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Status - MYOs Always Open
Lore (almost everything about the tribe, written out):…

Step 1:
send me a note with this info filled out

Pigment issues:
Base Scale Colors:

Family (optional):
Backstory (optional):

List of known pigment issues:
Blood - AbyssWing has too much red pigment, their scales are always a dark reddish color.
Melanistic - Completely lacking any other pigment besides blacks and dark greys, eyes are unaffected, glowmarks are usually dark purples or blues.
Albino - Scales lack melanin, some faint markings are still visible, scales are white with grey, yellow, or pink tinting. Eyes are pink and glowmarks are exclusively pink or any color with a reddish hue. 
Lecusistic - Similar to albinism, but AbyssWings retain their base eye and glowmark color, can have hints of black or other colors at the ends of their fins, horns, or claws. 
Piebald - Patches of scales have albinism, usually tinted with another color. 
Chimerism - Happens when two AbyssWing embryos fuse, so the AbyssWing looks like a mishmash of two different dragons in scale color/looks. Use google, it explains it better than I have.

List of existing AbyssWings (for finding a name that isn't a duplicate):…

Step 2:
I'll approve of it, or tell you to make changes. Once it's been approved, you send payment.

Payment info:
300 base price (citizens and Turnfins)
+150 for pigment issues (albinism, melanism, piebaldism)
+700 royal
+500 animus

Step 3: You may draw your AbyssWing/join the Discord server.

Bases (optional to use): 
Abysswing Lines 2018 - PSD download (separate layers, glowmarks can be colored easier)
PNG download: (one layer)
Turnfin bases:

Public discord server:
I'll work on owed art now, this was just a side project I've been working on for a few days.

Main OCs
Achylos - Will Arnett
angel on fire by Scourgeseer

Cichlid - Henrietta from Bojack Horseman 
down with you by Scourgeseer

Yew - Scarlett Johansson
dumb thotticus by Scourgeseer

Summit - Four from Divergent
sum sum got a darkstalker on his tum tum by Scourgeseer

Lyra - Yocheved from Prince of Egypt
you're something special by Scourgeseer

Background OCs
Hurricane - Jeremy Irons
the world ender by Scourgeseer
(guy on the left)

Queen Lampris - Beatrice Horseman from Bojack Horseman
Queen Lampris Ref by Scourgeseer
(achylos' mom haha fitting voice)

Hopecrusher - Idris Elba
big chungy by Scourgeseer

Arapaima - King Louie from The Jungle Book
Arapaima by Scourgeseer

Mule - Dawn from Waitress
i'm not defensive! i'm simply being cautious by Scourgeseer

Chupacabra - Charlie Heaton
Bloodmoon - Chupacabra by Scourgeseer
(art by KammyClues)

Bubo - Soren from the Guardians of Gahoole movie
fly away from your problems by Scourgeseer

Saxifrage - Mother Gothel from Tangled
You Don't Own Me by Scourgeseer

Cetus - Ramses from Prince of Egpyt
bad moon on the rise by Scourgeseer

Myriad - JD from Heathers
god complex by Scourgeseer

Fenrir - Allomere from the Guardians of Gahoole movie
Fenrir by Scourgeseer
Status: OPEN, Comrade and Moonless rank are totally free

Step 1: read this lore: MoonWings

Step 2(optional but recommended): join the discord server (ask via notes)

Step 3(also optional): if you're planning on making a Major, slide me 100 points when you follow the next direction

Step 4: use these linearts to make a character and have me approve it