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September 19, 2013
Color Script by *Appylon
Featured by alexandrasalas
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Color Script



This is a color script showing the major arcs of a story. Beginning, rising actions, twist, climax, falling action, conclusion.

It's been a while, I know. Just focusing on personal stuff at the moment and taking a step away from art to calm down a bit. Please be patient with me :D Thanks everyone for all the kind comments and for the DD too!

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First and foremost, I am a writer so this is simply amazing. My writer's brain thrills to the ideas and feelings that this instantly inspires. Not only do the colors set the scene, so to speak, but the actual scenes themselves follow a story's narrative beautifully. Taken altogether, the effect is brilliant and useful for both creatives and those who merely like to look.

Vision: Beautiful and wonderfully executed. As someone above said, I do think a visually steeper climax would add more drama (and would be closer to what writing experts advise). However, considering the way the piece is laid out, I think the point still comes across strongly. It might even be better for some people since all literature doesn't have a cliff moment but rather hills or gentle waves at the end.

Originality: Fully original, in my opinion. I've never seen someone express the process in this way before.

Technique: Love it. The style, the colors, the scenes - all beautiful and impacting. My only problem was that the beginning took me a moment to get. It might be the similarity of colors or the fact that the setting is already in a hard place, so to speak (since a rocky desert would not be my idea of a good time). Perhaps a darker or different color in the second scene would make the green tint in the first more obvious, allowing your point to come across more strongly. Even with those comments, however, I'm still in love with the technique.

Impact: As I said above, it's beautifully impacting. It arrests the attention at first glance and keeps it to the last. Well done!