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Sculpture Site, basic page by ScottyDM Sculpture Site, basic page by ScottyDM
This is the first of two page layouts for the Gemstone Sculpture website; the other is for individual pieces in the gallery. If you want to see the live site, it's here: [link]

I'm more of a digit head than an artist, so it was good to have someone with an artistic eye direct the design effort. Perry made general suggestions and I refined them, such as tweaking the color of the text. I also made the banner.

The site is coded in PHP. A content file (directly addressed by the site visitor) calls a custom PHP template file that builds the rest of the page around the content. Navigation is part of the template and it auto-adjusts depending on where the visitor is. Thumbnails are width + height = 240 pixels, which gives them roughly equal areas. I thought I'd feature this page instead of the home page so you could see how the navigation expands when necessary.

My screen is not this tall so I had to stitch my screen shots together. The dark gray background logo (a "P" inside a "D") floats in the center of the web browser's window. The effect is that it slides behind the content as you scroll up and down. The logo is echoed in the favicon for the site. The site works with 800 pixel wide screens and wider.
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August 3, 2008
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