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Barchan by Scourgeseer Barchan by Scourgeseer
Look at this dude I got fro xTheDragonRebornx. I love him,,,he's so pretty

He's my first tribrid OC too

Name: Barchan (meaning: a curved sand dune basically)
Age: 17 (mentally about 23)
Gender: Male
Blood: 50% SandWing 25% NightWing 25% IceWing
Sexuality: Pansexual
Family: Serval (mother, Sand) Darkhour (father, Night/Ice) Juniper (love interest, Sand)
Abilities: Temperamental firebreath, powerful wings, larger than average and buff, can go for days without eating or drinking, mottled scales blend into the scrubby northern regions well, semi serrated claws
Disabilities: Scales give off little to no heat, firebreath is sometimes weak, can't survive for long in extreme cold or heat, no tail barb

Barchan was hatched in the Sand Kingdom with his mother, Serval. She was ashamed of her son's mixed blood, being the socialite she was, so one day she flew him to the northern areas of the Sand Kingdom near a small town populated mainly by IceWings and poor SandWings. The SandWing told him that she would be back later that night, so Barchan waited for her to return. She never did.

Several years passed, and Barchan had grown into a reclusive adult dragon living in a cave near the town. He made a living hunting for animal pelts and horns, which he sold to the dragons of the town. The dragons in the town let him live on the outskirts as long as he kept doing business with them, but otherwise they were disgusted and mistrustful of the hybrid. Some dragons, however, are fond of him. Juniper, a scrappy, young SandWing weaver had a crush on him and talked to him every chance she got, even though it gave her friends and coworkers grief. However, Barchan had poor social skills and remained oblivious to her advances, mistaking them as acts of friendship. Yet, Juniper is patient and waits eagerly for the day the fur trapper will acknowledge her feelings.
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Galaxies-and-Geckos Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017  Student General Artist
Was this a gift for you from Reborn or was is a commission?
Scourgeseer Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hngry-f0r-bl00d Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor barchan.
CobraCatDragon2898 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Student Digital Artist
moonguarding Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Student General Artist
hes like "im sassy" lol 
thebossdragoness Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kiricorn Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
daaaang that dragon has some awesome colors.
Draggirlmon Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Snowleopard-draws Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Student General Artist
woah!! That design is so pretty!
talons-and-tails Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Student General Artist
love the design and story! <3
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