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Self Portrait

Self portrait :-) inktober day 12. When you realise a chrome teapot is just like one of those wacky mirrors you used to have so much fun with when you were a kid.

Really happy with how the teapot worked out, managed to get it to look symmetrical and the perspective looks fine.  As for the "Self Portrait" .... eek sometimes it's best not to draw what you see ... funny though! :-)

C&C welcome 
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Oct 12, 2020 7:42:39 PM +01:00
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I love this! What a fantastic selfportrait! I love the wanky perspective. It shows your humor :D

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Thanks again! Always appreciated! I've been thinking about doing a self portrait in a tea pot for ages .... mmm I do have some strange thoughts! ;-) So, the inktober challenge gave me an incentive to do it. I feel really bad, as you are probably fluent (speaking and writing) in multiple languages! Where as I only have English and a little bit of French ... but I think you mean "wonky" :-)

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Oh dear, what a silly typo. I absolutely meant wonky! Sorry about that :) and you shouldn't apologize, I'm glad you pointed it out.

And you're very welcome. I love this piece :D

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Easily done ... I make typo's all the time :-)

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haha...great the idea! :)

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:-) Thanks ... I've had the idea for quite a while, so the Inktober challenge gave me the incentive to do it

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Love how this turned out!!
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Aw thanks so much, it was fun to do

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Very original way to make a self portrait. And metal distortion and material is so hard to remake. Nice.
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:-) Thanks! Lol I had been planning doing this for a while and the inktober challenge gave me the incentive.

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Im glad you got the motivation and did it. It is very painful to have an idea for a drawing trapped inside the mind, hehe.
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Thanks :-) My problem is I forget more ideas than I remember ;-) Need to write them down!

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Thankyou! Appreciated

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Simple Concept but original, haven't seen this in the past 15 years of DA.
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Aw thanks ... appreciate the fact you took time to comment :-)

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