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Charon On Horse

© Paizo

For Paizo Pathfinder: Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Charon on a legless horse.. um, yeah, legless
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© 2012 - 2021 ScottPurdy
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Really enjoying your black and white pieces. They seem like prime material for some fantastic tattoos. Have you ever designed images for that use before?
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I've seen tattoo artists on DA use my artwork in their tattoos, but no I've never actually designed any tattoos for anyone myself. You're not the only one who's suggested it and I probably would enjoy it a lot to be honest. :)
Thanks Hue :)
HueTwo's avatar
Never had my art made into a tattoo, but it must be pretty great to know someone is walking around out there with a piece of your creativity on them. Definitely one of those ways artists can become a part of their community and change the world around them.
boblea's avatar
Leg less but very armful
ScottPurdy's avatar
Oh man.. your kids (if you have any) will punch you for that ;)
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Awesome work
ScottPurdy's avatar
Thank you Heidi! :)
vale4u's avatar
You're welcome
Kajehase's avatar
*hums* He rode in on a horse with no legs. :)
Kajehase's avatar
Honestly, I think I should have had to make a whole new version of the lyrics to that song to deserve am lol. ;)
Pesto-Posta's avatar
... if it is legless then how does it move... like does it vibrate across the land or something... :XD:
ScottPurdy's avatar
T'is a hover horse!
VikingWasDead's avatar
Your latest black & white works are outstanding... cause of the simplicity...
Keep up with great work.
BoKaier's avatar
Very nice. Very nice.
MetalSnail's avatar
Very cool!
Such a pretty horsey :)
ScottPurdy's avatar
lol, I'm glad you approve matey :)
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Spooky! Very nicely done! :D
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