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Micron: A Short Bio

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   Todd Sams is a community college dropout, unemployed single father, and permanent bad luck magnet. Todd never had anything go right for him. His son hates him, the mother of said child died while giving birth and he just got attacked by a gang of thugs with no cops or superheroes in sight. He wished he could just somehow disappear from this existence...and he did. he shrank and shank till he was small as a grain of sand. Realizing what happened he acted most heroically and ran away. he stayed hidden for years, away from his son, his responsibilities, his life until he witnessed The Paragons helping with relief efforts after a particularly devastating tornado. Todd stuck around them, he was taken in by their exploits especially those of Gavin Reynolds. Gavin, being just a man granted insane abilities still wished to just live a normal life but refused to turn to his to wrongdoing. He saw a person who he could be every time he looked upon Gavin. During one of the Paragon's missions Todd saw a gunman about to take Red Olympian by surprise and he grew to normal size in front of the surprised would be assassin and knocked him out. Todd was granted a provisional membership to the Paragons and eventually became a full-time member and has begun trying to reconnect with his son. It'll be a long road but Todd finally has the courage to do what is right and make up for his past mistakes.

Artwork provided by :iconavionetca: A wonderful piece of a sadly underused hero of mine.

Red Olympian, Gavin Reynolds, The Paragons and of course Micron belong to me.
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Really awesome character bio.
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Great character design!
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You can check out Micron's profile page here…
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I really like his costume. Fitting for a man called Micron
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The little guy's gotta learn to face his mistakes like a MAN!! No more shrinking away from responsibilities! 
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