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Vulpine Poetry
Vulpine Poetry
By ScottyDM
I'd written these to use in a novel I'm working on. The story takes place in the early 22nd century and in my storyverse there are a few genetically-engineered red foxes (Vulpes vulpes-hominis) in the population, most of whom live in Houston, Texas. My main character, Paris Fabre, is one such uplifted fox.
An important attribute of Paris is his strong desire to become a father. I have several scenes were he interacts with a six-year old boy, and when the boy's sister is born Paris goes nuts over the tiny human girl. He holds her, rocks her, wants to change her diaper, sings her a song, and recites nursery rhymes to her—the sort of nursery rhymes he first heard while balanced on his mother's knee. FYI, a "kit" is a baby fox.

Nursery Rhymes
Mother's Love
Mouse tart,
Apple pie,
A mother's love,
A little kit's sigh.My very first original nursery rhyme! In a progressive meter.
Bunny Beware!
Father's at the hed
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Wild Spinning - view 3 by ScottyDM Wild Spinning - view 3 :iconscottydm:ScottyDM 0 0 Wild Spinning - view 2 by ScottyDM Wild Spinning - view 2 :iconscottydm:ScottyDM 0 4 Wild Spinning - view 1 by ScottyDM Wild Spinning - view 1 :iconscottydm:ScottyDM 0 0 China Rising - view 2 by ScottyDM China Rising - view 2 :iconscottydm:ScottyDM 3 5 China Rising - view 1 by ScottyDM China Rising - view 1 :iconscottydm:ScottyDM 2 0
An Apple... for Your Happiness
An Apple… for Your Happiness
By Scott Miller
Katrin topped off the green bean casserole with fried onions and popped it in the small oven. She was happy to see her daughter, but wished the girl would come home more often than the holidays. Penny had driven up from Ventura with her new friend to share Thanksgiving with the family. Meeting him was a shock. He wasn't human.
A loud thump shook the house and rattled the plates. Katrin braced herself, but it was over too quickly for an earthquake. She heard Penny and Bobby's voices; he sounded like he was in pain. Already it's started. "Dammit, Penny!" she shouted. "Are you kickin' your brother's hinter?"
"Mama, he was tryin' to kill Paris!" Penny shouted back.
At five-foot two and 95 pounds, that girl was a firecracker. When her brother did something she thought stupid, she took it out on him physically—and he was almost double her weight. Those kids are gonna give me a heart attack.
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An Apple... the Lost Scene
An Apple... the Lost Scene
By ScottyDM
The fox finished drying his hands and turned back to the mirror. He smoothed his whiskers, licked the end of his nose and straightened his shirt collar. He had driven up to the Salinas Valley with his girlfriend to share Thanksgiving with her family. Meeting her parents was awkward and he hadn't even seen her brother yet. Paris couldn't blame them. If I had a daughter and she brought home a human boyfriend, I'd feel a little uptight too. He opened the door to the bathroom, flicked off the light and stepped into the hallway.
Someone grabbed him by the throat and he was picked up and slammed into the wall; his ears ringing from the blow to the back of his head. "Alright fox!" a male voice growled in his ear. "This family sticks together and we watch each other's back. If I find out you've done anything to my little sister I'm gonna skin you alive!"
Paris tried to think, to react, but his head was buzzing and his vision
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Scott Miller
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Greets, Peeps!

The Anthrofiction Network short story contest for summer 2008 is here at last. The theme for this quarter is More than Skin Deep.

What is anthrofiction? You could read my definition of anthrofiction from the website. But I've since developed another:

You've heard of speculative fiction (spec-fic). Spec-fic is a super-genre, or a genre that contains other major genres. All spec-fic contains the speculative element: that is something that could not possibly be true at this time (or in recorded history). With science fiction that element is based on science or technology, such as faster-than-light travel, androids, etc. With fantasy that element is based on magic or magical creatures such  dragons. With horror the speculative element is that ghosts and supernatural creatures like vampires exist. Well, with anthrofiction the speculative element is the existence of the characters. So for example, if you anthropomorphize ferrets (give them human characteristics) then use them as characters in a story--well, humanized ferrets don't exist in reality so they are the speculative element.

I feel that reading science fiction where the author doesn't seem to have passed his high school science classes to be a disappointment. So to is reading anthrofiction where the author has made the non-humanness of her characters only skin deep. Therefore the theme: More than Skin Deep.

Anthrofiction Network is a labor of love. There is never an entry fee, membership is free, and I do not sell or rent your e-mail address to anyone, nor will I send you non-website related e-mails (in fact I hardly send out any e-mails now). When I get around to it, I've even been known to send trophies to the winners.

Your story, should you decide to enter the contest, will be kept behind a login system where people need an account on the website to view it. I have it on very good authority that most professional editors will accept this to mean the story has not been published. The contest rules. The entry deadline for the summer 2008 contest is September 7th at the end of the day (midnight) GMT.

Site status: I'm in the process of rebuilding the site and some of the pages are not working, such as the create a new account, and pages for the past contests. Both of these functions should be working very soon (like before this weekend is over).



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I'm kungfupurse over on the nano boards :D
I've neglected posting at the moment in an attempt to get all my assignments done and out of the way before November 1st... I've still got 3 to go! O_O
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hey. MAN! i really admire you!! i've seen your comments on a few people's forum posts here lately! your advice is so great and your ideas are fabulos. if it's not to much trouble, could you give my story a spin? i'm not beggin' fer comments or anything i would just like you to read my story. it's about werewolves ahich i know isn't really anthrofiction...but it's close right?

if you get the time i have the original prolouge posted and version 2.0 which has considerably less mistakes.

P.S. I love the story you have posted here...interesting concept...i really like Paris.
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