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Giant Snake

© FeyTouched Studios.

Nothing complicated, a big snake.. I was quite happy with the rendering on his head. :)
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© 2010 - 2021 ScottPurdy
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This is fantastic.
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This is very very nice :)
Great work!
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uh um DIVIDED WE STAND!!!!! (more copies of me)
I love how you handled the composition here!

(and, obviously, a well done snake!)
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Cheers Alexandra! :)
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Hey, I just want to say your art is seriously, WICKEDLY AWESOME and I kinda wanna use it as a cover pic for this assignment I'm doing, Monster Snake, and if you don't allow it then I'm really, really sorry for disturbing you...Your art's still cool though.^v^"
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Hey Tamersten, thank you very much!
As for using the image, you'll have to contact the guys at Fey Touched Studios, they own all usage rights... the email address is on their website :)
can i use this masterpiece in my rpg? :))
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Do you mean an RPG product? If so the answer will be no, I don't own the copyright any longer I sold it to FeyTouched Studios. It's theirs.

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Im lovin' the details on it.
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Both beautiful, and menacing.
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I like the skeleton, lol
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Very ominous and menacing, well done
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I think it is epic, good work!
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