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Dont Look into the Eyes

.. But.. there... are... so ... manyyyyyyyyy!!

Squishy.. :confused:

Had this one lying about for a while, finished it off today.
I get critisized (and rightly so) for the fact that I never draw feet.. so here was an exercise in paintering 'em.
Monkey toes alert!
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Nice work CapnDeekster!!!
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I'm DMing a campaign, mind if I use this?
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Hey Matt, sorry I've been away, but the answer is yes, as long as no money is changing hands. And thanks for asking :)
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Unfortunately, it is a streamed campaign with (we hope) patreon funding, so I think that falls into the “commercial” category.  That said, we don’t expect to make any money just due to current audience size (I’m trying to start a Twitch/YouTube career).  We’re working without a budget at the moment, but if it is acceptable, we’d like to exchange the privilege of featuring your art for attributed credit (both as a link and verbally) as well as putting together a short video that promotes your piece—an “The Art of Worldfall (the campaign name)” video dedicated to the artists and art.   Hopefully that ends up quid pro quo, content for promotion, but if not, I 100% understand; I’m an artist myself and know what asking this type of thing means! Thanks :)

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Yeah, commercial is out sadly, Matthew. Sorry I can't help you!
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Absolutely fine!  I understand completely.  I actually think I am going to cut most of the art anyway and focus on fan art just to keep the community involved.  Thanks and keep up the good work!
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Thanks for being understanding, Matt! And good luck with you project!
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No eyeball toes? This should have eyeball toes.
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They fell off.. :(
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Reminds me of the sort of thing my dreams are made of.

The good dreams.
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I like your dreams :)
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awesome concept! rlly lyk this one,keep it up
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I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit.
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Woweeeeeee and stunning with it!
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Reminds me of The THING! Luv it! Keep it up!
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Just what I love so thanks! And your name reminds me of the film too :)
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Nearly three years on, still sexeh this one.
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Jaecksy returns! Welcome back matey :)
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