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ANNOUNCEMENT: I have chronic depression
ANNOUNCEMENT: I am suffering from depression for more than 20 years now.

Dear friends,

2015 I lost a very dear friend to suicide. I did not know (and never even suspected) he suffered from depression. And he did not know I do, too.

Depression is the dirty little secret you hide in the darkest corner of your closet. Society makes you believe you are weak and a looser, if you are suffering from depression. But that is not true.

Depression is a disease like any other, might it be a heart disease or diabetes. There are ways (medication, therapy) that can help you to heal or at least to be able to live better with it. Some people experience this never, some only once or twice in their lifetime and some people (like me) have to live with it forever.

But the first, hardest and also most important part is to talk to someone about what you are experiencing. You are not alone.

But w
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castle by fish-walker castle :iconfish-walker:fish-walker 2,084 55 Untitled...doodle painting. by ChristopherPollari Untitled...doodle painting. :iconchristopherpollari:ChristopherPollari 90 7
Lady Luck
"As you wish" he said
and held my hand, just once
someone smiled
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Wishing Well
On a great plaza
gold glitters in the setting sun
another coin tossed
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Renga Tree - The Wind Remembers
   holding my son
beneath a willow tree —
   how the branches dance
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if you haven't already guessed or deduced by my postings, i have a weird brain (both left handed and mildly dyslexic both firmly embraced and treasured) and as a result i see the world in tiny pieces rather than as a big lump of bits moving in all directions at once... i love words and how they sound in conjunction with other words or concepts they are not typically associated with...even when mispronounced the results can be interesting and spark new directions of thought...this is the world from where i reside...join me...oh, look! a squirrel!  
another example of the word salad that so frequently makes itself known within the confines of my this intended to make any sense? wish i knew
return to earth
sometimes even when comfortably numb you need the comforts of knowing reality is within reach...or at least the illusion of what passes for reality for most of us
not a reflection on Warhol's overall body of work, but a personal observation as to how the public in general views the talents of others and are typically dismissive of them especially if they do not understand them or the artist them self is something of a pompous self-inflated bipedal personification of an equine sphincter
unholy bastards
pretty self explanatory over all...the image is from a graphic novel of the same name (or very close to it) but only a small section of the full one, which is more brutal... i have my local comic book store to thank for a lot of these images since these came from older books that were either damaged or he was throwing away... 
for those who do not know… and her amazing work you need to change that:

first a bit of back story...

in the very early days of joining DA, Immy was among the very first artist i collaborated with and over the years this friendship has resulted in a few rather amazing projects with other artists from around the world...the most recent being the Connecting Narratives Exposition in the  Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth, U.K...……

one of our first collaborations was this: 

For Fukushima with love III: Paper Mountains by Immy-is-Thinking

For Fukushima with love III: Paper Mountains

(follow the link to the actual show in the comments (facebook link) 

which was part of a much larger mailart  project arranged by

from that lead to another more expansive collaboration called The Symbiosis Book:

again with many other artists of various artistic disciplines  but this was one of the
major collaborations (at least for me even if my part in this was minor compared to
others involved) and lead to the Connecting Narratives Exposition a year later and
Dr. Immy becoming artist in residence in the Brain Tumour Research Lab at
Portsmouth University... so i'd say that's pretty amazing  
  • Listening to: far away noises
  • Reading: stuff
  • Watching: things
  • Playing: the part given me
  • Eating: something
  • Drinking: h20


Scott Mantooth
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A new and almost exciting update to my profile:
(now less wordy for those with short attention spans)

This is what I look like (I'm sorry for any sudden feelings of nausea this image might cause.) I've been involved in some form of art (mostly photography) for a very long time ...although my skill set would greatly improve if given the opportunity to actually work in the photographic field. i've been unable to do so as of now. I do know a little about off-set printing and print layout techniques (years before digital took over (from high school) ...In addition to photography, I enjoy making collage, writing haiku and renga and short narrative free verse in addition to a new form I've discovered called Six-Word Stories (which is proving to be very addictive) I typically write in the morning when things are quiet and the voices in my head are not so loud. If I see something I like and it effects me in some way... you may get an example of my writing (good, bad or other) When I have the supplies, I also enjoy making handmade jewlery, and would like to do this as well as a means of acquiring the additional photographic equipment i need... however i usually wind up giving the things i make away(mostly for hugs) to friends or sometimes perfect strangers when i feel moved to do so or if i think they're having a bad day and need someone to show them they are not alone... never hurts to pay something might come back to you down the rode when you really need it.

Since my physical drawing skills (as of this writing) hover just below pathetic... we’’ll move on to other things. I grew up on real classical opera and classical music (Mozart, Bach,Vavaldi the list is long) so my tastes typically lean in this particular direction: I do like other things but I'm very picky... There are forms of music I do not like (I'm being more than kind here), but I’’ll keep the opinions as to what these genres might be to myself in order to preserve the peace and tranquility in the known universe. ( but you are welcome to guess) I enjoy the works created by Vangelis (Blade Runner, 1492) and a few others like Henry Frayne A.K.A. Lanterna. The solo works of Yo Yo Ma by Bach are also among my favorites. There are times when I like soft jazz (and when it fits my mood) as long as it’’s played in a coherent manner and not deafening or the band members are so drunk they can't figure out which side of the horn to blow or begin to intentionally slur their songs because the audience is equally as drunk and would not notice....or would in fact enjoy it even more. But for everyday ambiant sound, I could have Native American cedar flute music playing (very softly) in the background continuously day and night and be very happy. I'd like to travel around for a while... (another long and boring story that I will spare you) but to do that I need adequate funds and a reliable means of transportation which are very absent from my life.

I'd like to spend a few months out West and chase storms (with a professional team...of course) in order to capture better examples of lightning like the ones I currently have in my gallery: 1:… 2:… 3:…
and to document the terrifying beauty of severe weather. I consider lightning to be my personal (and rather dangerous) it’’s best not to annoy her when she calls you (although she has blown me a kiss before... but I didn't know it at the time...(see link 1) There are other motivations for going out West that would be difficult to rationalize them here, and to be honest they are very impractical for me to even be thinking about at this point in my life...maybe that’s why i feel so drawn to them...

Current Residence: Planet Earth (or someplace very much like it without actually being the actual Earth it could be)
Print preference: for art, any size that would look good framed
Favorite genre of music: Classical (yeah, I'm a geek)
Favorite photographer: Cary Norton, and many others

Favorite style of art: Depends on medium...however, Nick Bantock and the Brothers Quay are high on the list
Operating System: one that works
MP3 player of choice: paid for, easy to find, steam powered
Shell of choice: one that does not have something living in it to bite my ear off or inject a posioned tindril
Wallpaper of choice: velcro
Skin of choice: My own
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Roger Ramjet, Reboot, Wallace and Gromit
Personal Quote: Loose lips fall off



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