Bone to Pick with You :iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 58 5 Character Profiles: Violet the Roserade by ScoutEevee Character Profiles: Violet the Roserade :iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 14 5 [SFM] - Leafeon in the Grass by ScoutEevee [SFM] - Leafeon in the Grass :iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 142 4
Mature content
A Roserade and his Thorns - Part 3.5 :iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 4 3
A Roserade and his Thorns - Part 6 (Finale)
As the fight goes on, a certain someone flutters in unnoticed.
Timothy: Well it's a good thing I decided to follow them. *goes to Lizzie*. Heh. I'd say I told you so, but you really had no control. *takes a bottle* This oughta clear your head. *sprays it in her face*
Lizzie: *shakes her head* Wha...What just happened? And why am I trapped in this icicle!? CLAIR!!!
Timothy: Calm down! She had no choice! You would have attacked her if she didn't!
Lizzie: I would have? Even with our arguments, I wouldn't lay a paw on her! *notices the Ursaring* What's going on over there?
Timothy: Wow...You really don't remember the last few minutes?
Lizzie: I wasn't...Like, I was just watering my flowers after you left and the next thing I knew...I sniffed the air.
Timothy: Well...If you want to know why you're out here, ask him! *points to Violet*. He's the one behind the disappearances. He used Sweet Scent to entrance you and every girl not affected by this spray to come to him and do
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 3 261
A Roserade and his Thorns - Part 5
The Motor Drivers come out from the bushes to spray out the blue gas to the female Pokemon.
Drew: Take this! *sprays the bottle*
As the spray consumes the air, Violet's "fans" snap out of his scent.
Nidorina: Huh? What's going on?
Ralts: Don't look at me.
Clair: Phew. Thanks for the save.
Tranquil: That was strange. Seconds ago, I was just flying and the next thing I know, I'm right here.
Jessica: Hmm, seems like you must have had some amnesia of sorts, huh?
Bellosom: I guess so. I don't even know what I was doing.
Clair: You were attracted by a sweet scent from a Roserade. His scent probably lured you over here. For the time being, I want all of you to stay indoors. We can't have any more missing Pokemon in these parts.

Nidorina: You heard the lady, let's go!
The female Pokemon head out to find some shelter.
Tim: At least we know where it's coming from.
Jessica: And now we have to stop him from spreading his scent around.
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 3 18
A Roserade and his Thorns - Part 4
Clair: Hey guys!
Drew: Clair...
Clair: Sorry for the hold-up. I've been running back and forth to every spot known to man. Are the girls okay?
Trevor: We got them under control. Timothy came by a few minutes ago about what's happening.
Clair: Did he give some spray to the females?
Tim: He did. They should be immune to this scent's effects.
Clair: Thank the lords. Where are they now?
Drew: They're inside our base. *notices the scent coming closer*
Trevor: Well, crap.
Drew: Let's head inside, team.

The Motor Drivers and Clair head inside their home base and find Amy cuddling up with Jessica.
Clair: Girls!
Jessica: Clair, it's so good to see you.
Amy: Clair, please hold me. I'm a little scared. *hugs Clair*
Clair: Don't be. We'll handle what's going on out there.
Drew: We better hurry though. The scent is starting to spread out even further.
Trevor: Whoever's behind this, I'll be sure to teach them a lesson they won't forget. *cracks knuckles*
Tim: What are we waitin
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 3 11
A Roserade and his Thorns - Part 3
Clair: *pants* I just realized how far it was to get here. *notices Kite in the corner, all bandaged up* Whoa! Kite, what the hell happened to you?
Kite: Well, let's just say that battling the Motor Drivers twice in one day is not such a good idea. Especially if it's a 5 on 1!
Clair: *facepalms* Oh Kite. Your cockiness is going to get you killed, someday.
Kite: *chuckles* Sure...Like, that'll happen. So, what brings you here?
Clair: I got some urgent news to share with the team. Where are the others?
Kite: I think they're still waking up. You can knock on dad's door if you like.
Clair: Yeah, thanks.

