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Firegirl Origins: Meet Melody



Montrose, Colorado.

A thick fog hangs stagnant in the air. Mike Jacobs has never had the best of luck when it came to women. He was not all that attractive and seemed to always to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, plus being a truck driver he never stayed in one place long enough to set down roots. It was a stroke of pure luck when he found the attractive young red-headed woman hitchhiking on the interstate. One good deed that might end up good for him he thought.

It's a little cold out there to be walking miss, if you'd like I can take you as far as the town. I'm sure it'll beat walking. So my name is Mike, what can I call you? She turned towards him and responded, I'm Melody, Thank you so much for the ride Mike, I thought I was going to have to walk all night to get to a place to sleep. Mike took less than an instant to reply, Well if you need a place to rest there's a bunk in the back, we are still a few hours out from town and you could catch a few Z's. Melody smiled warmly, Thank you so much Mike, you're real sweet. She kissed him lightly on the cheek and headed into the back. Oh, by the way can you wake me up about 15 minutes out? Thanks sweetie.

As the truck barreled down the road it began shaking violently, as it grinded and began smoking Mike pulled over and went to check it out. Dammit, the transmission just had to go out now. Ah crap, and my phone is dead too huh, this night just couldn't get any worse. Well I suppose I should wake my guest and let her know what happened. Mike went to the back and found Melody up and getting dressed, as he stood there mesmerized by the beautiful half naked woman in his truck she began talking to him, I felt the truck stop and figured we were here, it was real sweet of you to let me get the extra sleep but I wanted to make sure I was ready by the time we got here so I wouldn't hold you up... have you been watching me this whole time? Mike began stammering, before he finally got out that the truck broke but he saw a house a little while back and was going to go and ask if he could use their phone.

So we are stranded for the moment huh? out here all alone? She smiled slyly and reached for her purse and grabbed the knife out of it. Looks like you've outlived your usefulness you fucking tool. I couldn't even get a decent ride out of you. Well I hope you can at least provide me with some entertainment before I end your miserable existence.

A few hours later at the cabin that was passed, a red-haired woman stood at the doorway and knocked. As the door opened and a young man stood in the door frame she said, Hi, I'm Melody, my car broke down a little way back, can I please use your phone?

As he let her in he never realized what sort of horror he just invited into his home.

So here is the first part to my retroactive look at Firegirl before she gets her powers, and just what she was up to that led to her transformation from serial killer to supervillain. I'm not sure how many parts this story will have but I think I'll enjoy having a bit of a horror story character to write about for awhile. As for those that don't know who Firegirl is, here is a link:… and for more stories of her just look in my deviations, she does have her own folder.

Art provided by the ever-amazing :iconseonidas: He has such a way with evil women that I couldn't do this story without him.

Melody Grace and Firegirl both belong to me.

Continues here: Firegirl Origins: A Snake in Their Midst by Freefall42
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ach! how did I miss this? O_O oh thats odd I didn't have you on my subscription list.