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Battle of the Sexes pt1. Here Comes the Centurion!



:bulletred: is Bombshell
:bulletblue: is the Centurion
:bulletpink: is Lovespell

The alarms start blaring in the 23rd National Bank of Eastwater,
:bulletred: Well shit! We need to hurry up, the cops will be here soon but the last thing I need is for some super-powered do-gooder to come and hassle us.

As Bombshell and her gang start filling the sacks with money a blue and silver blur flies past taking two of the thugs away. over the course of ten seconds the vault is cleared of everyone but Bombshell and as the blur comes back in for her she takes aim and blasts it, it shoots off course and plows into a wall destroying it. but out of the hole that was made a man walks out dusting off the debris and began staring her down.

:bulletblue: Now young lady, I see you have some sort of superpowers, but I can tell you in all honesty that they won't hurt me, I'm giving you a chance to give up and turn yourself in. You don't have to resort to crime.

:bulletred: Really? I'd like to test the whole "Can't hurt you" thing, so I hope you don't mind if I just...

A blast of explosive power shoots forth from the woman's hands and hits the hero with a huge explosion. as the smoke begins to clear the hero stands in the same spot looking completely unfazed. As he starts to speak again, Bombshell runs up to him and flips over his head, while doing so she places a hand right on his forehead and generates another explosion, propelling her further into the air where she attacks the floor around the Centurion. He stumbles back a bit and as the floor gives way he falls into a sub basement area.

:bulletblue: Well she has some fire to her I'll give her that.

The Centurion flies up and spots Bombshell trying to make her getaway, he flies up behind her and grabs both of her arms and crushes her gauntlets.

:bulletblue: There, that should make you a bit more cooperative.

Bombshell says nothing but smiles a little bit as she grabs his cape and begins charging it with energy, she than kicks herself free and watches as the cape blows up throwing him through a few buildings and into the outer wall of the supervillain prison known as the Dam. As he begins to get up again Bombshell takes a capsule off of her belt and begins charging it with energy and tosses it at the staggered hero. While in mid-air the charged capsule breaks apart and hundreds of small metal balls each charged with the explosive force of five sticks of dynamite pepper the hero and blow him back even further into the prison, breaking through the outer gate and into the main facility.

:bulletblue: Ok, now you are starting to get on my nerves young lady...

He stops mid sentence as a beautiful blond haired woman walks up behind him and caresses his face. She looks out upon the wreckage and smiles.

:bulletpink: Today is looking up, come on slave we have a city to burn.

story continued here

New hero means you get a bonus bio! hooray!

Real Name: Matthew Parker

Superhero Name: The Centurion

Bio: A being from an alternate reality, His life was going great up until his 6th birthday when the ground began shaking violently and the heavens cracked open and the skies blackened. debris was falling everywhere and young Mat'hu saw his loving mother trampled to death by a screaming mob of scared locals, He had no time to mourn however as his dad grabbed him and ran back to his lab.
Mat'hu's father took a large tarp off of a machine in a corner and started swiftly messing with the controls, Lights were flashing, switches flipped and a bright light appeared in the center of the room. His father quickly ushered him to the glowing portal promising the young child that everything would be alright, they could escape the destruction of their reality. As he pushed his only child through the portal a large explosion occurred killing his father and damaging the portal equipment destroying any hopes of other survivors coming through.

Mat'hu found himself cold, lonely, and scared abandoned in a strange land. For a few weeks he foraged around stealing what food he could get and staying hidden as best he could, until a local police officer spotted him and turned him in to child services.

Mat'hu or as he was now called Matthew since the Police officer who first tried to figured out who he was could only make out that word from the radically different languages, was sent from foster care to foster care until one day a young couple of James and David Parker adopted the young child and raised him as their own.

Matt learned the language fast and grew to love his foster parents, he also learned that he was special and for some reason, either the explosion of the dimensional transport equipment or the different dimension entirely. Either way he realized that he had powers and abilities that far exceeded those of normal people. Powers that he now uses as an adult to serve and protect the people of his adopted home-world as a police officer and as a superhero!

Powers: Invulnerability, super-strength (up to 100 tons), flight, enhanced-senses, and Limited telepathy

Art was done by the ever amazing :iconmahenbu:

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.
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