Clair goes up to Hunter's bedroom and knocks on his door.
Clair: Sir Hunter!
Hunter: *opens the door, rubbing his eye* *yawns* Clair...You know it's very early to wake me up. What is it?
Clair: It's something really bad! I need to tell the other members about this too.
Hunter: Bad news? Where is it taking place?
Clair: It's happening around my hometown and it's probably goi
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 4 3
A Roserade and his Thorns - Part 2
Meanwhile, on the other side, Clair is walking down a forest trail to head back to the base to catch up with her boyfriend.
Clair: *yawns* What an exhausting week. I think I should get some relaxation back at the base.
Without looking in front of her, Clair bumps into a familiar friend on the trail.
Clair: *bumps* Oof, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to- Tim!
Tim: Ha, sorry about that. I wasn't looking.
Clair: Hey Tim, it's been awhile.
Tim: It sure has. What are you doing?
Clair: Well, long story short, I've gone through a mess of events with some missions, but now...I'm going to be taking a quick rest at the base.
Tim: Oh, really? Well, I actually have some news to tell you as well.
Clair: Do you? What is it?
Tim: We're officially a real Rescue team!
Clair: You are? Well, congrats. How did you do it?
Tim: It was wonderful. Your boyfriend, Kite taught us the ins and outs of becoming a team member. We had battles, training exercises *shakes his rear*, and
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 3 9
A Roserade and his Thorns - Part 1
Lizzie: What a beautiful day. The sky is blue, the clouds are nice, and the flowers are looking pretty thirsty. I guess I should go and get them some water.
Just before she was able to get her watering can, a Vivillon comes up from behind her.
???: Um... Excuse me, miss? Are you Lizzie?
Lizzie: Gah! *falls down* How dare you sneak up on someone like that?
Vivillon: Whoa! Sorry, Miss! I didn't mean to scare you! No need to get upset!
Lizzie: *gasps* Oh my goodness. My humble apologies for being so rude. I thought you were a stalker.
Vivillon: Heh...No problem. I do have a habit of popping up when least expected. So, are you Lizzie?
Lizzie: Yes I am. How did you know me beforehand?
Vivillon: Because I've met your daughter. I've known her since I was still a Scatterbug.
Lizzie: Oh...Clair, huh? She sure does make some weird friends.
Vivillon: You have no idea. Well, I guess should introduce myself. I'm Timothy, a member of Excalibur.
Lizzie: Oh, okay. You're a member
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 5 2
Clair's Story arc - A Roserade and his Thorns by ScoutEevee Clair's Story arc - A Roserade and his Thorns :iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 18 9
Playing Teacher - Part 5 (End)
Afternoon, 1:40 PM
My nap continued, but it was soon interrupted by the noise of a door-bell.
Kite: Ugh! How many more guests are going to show up today? *walks up to the door* Hello, who is it?
???: Remember me with the cute straw hat?
???: We want to speak with you. If you have the time.
Kite: I got some time to speak.

I opened the door to see a familiar face and a Sylveon with a vest around its' neck.
Jane: Hey Kite.
Kite: *gasps* My Arceus. Jane! You're back.
Jane: Yep, just the same as ever. Kite, I would like to introduce to you, my mother.
Kite: Whoa! You've found your mother after all. That's awesome to hear. *looks at Sophia* And you must be the mother?
Sophia: Sophia's the name. *lends out her ribbon* A pleasure to meet you.
Kite: *shakes her ribbon* Same here.
Jane: This here is one of the Pokemon that saved me, mother.
Kite: Yep, that's me. Although, it was my sister and girlfriend that did most of the work.
Sophia: Whatever the case,
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 2 29
All of the stuff I made recently are right here!


