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The Good, The Bad, and the Yellow

By ScottPellico
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My entry for the Despicable Me 2 character contest. Hope you like it, tried to give a spaghetti western look to 'em.

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I'm a minion fan and liked Dispicible Me. So this art popped up in the middle of nowhere lol. Yes, this IS a painting (sort of... e-e). The vision is wacky and using the line to paint... It worked! For me it's a great fan-art experience for many animation fans (including the ones who gone bananas for Minions). All of the Dispicible Me fans will seriously loved this. I gave it an OVER 9,000 out of 10. Absolutely the fans will loved this art and it's a great honor for a fan.
[lantz swim]
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You definitely deserved to win. Great job on the piece! :D
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Thank you aindainia!
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Congratulations on winning!! This is absolutely stunning!!
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Thanks I'm glad you like it, it was an honor to be one of the winners.
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Wow love it!!! The center minion is so cute!! The left one too!! XD

The right looks kind of... scary --
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The right looks morel like a Simpsons character. Glad you like it though :)
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Just this idea!
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An unbelievable minion masterpiece!! Congrats on winning!
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Thank you BluesodaMania Patrick (Santa) 
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congrats on winning!
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I loved this! XDDDD *has seen the movie this is based off of* Adding the minions as the characters from the movie is genius! OH MY GLoB! I'm crying I'm laughing so hard! Great job with this! XD
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Glad you like it yesiamanerd. I'm a nerd too.
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Coolness! NERDS UNITE!!!--//shot
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The left minion looks as if his pistol is a older type flintlock gun.
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Congrats :) I reallly liked this piece!
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Thank you Mandie, glad ya like it.
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I dont like it, I love it :) You're welcome, dear!
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This is just amazing. You got this from that old movie, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Correct? c:

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Yep, exactly haha.
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