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First Rainmeter

My first Rainmeter configuration for my 27inch Dell Screen.


Gmail & Recycling Bin : Razon by minhtrimatrix
icons : token set white
Calendar: Rainmeter Calendar by Limpet (modded) *something is wrong with it at the moment I still need to fix.
Agenda: Gnometer Calendar (modded)
Portfolio: Stock Ticker by Shivaism (modded)
Weather: Large Clean Weather by Shivaism
Feeds: Ten Feed Reader by Wasky1 (modded)
Clock: 10 Foot Spotify by DJClotz (modded)

Any Questions please post them below. I'll post the skin once I've finished

If you like what you see, please feel free to donate so I can produce more content :) [link]
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drbiker's avatar
Beautiful !!!!
:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
roksais's avatar
i want that calendar :) rly nice
Could you pls upload somewhere this moded Limpet calendar or code to change days names for format like yours - "sun", "mon" and so on.
how to replace windows taskbar with rainmeter one??
how to mod the taskbar on win7 64 bit?
kris1101998's avatar
mrtex666's avatar
clair net et precis! parfait merci
Nice skin! Just wondering what that wallpaper is? Can you help me out?
Like the desktop. Clean, minimal and effective. Where did you find the Win7 orb ? Very impressed with the central taskbar icons.!! Did you try the trash bin on the task bar?
PabloPicasso2006's avatar
I would like to know how he/she did this as well :) Love it.
Ah, those are indeed some great skins, I might grab the RSS feed, weather and calendar and mod dem a bit (I hate when headers start with a lower-case letter). Already got a similar clock which I made myself because I couldn't find one on here :P
ganknevets's avatar
Minimal. I dug it.
ThatSnazzyIdiot's avatar
Dude it looks nice
jrm22's avatar
is there an option how to disable the right click in rainmeter at the desktop? because i experience one of my friend use my laptop and he made changes to my rainmeter that i really dont like.

any help???
BlackAnime15's avatar
you wont share it right?
xmgliy's avatar
I solemnly swear I am up to no good
chumeodihia's avatar
can U share clock and weather?
nykzz's avatar
NotNobody21's avatar
Where's your start orb from man?
Rixusaku's avatar
that's what i'm wondering... i want that specific one, i don't wanna search the universe for other ones
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