Jolteon! by Kameron-Haru Jolteon! :iconkameron-haru:Kameron-Haru 60 2 PMD GOTU CH 7 Pg 14 by StarlightNexus-Chan PMD GOTU CH 7 Pg 14 :iconstarlightnexus-chan:StarlightNexus-Chan 78 29 Commission 14 by MamaTad Commission 14 :iconmamatad:MamaTad 305 6 Hope In Friends Chapter 5 Page 29 by Zander-The-Artist Hope In Friends Chapter 5 Page 29 :iconzander-the-artist:Zander-The-Artist 130 47 Alexa the Pikachu Libre by Xael-The-Artist Alexa the Pikachu Libre :iconxael-the-artist:Xael-The-Artist 312 106 And 5 Seconds Later by TamarinFrog And 5 Seconds Later :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 633 91 Joker Joins The Gun Club by TamarinFrog Joker Joins The Gun Club :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 635 82 Ready to go by Xael-The-Artist Ready to go :iconxael-the-artist:Xael-The-Artist 161 7 Face My Fears Page 3 by Zander-The-Artist Face My Fears Page 3 :iconzander-the-artist:Zander-The-Artist 56 13 Face My Fears Page 2 by Zander-The-Artist Face My Fears Page 2 :iconzander-the-artist:Zander-The-Artist 56 6 Face My Fears Page 1 by Zander-The-Artist Face My Fears Page 1 :iconzander-the-artist:Zander-The-Artist 57 2 Aezae's Tales Chapter 5 Page 20 by Xael-The-Artist Aezae's Tales Chapter 5 Page 20 :iconxael-the-artist:Xael-The-Artist 129 87 PMD GOTU CH 7 Pg 13 by StarlightNexus-Chan PMD GOTU CH 7 Pg 13 :iconstarlightnexus-chan:StarlightNexus-Chan 97 38 Lightning the Luxray by PhoenixAlaris Lightning the Luxray :iconphoenixalaris:PhoenixAlaris 4 0 Isidore The Buizel by Zander-The-Artist Isidore The Buizel :iconzander-the-artist:Zander-The-Artist 179 82 The Real Deal by Zander-The-Artist The Real Deal :iconzander-the-artist:Zander-The-Artist 212 31


Here's 8 facts about the main protagonist of the story, Kite the Eevee/Jolteon.
Character Profiles: Kite the Eevee by ScoutEevee  Character Profiles: Kite the Jolteon by ScoutEevee
  1. Kite’s name came from one of the main characters of the .hack series. Also, his nickname “Kaito” came from the blue-haired Vocaloid of the same name.
  2. At some point, Kite was going to keep the scarf around his neck he once wore when he was an Eevee. Sadly, due to clipping issues in SFM, that was scrapped in favor of the armband. Although, his original scarf remains in his room to this day.
  3. Despite his love for Clair, Kite has gained a lot of love interests in his time. He had crushes for Alexis, Jane, some Delcatty (not Amy), and almost all of the female members of the ESS.
  4. Kite’s favorite genre of music is Rap. He also enjoys R&B from time to time.
  5. During his youth and adult years, Kite can get a bit over his head when it comes to battling and dating. He’ll go up against opponents that are either way bigger or tougher than him. And on the other end, he may accidentally do something rude or kinky that’ll get him into trouble. Obviously, he learned these traits from his teacher “Johnny”.
  6. Originally, Kite was going to be a Vaporeon, in order to get the type advantage against Tyson. However, after eavesdropping on his sister’s conversation, he became a Jolteon to avenge his teacher. In addition, he was going to stay unevolved, but that would make him stand out from the rest of the members, so that was scrapped.
  7. Kite is more of the late nighter than an early riser, as evidenced by the fact he sleeps really late and has to get be woken up from either his sister or his girlfriend.
  8. While not the best, Kite does have a good sense of being a teacher when his father retires one day. Seeing that he did a good job with the Motor Drivers, he could probably take the role when the time comes.

  • Watching: NBA Playoffs
  • Eating: Chicken

Journal History


Happy Easter everyone!
I won’t have anything up today since I have family visiting for the day. Plus, College is still under my skin.
Got another last name.
The last name for Nina and her family is Atwater.
Which is also known as the "Dweller at the water"
Also, in more family trivia.
I've come up with the last name for Clair's family. They are the Primaveras, which means "springs" in Spanish.
Okay, family trivia time!
Did you know that Ellie is the daughter of a police family?
That's right, her father is an Ampharos named Roger and her mother is a Raichu named Emilia.
Been busy with College ATM. However, I do got another 8 facts entry coming up tomorrow!
Hint: He’s been through a lot and it is taking a few steps forward to coming back.


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I'm usually a shy and calm guy in the real world, and I might not be able to talk to some people or understand what they're saying sometimes.


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