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Firegirl Origins: A Romance Blossoms?

Continued from 

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Firegirl Origins: Deadly Duel by ScottyFreefall

 As the mysterious man pulls Melody close he embraces her with a long deep kiss.  Taken completely off guard Melody didn't fight back, just enjoying the warmth.  She pushes him back and finally looking upon his newly revealed face she begins silently wishing it would happen again.

 Who the f*** do you think you are!? demands Melody.  The man slowly gets up off the ground and brushes the dirt off of his coat, The name's Jeremy and I've gotta say, he mused just letting his southern accent coat his words, you are one hell of a firecracker miss.  I figured if I was finally gonna meet my maker I might as well kiss an angel first.  Lookin round however, I'm bettin' that you ain't no angel. Now we can get back to tryin to kill each other but I think we both are wanting the same thing and it involves much higher bodycount. Besides I'm no fan of killin women, so I really don't have the heart to keep this fight goin' unless we keep ending it the same way.

 Melody went over and grabbed Jeremy's knife and began walking back to him. So Jeremy, you're not bad to look at and you seem to do nice work, but... she smoothly moved behind him and placed his blade to his throat. blood began trickling down as she whispered in his ear, I have no issues killing at all.  Women, children, the elderly, clergy...they are all less than nothing to me and if you want to try and keep up you better be able to follow suit.  She pulls the knife away from his throat and seductivly licked the blood off the blade and smiled.

 A sharp crash was heard from inside the gas station and both killers run in to see a frightened little girl trying to hide in the corner of the store. Melody handed Jeremy his knife and he knew what he needed to do if he was to survive the ride with this wild woman.  As Jeremy corned the child the news on the TV caught Melody's attention, it seems a certain cop just woke up miraculously from a coma and it was making national news. 

 Hurry up Jeremy, I know where we are heading next...

To be continued.

Bet you didn't think it was going to end up this way huh?  Looks like the cast expands once again.

Art has been provided once again by :iconSeondias: and it is just as glorious as always.

Melody Grace, Jeremy Torres, and everyone else in this story belongs to me.
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You're right, I didn't see this coming. :)
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