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The Darkness Strikes!



 Gavin Reynolds looks  out over the dark blue night sky. A moment of peace has finally been granted to our illustrious hero. It's been a trying time having to face off against Mistress Menace multiple times, being invited to join the paragons and meeting the woman who would one day be his wife. To the day when Mistress Menace's team took his baby from him and having Lovespell take control of him and causing him to kill many innocents. It finally feels like things are starting to calm down. He couldn't be more wrong.

 A blast of dark energy flew towards him from the shadows, striking him in the chest. he began to convulse and writhe in pain. A lithe form of a young woman shimmered into view from the darkness. He struggled to compose himself when another blast rung out blasting him into unconsciousness.

 He awoke in a daze. The woman was gone but the pain remained. Gavin flew off to the Paragon's base to make a report and get checked out. Even after healing the pain remained, and it concerned him greatly. What was that all about? he wondered.

 Across Eastwater at Davis Industries, Melissa Davis waited patiently in her office when a dark portal opened up and the young woman clad in purple and black entered the room. Melissa spoke, How did your mission go? What did you think of your target. The woman spoke. He was pathetic, an easy prey. I could have killed him, why did you only want me to injure him?

 Melissa smiled, I needed to know how you'd fare against him. Don't worry we have plenty of time to kill him. I'm all about making him suffer. You did perfect today my daughter. Thank you mother. I can't wait until I can finally unleash my true power. Then he'll know what it is to truly suffer.

 I know you will. My Corrupt Scion, I know you will.

 Artwork was created by an amazing artist named :iconmaster-commission: over 2 years ago. I'd recommend him based on his amazing art and great prices but I also had a pain in the butt time getting ahold of him during the process. He had alot of technical issues during that time that I can forgive. The work is great and what he had to work with was minimal so I recommend him to anyone looking for a great looking piece of artwork but definitely prepare for a tough time if issues arise. All in all a polite person who was a general a joy to work with.

Corrupt Scion, Gavin Reynolds and Mistress Menace belong to me, as does the setting of Eastwater, MI.
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She's gorgeous and menacing. Nice work. 💖💜💜