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Battle Royale: Prelude



This is the prelude to the Battle Royale storyline I had written. I would have posted it earlier but the art took longer to create than the full story did, and I'm terrible at holding back my ideas... but here it is.

(Battle Royale story can be found here in order, [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , and [link] )

:bulletred: is Mistress Menace
:bulletpink: is Doctor Iniquitous
:bulletyellow: is Aryan Thunder
:bulletblue: is Gavin Reynolds
:bulletwhite: is Belaxia

A call goes out over a secure comm channel held by only a few "top level associates" in Davis Industries.

:bulletyellow: Mistress? We've made to the rendezvous point and are awaiting further orders.

:bulletred: Good, That red bitch thinks that she can take me out huh? well I guess we'll just have to show her what it happens when you start playing a game that you're way out of your league in. You'll see a red haired man exiting the factory. As soon as he's alone proceed with battle plan Tango.

:bulletyellow: Tango huh? always wondered why you insisted on having us bring along that bulky thing.

:bulletred: I didn't recruit you to think, just do as I say and I guarantee victory. Is there a problem?

:bulletyellow: Of course not, wouldn't dream of causing a problem, just can't wait to see what it finally does.

:bulletred: Good!

The comm goes silent and Aryan Thunder silently prays that this operation goes well, the boss wasn't in a good mood and that generally meant alot of pain and suffering to him and his teammates if she didn't find some way to take out her rage on some random innocents.

The night dragged on and finally the night shift began heading home. Gavin Reynolds exited the factory where he spent the days building car parts for the main American auto companies. Looking up into the night sky, Gavin took account of his life up to this point, he couldn't help it. This was the exact spot just over a year ago where he "died" saving a co-worker from a gang of thugs. this is where his life began.

As he headed to his car he noticed a man blacking the driver side door he was heading for, the man had spiked hair, a shirt with a Nazi Hoheitszeichen on it and some big arse gloves that seemed to crackle with energy.

Gavin not being an idiot knew this wasn't a normal thug and began to steel himself for a fight. His eyes glowing white with power Gavin politely asked his to step away from his car...

:bulletblue: I don't know who you are and I don't really give a damn, you had better back up off of my car. I'm not sure if you really know what you're getting yourself into.

:bulletyellow: Oh? I'm pretty sure I have an idea who and what you are you alien freak. Yo! Doc! Let him have it!

:bulletpink: Way to give me away you stupid ignorant redneck! We were supposed to wait and make sure there was no one else around first!

Doctor Iniquitous pointed a large bulky ray-gun at Gavin and fired a shot from it. Tearing through the sky at the speed of light it slammed into our hero like a semi truck sending him flying back a good ten feet and causing excruciating pain, but that wasn't the worst of it. As the beam continued to bathe Gavin in it's energies, Belaxia began to shimmer into appearance. Her form was becoming visible, she was solidifying and horror began to appear on her face.

:bulletwhite: Gavin! They found a way to separate us! In a few seconds you'll have no power and I'll be dead hours after that if I can't find a host.

:bulletpink: Oh I'm sure if you found a host you'd continue to live, but I'm afraid I can't take that chance...

A blast of freezing energy arced forward from the mad scientist's gauntlets encasing the alien symbiote is place.

:bulletpink: It's a shame the device can't separate you from this thing for more than a few minutes but that's more than enough time to capture you and get what I came here for.

Gavin rushed forward to the defense of his partner with a new found determination, but alas it wasn't to be. Aryan Thunder's high-tech gauntlets crackling with power that matched his own hate came swinging full force on this now completely human hero, taking him down like a senior citizen being tazered.

:bulletyellow: You don't have a choice in the matter hero. The Mistress wants your little wifey and you're just the bait for her.

As Gavin begins to lose consciousness he sees Doctor Iniquitous take out a syringe and stick it into his now solid partner and begin drawing blood.

And so the story begins...

Art is completely provided by :iconjuggertha: He's an icon here on DA and I'm pleased to have some of his art in my collection. An amazing guy, and a delight to work with. check out his stuff please. You'll thank me later.

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.
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Nice story, Mistress Menace gets what she wants. I also like the good doctor here too. :D