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Battle Royale: Speed Kills



(continued from [link] and [link] )

:bulletred: is Mistress Menace
:bulletwhite: is Dr. Technix
:bulletblack: is Mach-6
:bulletyellow: is Killer Sting

:bulletred: Oh Technix! where the hell is that army of killer robots you keep saying you can make? I want my killer robots and I want them NOW!

:bulletwhite: sorry Mistress, it's the fast one, he's disassembling them as fast as I can create them.

:bulletred: Well then kill him, I want those robots!

:bulletwhite: yes mistress, your will be done.

A black blur passes across Dr. Technix's face again, even with his enhanced vision he can only barely make out that it's a man there running so fast that he is destroying everything in seconds.

:bulletwhite: This is infuriating!

Mach-6 stops right in front of Dr. Technix, in his hands are fresh picked daisys.

:bulletblack: Here, I got these for you for being such a good sport, letting me practice my mechanical skills like this is just generous on your part, but are you getting tired? I mean I had time to go all the way outside and pick these for you?

Mach quickly starts circling Technix at speeds that begin to for a small tornado around him, small precise punches are thrown all over his body, as if looking for a weak point to exploit.

:bulletwhite: foolish hero! I may not be able to hit you yet, but you will never be able to hurt me, I'm invincibllll...

(the light on the cybernetic eye goes dim and he freezes completely.)

:bulletblack: you were saying? every robot, no matter how humanlike you may be has a control panel on it, just had to find it, but that doesn't take too long for someone like me, let's go see who I can go help out now. Ow!, what was that?

Mach-6's vision starts to blur, his inside begin to ignite, pain unlike any he's ever felt before envelops him, as he begins to pass out he sees a small lady dressed up like a hornet start to enlarge in front of his face.

:bulletyellow: you probably shouldn't stand still for long, it kinda makes you a target. Oh and by the way, you are dying. that is one of my more potent venom stings, kills most people within an hour but is 100% effective, however with your advanced metabolism I'd say you probably have maybe 15 minutes before your heart explodes. good luck with that by the way, I've got more things to do toodles!

Things are looking grim for the heroes, what'll happen next? can they win? hell can they even survive? stay tuned!

( and it keeps going on here [link] )

The battle continues thanks to the amazing talents of :iconavionetca: without her art I am fairly certain that this story would never happen.

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.

and in case you somehow missed it the art is provided by :iconavionetca: check her out for some fantastic commissions!
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Very cool styley and characters!