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Snort Smoke Like a Dragon (TVoA) by ScourgeFeather Snort Smoke Like a Dragon (TVoA) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 1 0 Local Wild Boi Spotted Eating Twigs (feral event) by ScourgeFeather Local Wild Boi Spotted Eating Twigs (feral event) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 2 2 Baby's Big Debut (feral event) by ScourgeFeather Baby's Big Debut (feral event) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 5 3
Taffy and Vic RP Log (short)
TAFFY: "It's just sneaking out at night...nothing wrong with that, blep blep..." Despite his muttering, he was still uneasy as he crept through the school hallways, squinting at the map in his thumbs. He'd never broken a curfew before, but if the other kids did this kind of stuff, he had to. You wanted to learn and blend in, right? This is a great lesson! Just a quick little scavenger hunt and a swim, that was all this was. Fun fun!
Tail twitching with nerves, he finally slipped out the door and onto the schoolyard, creeping up to the gate. His beady eyes couldn't make out much in the dark, but he finally spotted a patch of red. "Bsst! Vic! Is that you?"

 The mink slipped his phone back into the pouch of his obnoxiously bright red hoodie with a grin after checking the last of his messages. His younger sibling told him that he'd be helping with a hazing! Guiding a younger new student through Valor's greetings of torment, testing a greenhorn's mettle
:iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 4 2
Hearts United (Feral Event) by ScourgeFeather Hearts United (Feral Event) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 6 3
The Oncoming Storm (Bijou and Ivo RP Log)
BIJOU: The dawn sun hadn't even risen yet as Bijou crept out of her den, padding through camp with the silence of a ghost, her empty satchel slung over her shoulders. The prey pile briefly caught her eye, but she ignored it in favour of hurrying towards the exit, ears pricked and twitching. Breakfast could wait until later... or purrhaps later tonight, given her tragic lack of skill when it came to hunting. What was more important was getting out of here before her father awoke and flew down from his den to ambush her with nuzzles and attempts at joining in with her activities.
Ever since they'd returned from their expedition to the haunted coastline a week or so back, he'd been insufferable. True, they had both been rather sullen and preoccupied during their time on the beach, and therefore hadn't spent any real bonding time together, which she was sure he was trying to make up for now, but the fact was that he didn't have to. It wasn't as if she would crumple to th
:iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 2 1
Catch Me if Ya Can Slowbro (Feral Event) by ScourgeFeather Catch Me if Ya Can Slowbro (Feral Event) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 5 3 A Sweet Deal (Feral Event) by ScourgeFeather A Sweet Deal (Feral Event) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 7 5 Fly Me to the Moon (Point Commission) by ScourgeFeather Fly Me to the Moon (Point Commission) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 8 2 Serenity Saltwater (Civilian  App) by ScourgeFeather Serenity Saltwater (Civilian App) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 4 0 Fluttershy Says YEET by ScourgeFeather Fluttershy Says YEET :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 3 2 The Predator Becomes the Prey (Bodyswap Event) by ScourgeFeather The Predator Becomes the Prey (Bodyswap Event) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 6 7
Overload (Bodyswap Event- Belle/Gwen)
Something felt weird. 
She'd noticed it a little bit before she'd stirred from her slumber, still caught in that warm, foggy haze between dreams and awake. She'd squirmed deeper into the covers of her nest, trying to tuck her tail over her nose and go back to the land of cupcakes and kingdoms she'd started to be pulled from, but it wasn't right. Her tail reached, of course, but then it smacked her in the face and covered almost all of it. A heavy weight, almost smothering, and then she realized it wasn't soft at all. It was smooth, and strange, and as she halfheartedly let her fingers run across it she realized it tapered at the end instead of curving outwards.
This wasn't her tail.
The thought was enough to break past the drowsiness filling her head, forcing what was a completely relaxed body a moment ago to freeze and stiffen. She didn't dare move. She didn't dare open her eyes, and she wouldn't have dared breathing if it wasn't causing her lun
:iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 3 2
Bijou's Book Club by ScourgeFeather Bijou's Book Club :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 7 0 A Baby by ScourgeFeather A Baby :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 5 7 Cheer Squad! (PA Event) by ScourgeFeather Cheer Squad! (PA Event) :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 8 3



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113 by Sammi-Stamps Popplio stamp by babykttn


Alois Trancy - 02 by KuroKetsueki Fading Alois by Julesie Alois Trancy - 01 by KuroKetsueki

The only game that managed to top Red Rescue Team, they really did Take my Heart :heart:

Title by Kodatsu
Protagonist V2 by Kodatsu Morgana P5 Stamp by Cinnamomotte Ann Takamaki Stamp by pawsu Haru Okumura Stamp by pawsu Makoto by Kodatsu Ryuji by Kodatsu Futaba by Kodatsu

Kara Zor-El Danvers is the light of my life and so is Cat and so is the entire show

SuperCat Stamp by Before-I-Sleep Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) Stamp by Charlierock2 SuperCat Stamp 2 by Before-I-Sleep

YJ Black Canary stamp by AnaFrost

young justice stamp. by hynote :thumb607721203: YJ Artemis by AnaFrost YJ Zatanna by AnaFrost YJ Kid Flash stamp by AnaFrost YJ Aqualad stamp by AnaFrost YJ Robin Stamp 1 by SasuSakuChick

WAITING ON: (not rushing those mentioned here, this is just for me to keep track)
1. non-animated journal doll commission of Bea from :iconfezzamond: / :iconarmy-dildo:


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