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Yosh [Woolyne MYO] by ScoutCritter Yosh [Woolyne MYO] by ScoutCritter

Oops, last minute, as usual. I love woolynes and this is my boy! I wanted to give him clothes, but I didn't have enough time, so I'll get to those later. He definitely wears glasses.

Anyway, story time!

Bullet; Purple Name: Yosh
Bullet; Purple Age: Young Adult 
Bullet; Purple Traits: All common!
Bullet; Purple Likes: books, bugs (especially moths and beetles), learning new things, magic, ocean fog
Bullet; Purple Dislikes: physical combat, burnt food, harsh sunlight, sand in his eyes, dirty glasses

Bullet; Purple Hometown: Solaris
    With all the hustle and bustle in this port city, it was easy for Yosh to come across books from all corners of the world. He would spend hours pouring over books he found. He could never seem to get enough, even at a young age. He loved learning about anything and everything, cooking, sailing, construction, among others. His favorite topic by far, however, was magic.

Bullet; Purple 
Class: Eventually Shifter
    He was sure to grow and become an excellent Forger, just like his parents had hoped. With his round glasses and thin frame, he certainly wasn't suited for physical combat. Unfortunately, he had no knack for spellcasting. Despite all the knowledge he gathered and all the effort he had gone through, it didn't seem to make a difference when he tried. The spells wouldn't catch. A single spark or flash of light maybe, but often nothing at all. He tried and tried and tried, picking up as many books as he could carry to try and figure this out. Nothing would work. He was heartbroken. 

    That is, until he found an old dirty, musty book. It was ratty and waterlogged at the bottom of a shipment crate, but seemed to be well made. He asked around, asked the entire crew of the ship, but no one knew who it belonged to, nor did they care. The clasp was rusted shut and the pages were probably no good anyway, why bother trying to find the owner?

    "If you care about it so much, why don't you keep it?" the ship's captain said, exasperated with the young woolyne's persistence.

    Yosh did just that. He was drawn to it and became consumed with the task of unlocking the clasp. Using the knowledge he gathered from some books on less desirable careers (lockpicking) plus few tools from the local blacksmith, he managed to pry the book open. Inside was what looked like a round stone encased in a crust of sand. He took the orb to the canal outside and rinsed it well. The most beautiful stone Yosh had ever seen was resting in his damp paws. It was the color of the sea on a sunny day. Captivating shades of blue-green with flecks of gold. He could hardly take his eyes off it.

    He ran inside to tell his parents what he had found.

    "Yosh, do you know what that is? With all those books you read, I'm sure you must has seen it somewhere," his mother asked teasingly. The twinkle in her eye told him that she knew exactly what this was, and that annoyed him. He didn't know.

    "No, I've never seen something like this before. What is it?" Yosh asked.

    Yosh's father looked up from his work in the kitchen and, upon spotting the orb, exclaimed, "Yosh, that's a shifter stone! Where in the world did you get that?"

    "I-uh, I found it in a book?"

    His parents were so excited, this was another chance for their child to pave his way in the world. He would be okay.

    Then they packed him up and sent him on an adventure! I don't have that all written up yet, but I am so excited to explore this character! I love this kid so far and I can't wait for this journey.

Art, design, and character are by ScoutCritter (That's me!)
Woolynes are a closed species by Verlidaine 
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SkySilky Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ScoutCritter Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017
I'm such a sucker for blue/brown
SkySilky Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dang me too but it's so hard to pull off well?? AND YOU DID SO GOOD!!
ScoutCritter Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017
GOSH THANK YOU that's so sweet of you to say ;u;/
Catsomniac Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this design!!!! ;0; I wanted to make a Woolyne but I had a lot of other stuff to do so I didn't get around to it x'D
ScoutCritter Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017
Ah, thank you so much!! 
Maybe you'll get around to it next time! I didn't think I was going to make it, but we got a one day extension!
Catsomniac Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah my friend is participating in that i've been helping out a little with her design ahhh hopefully there will be another event!!
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