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Fear Keeper: A Short Bio

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 The Fear Keeper is an unknown, he showed up in Eastwater just a few months ago out of nowhere, He has no other name, he has no past, he seems to appear out of the shadows when people are the most afraid. He feeds upon their fear. it empowers him, drives him and he won't stop until every living person is driven to their grave out of pure fright.
 Realizing the power within the mysterious man, Mistress Menace recruited him for the Orogeny with the promises of no longer needing to worry about being interrupted during his "feedings".

Various toxins and gasses: Creates and uses items that produce horrifying illusions.

Fear Absorption: He can drain people of their fear it renders the victim into a coma like state and grants him super-strength, super-speed, super-agility, and near invulnerability as long as the fear he drained lasts. Mostly the powers last for an hour unless it was drained from someone with a large amount of courage or from multiple victims. The powers will however drain faster if used exhaustively.

This intimidating piece was brought to you by :iconavionetca: Once again a wonderfully done artwork of a character that criminally has too little attention from me.

Fear Keeper and Eastwater belongs to me.
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AaronAmethystHobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic render
Interested in a contest?
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Sorry last comment was inaccurate, still not interested in a contest but it's due to my lack of artistic skill. This wonderful artwork is a commission created by :iconavionetca:
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bhudicaeHobbyist Artisan Crafter
oh he is cool!!
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I really need to start using him more.
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I updated your team pictures on the NHD….

I'll be waiting for your complete bios.
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You should already have Detroit Justice's. I had to send it on the alt form though.
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Never got it! Only received an unfilled team submission form.
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Hilarious...I'll try again after work.
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