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Guybrush Threepwood

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Published: September 13, 2005
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When I did that Lechuck pic some days ago, it was like there was something missing: the Mighty Pirate GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD, the man who found Big Whoop, defeated the Great Swordmaster, solved the Secret of Monkey Island, sailed the bi Oceans in a pink Boat (...PINK!) and who sells those nifty leather jackets...
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Ranki-Chee General Artist
And don't forget can wear a frilly pink/purple dress and still look good, with the boots as a nice touch C:
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And THE Man who taught me the tongue twister about some woodchucks what are chucking wood! :D

I really like him so much! :)
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MarioredHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm selling these fine leather jackets.
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The hero of my youth!!!!
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imtherealjennaProfessional Traditional Artist
Too cute ;) I love me some Guybrush! =D
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Hmm... I like. Did you know they're remaking the first?
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Realm-Of-The-ShadowsHobbyist Interface Designer
i havent had more fun playing a SCUMMVM title since Sam & Max, lol

"Look over there, a three headed monkey!" -Guybrush
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loppiProfessional Digital Artist
Hahah awesome. I can never think how to draw Guybrush with a beard and still make it look like Guybrush. You got it down perfectly here, he still looks a bit slow and wet-behind-the-ears LOL.
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SonicSaturnHobbyist Photographer
but it's pink... i love it! i gotta go to a dress up party on friday (but it's ice sakting, makes life tricky) and i've decided to go as him! i don't care what people say! lol great pic!
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:shrieks: Oh bless you, another Monkey Island fan! *is responsible for converting all friends en masse to the games* Although I personally hate the brief phase Guybrush went through with facial hair, you remembered his dopey grin! And the colors make him look astonishingly shiny. I love it!

Me and my best friend fear that the fifth game is a prank; one April Fool's Day, they got Dominic whatshisface (Guybrush's voice) to do a bunch of "lines" from the 5th game as a joke. I'm sure the fans threatened to torch and pitchfork the place.

"Hi, I'm Guybrush Threepwood, and I don't have a drinking problem!"
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Well, first of all THANX for your comment!! Guybrush IS the Man, no matter if bearded or not!! I've already had a discussion with another fan not too long ago, and to me, only the first 2 games are divine; didn't love the other ones as much as the "originals"... but I'm curious too about the future...Lucasarts officially said the franchise wasn't dead I guess we'll have to wait and see...
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Really? The fourth one hasn't amazed me greatly, but I still think some of the funniest lines come from Murray the Demonic Talking Skull of the third game. Maybe it's the voice acting that does it to me.

LucasArts, I believe, is just taking perverse pleasure in watching their fans rend their clothes and cry little fangeek tears because of their game being taken away. They'll probably make it VR or something. :shudder:
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Agreed! The voice acting is awesome!
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hehe...Monkey Island Episode 1: the Phantom Pirate Menace, feat Jar-Jar Threepwood...
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"Meesa wanna be a pirate!" :zombie:

And the Phantom Pirate LeChuck. "Yar!" *brandishes lightsabre*
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ahhh Guybrush *screams* Guybrush XD *tilt*
scoundreldaze's avatar
YEAH!!! Hey LucasArts; give us Guybrush in 2-D again, WILL YA?!?!
Kuro-neko-chan's avatar
ohhh yeah XD
I loved him so much in 2 and 3...but four?!? uhhh....

*wants 2-D, too*
2-D Guybrush *jumps* 2-D Guybrush *jumps* 2-D Guybrush *jumps* 2-D Guybrush *jumps* 2-D Guybrush *jumps*
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soulrailerHobbyist Digital Artist
looks cute

not really a fan of the background but i like the pic,

greets soulrailer
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to be honest, I didn't really know what to do as background...especially as this was supposed to be a quick pic (in reality I just wanted to create an avatar to use in a forum, but I don't like only drawing a single head like that...)
But I suppose an old sea-map would have been a better background indeed...
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bootsieHobbyist Photographer
ahhh I loved this character :)
lot of time spent to playing Secret of Monkey Island :D

nice work!
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Yeah, me too! I still play the 1&2 once every year! Those game were just so great and funny!!
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