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August 5, 2011
Old Cults - Cthulhu is by *ScottPurdy
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by angelStained
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Old Cults - Cthulhu

© Paizo

For The Carrion Crown Adventure Path: Wake of the Watcher

I just spotted this on the Paizo website so I'm now allowed to show it :)
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© 2011 - 2021 ScottPurdy
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hateuscausetheyanus's avatar
God damn Cthulhu got some gains son
Exd2Dxe's avatar
Cthulhu . The End bringer !
ScottPurdy's avatar
TrippleSixing's avatar
Brutal and original. Imagine the fuckin smell...
Tomdk's avatar
You are one of the best Cthulhu artist i have seen so far, nice job :D
ScottPurdy's avatar
Aww shucks, thanks :)
theworgenwarlock's avatar
:iconmotherofgodguyplz: Run for your lives.

Seriously, this pic is epic. How did you do it?
ScottPurdy's avatar
lol, cheers.. Painter 12 :)
Craigbalfour's avatar
This is fantastic. My current wallpaper. :)
ScottPurdy's avatar
Arthusbuttkick's avatar
Dang he looks vicious. Nice one. :)
Arthusbuttkick's avatar
lol wtf did I just do? LOL
Arthusbuttkick's avatar
That's one crazy looking Cthulhu. :D
ScottPurdy's avatar
Arthusbuttkick's avatar
For a guy already that big? That's a lot of steroids he's gonna have to get his hands on. LOL xD
ScottPurdy's avatar
I guess a giant cosmic horror would have no trouble getting hold of the steroids he wanted :D
MakarovJAC's avatar
<Well, we have to give credit to the humans. They did a spiffin job giving a tummy massage to calm him down. Just look at him, he's clearly enjoying it!>
8loodyrain's avatar
Hey i would like it if you join my group,
we have folder's for dragons,werewolfs,
anthro, and many differnt types of mythology.
It would be cool to have a artist this good in are
group. Check it out if you have the time [link]
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