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Kylie 2


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Respect The Models Sign XXL by KiLLERdjay

Image details
Image size
2000x3000px 2.47 MB
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Shutter Speed
1/250 second
Focal Length
50 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 25, 2014, 2:15:36 PM
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...excellent & very refreshing the emphasis here on classical form/skin/pose w/o somewhat-ugly modern aesthetics...might be improved with a full-length pose...

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Splendid lighting
Jur1124's avatar
Beautiful body.
starg4te's avatar
Sexy body and breasts
Julie Andrieux?
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deanobar's avatar
Stunning model and image. Powerful.
realdesigner19's avatar
Greast shot. Do you ket me draw it?
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 I can't believe you had enough courage to post yourself naked on a site like DA which is the capital of all perverts and fetishists.Do you really like this type of attention?I guess you don't have anything interesting about yourself other than your body.      whatever. 
Scottworldwide's avatar
If you don't like the site why are you here? If you don't like nudity stay out of the nude section? And if you want to judge others make sure you are mentally prepared for what they think of you. Are you so successful in your life that you are able to give others advice? Or are you just so bored in your miserable little life that you have to condemn what others do to make yourself feel better?  
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Breathtaking beauty! Wonderful shot! Great lighting, colors, and textures!
It always amused me that the Greeks thought the incredibly ugly (a.k.a., Medusa) wouldturn a man to stone (effectively stun him with the vision of her) when it is goddesses such as this model that leave men standing silent,  wondering what they were doing up to that point. This woman should be a restricted weapon.
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Stunning! Unbelievably gorgeous! :D
What should i say? Nice tits
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I like her face c:
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Damn it, I keep forgetting to turn off Mature Content and I scroll down and get a faceful of nipples randomly....Wait, is that a bad thing?
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You had to scroll several pages to get to this. Lol
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