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Hindi [GIFT] by scourgewhitewolf Hindi [GIFT] :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 2 1 Sinful Wandering by scourgewhitewolf Sinful Wandering :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 18 5
.:My Hurricane Ride:. [Month 1 Part 2/2]
.:My Hurricane Ride:.
Okey, here we go, day 16. Phew, only 16 days since this all happened it feels likes its been months.. Man o man am I missing talking to you peeps. Well then, onto the routine. My dad left me home to clean my room (its messy, I admit it) for the rest of the day. There's just one thing missing: the many times he said it was dangerous to leave me alone at a time like this, with thieves willing to rob homes in plain daylight for food and water. He didn't tell me what where the plans for me when he left with gramps to check if there was a chance to wash the clothes in the laundromat, which undoubtedly was no chance it'd be open without water or light. So, here I was, sneezing like crazy in my stale room wondering how'd I'd make the most of my day with only my cleaning. After an hour or somethin' my unc went upstairs and said that we where leaving in 30 minutes. Ooookey, jus' outta the blue with this? Uhm, ok. I just supposed it was that my dad wanted my assistance else
:iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 2 0
.:My Hurricane Ride:. [Month 1 Part 1/2]
.:My Hurricane Ride:.
EDIT #1- 10/23/2017
HELLO fair humans, furries, fellow wolves and, uh, whatever is it that you like to consider yourself! I'm still alive and.. well kinda ok I'll say, you know, just saying if you ever thought I'd gotten killed by dear, so beloved retched hurricane Maria or... well, maybe you didn't notice my absence or just didn't care, really, its up to you whether you'd like to worry about me or not. Well anyways, I thought I'd find it quite amusing to write a journal or diary on how my hurricane vacation was from from night 0 up to... well I'll let time tell.
So with that little last bit said, I'll let you, dear reader, that most of what I'm about to say will mostly be in present tense meaning that I'll be writing down my thoughts exactly how I'm thinking them at the moment or maybe during the nighttime... when I'm tired, oh well. OK, now if you really want to follow in my pawsteps, feel free to. Might not be a happy experience but, well... whatcha gonna expec
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Did y'all miss me?  (READ DESC.) by scourgewhitewolf Did y'all miss me? (READ DESC.) :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 3 2 Heya peeps! by scourgewhitewolf Heya peeps! :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 6 3 Sammy's Baptism (DESC. UPDATE) by scourgewhitewolf Sammy's Baptism (DESC. UPDATE) :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 18 1 Team Wumpa Fruit by scourgewhitewolf Team Wumpa Fruit :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 16 7
Apology Letter
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry world for existing.
I'm sorry people for not being what you wanted.
I'm sorry dad for not being the strong-willed person you expected me to be.
I'm sorry mom for not being the respected and dedicated lady you thought I'd be.
I'm sorry friends for loosing the utility you saw in me.
I'm sorry close ones for not being there to pick up after your problems.
I'm sorry I can't speak how you wanted me to.
I'm sorry for not walking in the same path as you.
I'm sorry for not understanding things the way you do.
I'm sorry for not being worthy of your respect.
I'm sorry for my worthless efforts to try to be somebody.
I'm sorry for trying to be your friend.
I'm sorry for my recklessness.
I'm sorry for not belonging here.
I'm sorry for not being dead.
I'm sorry world... for existing.
But I thank you mom.
And I thank you dad.
I'm not gone because you've made sacrifices to keep me here.
I know I've let you down, I'm sorry I'm imperfect.
But I love you.
And like any child's dream,
:iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 3 14
See you in chapter 3!! (BATIM) by scourgewhitewolf See you in chapter 3!! (BATIM) :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 22 6 W.I.P. RP 'Fake Screenshot' by scourgewhitewolf W.I.P. RP 'Fake Screenshot' :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 5 6 Ugly Cat sketch by scourgewhitewolf Ugly Cat sketch :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 3 0 Wolf Eye sketch by scourgewhitewolf Wolf Eye sketch :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 8 0 Unfinished Chica Sketch [READ DESC.] by scourgewhitewolf Unfinished Chica Sketch [READ DESC.] :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 5 2 Ariagail Blaze [REDRAW CONTEST ENTRY] by scourgewhitewolf Ariagail Blaze [REDRAW CONTEST ENTRY] :iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 3 2
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Waht es slehp. Ish a zombeh, I no need no slehp. Slehp ish fer da weak.

Whoops, guess I went MIA for a few days but it's just cuz I've been getting used to Texas. Anyways, I went to Dave and Buster's yesterday which was great! Along with that.. eheh, I stayed in youtube for a while before getting into dA again. Sorry. Hopefully, I can post a couple of things tomorrow :D.
Made it to Texas, peeps! I wonder what's in store for me..?
Omg, I'm slowing trying to clean my notifs but instead of seeing the number decreasing it just feels like it's increasing faster than I can clean...
Just last week it was 5,600 something and now it's nearing 6,000 at 5,811... I T A I N T S T O P P I N G


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Penélope D. Torres Pol
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Puerto Rico
~~~~~~ PF: Ink-Welcome (F2U!) by xGGlitch~~~~~~
HEYA! Welcome to my plain boring page! Make yourself at home!
Well now that you're here I may as well tell you a little about myself!
I'm mostly self taught, sadly most of the schools I've been to lack art classes.
I'm a teen of many interests, self taught and a person who goes by the Golden Rule a lot. I tend to be very sociable, I don't like to keep to myself like the introvert I usually am. Hey, you're welcome to talk to me! I don't bite... Well I probably DO.. You know what I bite? FOOD, like any living breathing being. And I know you won't be my food anytime soon :D!

-Please note that I won't always be able to answer right at the moment so, plz, be patient.
-Please DO NOT repost or use my art anywhere in or out of DeviantArt without my written permission whatsoever. (Any of my arts posted outside of DeviantArt and my Roblox account have been stolen -cuz I don't have any other art accounts- and if you want to you can report them for me...)
-Commissions? Requests? Sorry not yet, not until I fully know how this system works..
-My cameraman? My dad! Hey, he needs some credit doesn't he?
-(My signatures on drawings are either SWW, P.T.P., or just my full username)
-I change my drawing styles all the time just to spice things up, please don't think I'm stealing art..

I will make sure that if I get a llama I am to give a llama (wouldn't be fair if I didn't, would it?)
I also give llamas as thanks to those who become my watchers!
Now there's only one thing I ask of you, dear reader, HAVE FUN!! How hard can it be?
~~ Bendy Pagedoll A-V2 (F2U!) by xGGlitch "PREPARE FOR CHAPTER 3!!" Bendy Pagedoll - V2 (F2U!) by xGGlitch~~

[ID UPDATE: 5/31/2017] Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu


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Kova360 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017   Digital Artist
I hope u come back soon
scourgewhitewolf Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope so too..
Oh wait, never mind that, I AM back  :lol 

Nah, lame joke.
Anyways, sorry to make you worry. Let's just hope something like that never happens again and to neither of us * 
Kova360 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018   Digital Artist
*hug* It's ok and i hope so too
scourgewhitewolf Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Megan0133 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
Hey, um. I hope you're doing okay, because it's been a while..

Instead of waiting for a status or journal entry, I'm writing a comment saying, your future gonna turn up somehow, even if some disaster hits it, it'll turn up. You're a great person!

... Okay cheesy, however, it's the truth. :,D
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